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Last Sunday my dad called all his kids ((4)) and told us that he wanted to take us out to dinner. Afterwards we planned to go see Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Family Funeral. But baaaaaaaaby after we sat ate, drank, laughed and talked, we were all ready for BED! LOL As bad as I wanted to see his movie opening weekend I was sleepy and tired.

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My momma was the only one at the table who wanted to see it THAT DAY..RIGHT NOW. I live around the corner from her anyway, so I told her that one day through the week when I don’t have to work I will pick her up and we’ll go. Even though she wanted to go right then and there, she was Okay with the plans we made.

Wednesday morning. My phone rang it was my momma, I looked at the phone and said to myself I’ll call her back when I wake up. Later on that night, I called her back and her voice was sounding funny (( I’m cracking up as I type this)) I said hey momma what you doing? She was like…… I CALLED YOU EARLIER. I said I know, I was sleep. She was like….your phone was off. I said I never turn my phone off. She was like…. well I called you and it went to voicemail. So now by hearing her voice, I’m trying to figure out what she’s getting at. My momma is never like this, so it was kinda shocking  to me. I couldn’t figure out why she was talking “rough”. She finally came out and said… “We were suppose to go see Tyla (( LOL)) Perry.” I think you left me, went by yourself and turned off your phone. I said momma I would never do you like that. She said I know you, you’ll go off to the movies by yourself in the mornings. I said but momma, we made plans to go together. I said I will never leave you. I told her that my boss called me and asked me would I work on my day off and I told him yes. She was like OOOH. OKAY (( LOL)). I told her that since I was off the weekend we would go Saturday. She was happy.

Later on my Sister sent me a Marco Polo laughing asking me did I leave momma. I replied back and said she must have called you. She said yes, her lil feelings were hurt cause she thought you left her. She said you know you are her favorite. We laughed.

Saturday afternoon. Me, mom, my daughter and Sister went to the movies. MY MOMMA laughed her lil tailed off. She LOVED the movie. She really enjoyed it. She said Joe reminds her of my daddy. My baby was Heathrow. He may not of had any legs, but he can make me laugh the rest of my life. LOL

One scene made me crack up, when Heathrow didn’t have that thing up to his neck and was talking without it, it didn’t hit me that there was no sound coming out of his mouth. And when I realized it, I let out this laugh that had the whole audience laughing. LOL  LOL LOL  Mess me up! That caught me off guard. Tyler is crazy, how the hell do he live HIS OWN LIFE, with all these characters in his head? Brian, Joe off the hook butt, Heathrow, and Madea. As I’m watching the movie, I kept imaging me making a small incision on Tyler’s forehead and looking around in his head at what goes on in there. LOL LOL LOL I really wish I could take a look. He’s so SILLY!

I was mad when they closed the door on my baby Heathrow and made him drop his cake.                              How he’s driving…… I DUNNO LOL LOL LOL

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I really hate to see Madea go. But I understand that he’s tired of playing her. I remember when my niece introduced me and my  daughter to (( Madea)) Madea’s Family Reunion THE PLAY. One day she came to spend the weekend with us and bought over the bootleg DVD. My daughter was 12 now she’s 32. She tried to get me to watch it with them and I hated stage plays because of the “all of a sudden burst out and singing.” I didn’t watch it. So when it went off, they played it again and laughed like IT DIDN’T JUST GO OFF. I remember staring at them so hard listening to them laugh loud  like they had never seen it before. My daughter kept saying “momma you will love this man he is so funny.” Momma please watch it!

So that night when they were in bed, I was like let me watch this play. I LOVED IT!!! I LOVED IT! I LOVED IT! I had never seen anything like it. The messages, the singing, the humor. I remember asking myself when they came out to be introduced, where is the LADY? I had to figure out that Tyler Perry was Madea. Keep in mind, I had never in my life heard of him. This was in 2001.

I’m going to miss Madea, but I also look forward to see what Tyler has next for us.

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@Tylerperry Detroit, Michigan Show… 4/3/15… Madea On The Run!!!/BLOG


Friday Night April 3, I went with my Sister #samemomma #samedaddy IMG_2134  to see Madea On The Run! ( photo of her that night)

WE went to Steve’s Soul Food on Franklin.. before the play. We left there about 7:15 to head over to the Fox. I forgot that Kat Williams, Kurt Franklin and Tyler Perry was in Detroit that weekend. Not only was it rainy, but it was jammed packed downtown. I live 5 minutes from the Fox Theatre.. probably not even that far without the railroad construction. Parking in the Fox garage was $15.00 not bad…. if you want to hurry up and get home after the play. FullSizeRender (39)I was surprised to see that they had opened the side door and let folks into the auditorium . That was surely a plus, which meant we didn’t have to walk around to the front in the rain.

Once we got in… my sister got a drink and we headed to our seats. I love that looooooooong walk to the front of the stage. FullSizeRender (37)People looking at you, saying to themselves…. “I wish we were sitting that close”, or “I know they’re happy”, and the #1 saying…. “next time we’re getting our seats early so that we can sit in the front.” LOL I know the feeling. One year some friends wanted to go to a play and made me “plant manager” of getting the tickets. People took so long getting their money up, that we sat so far in the back. I said never again! I will ask only people who I know have money on hand, waiting to get Tyler Perry tickets will have you sitting on the roof. Not thatgurltheycallCree! Those days of buying play tickets and concert tickets 1 or more days later than when they went on sale is LONG OVER for me. If I’m going to pay to see anybody, I’m going to have good seats.

As we took our looong walk to the second row from the stage (B) my Sister was smiling from ear to ear. I told her messing with me, you’ll have you the best seats EVERYTIME!!! We met some very nice people from our row. As a matter of fact, the gurl who sat next to my sister took and shared with me photos from the play. Me….. I’m a scardy cat. I could only take a few of my own… too scared I might get caught or told to put the camera up. I can hear the man now… “Ummm excuse me…. but Um…. Imma need you to put a your cellphone away… if not you can step to the rear of the coach * EXIT* signs. Not Cree! The gurl was snapping her head off too. As a matter of fact many people around me was. We sat on a row with all white people and about 3 blacks…. and they were snapping photos like they were at a wedding. I had my Sister cracking up… told her… not me… Security won’t be tapping me on the shoulder! LOL I don’t want no trouble. LOL But at the very end on curtain call when everyone were pulling out their phones.. I recorded the whole thing from my second row. Yeaaaa Cree.

In case you didn’t know…. Tyler Perry starts ON TIME! You can stand at the bar if you want too.. but at 8 pm those curtains are opening! LOL FullSizeRender (38)

So once the curtains opened… all you see is this BIG BEAUTIFUL SET… oh my goodness.. IMG_2096Tyler Perry has the best sets in the world. You can tell he puts his heart and soul into them. He makes you pay attention to EVERY DETAIL of the rooms. MY VIRGO ASS…. always have to leave the show mentally and go behind the scenes. I use to hate that about myself, but since I’m practicing as a Wedding Coordinator I UNDERSTAND WHY!!!! That’s how my mind is set up. To go directly behind the scenes to make sure everything is right. This is a behind the scene feature that I can’t turn myself off from and I get it now. When one of the Characters microphone went off * well never was on as he entered the set*, I’m sitting in my seat like “Oh my goodness”… (((not in panic)))… but in… OKAY let me see how he plays this until it comes on. LOL He did LOVELY… When he was talking to Aunt Bam, he made sure that he was close to her mic so that when he spoke he was heard. It came on after a few moments. Then Tyler Perry with his silly self… came right out ((( AS MADEA))) and mentioned it. LOL LOL Just like a VIRGO.. we aint gon hardly let that happen and NOT MENTION IT????? Oh no!!! Are you kidding me? LOL So that was funny. People were cracking up. IMG_2101

Once I finally turned my mind off (((as if I’m working this show behind the scenes)))… I was able to focus. Then Tyler ((( Madea))) moves the chair around to its *rightful place* as he stayed in Character… LOL That man cracks me up. People ask me all the time what is it about Tyler Perry that you LOVE adore so much? My answer… He is so funny to me. We are always on the same page with Life Lessons and how we word things. How we get things. For me its all about the Lessons. He can tell a story in a way that people “get it”. And I love that about him. To me… he is the male version of LaCrease. The way I see him… is how people see me when I speak. I see me in him and I love that.. because it tells me that people really do  listen and they really do get it.

No matter how long the show is (((( it was about 2 1/2 hours long))))… I always want to hear more from Madea. I LOVE when she talked about kids talking back. LOL I sat next to a young boy who was with his family. They appeared to be Chaldean.. it was a whole lot of them too. He had to be about 12. I don’t think this boy had a mouth… cause he WATCHED MADEA SO CLOSELY as if his teacher told him to come back word for word what Madea spoke on. LOL  He was glued to Tyler. He was amazed at everything. He didn’t miss a beat. He was fascinated. He was mesmerized at the set,  the performance,  the Transformation of Madea… LIVE. Then I started getting embarrassed because Aunt Bam talked about smoking weed, and it may have come off as glorified to the boy….. of course NOT TO ME. But I really wanted to know how did he take in those scenes when it was discussed. Even during the intermission, he was glued to the set, to the stage… he was taking something in…. wished I would have asked him. DANG!  MISSED OPPORTUNITY!!!! Guess I was too busy working (((mentally))) behind the scenes making sure that set didn’t fall over on my dayum head, LOL LOL Just playing!!! LOL FullSizeRender (36)

I LOVED THE SHOW!!! LOVE LOVE LOVED IT. One thing that was missing… IS A PROGRAM BOOK!!! Whats up with that Tyler? Everyone loves to take home a program book from a PLAY. That’s one of the highlights of the evening.  Thats very important to a play goer. I enjoyed the play dearly. But of course I’m a Tyler Perry RIDE OR DIE…  RAIN OR SHINE …baby * in my Monique voice* ….don’t take my word for it.. GO BLESS YOSELF.. when HE comes to your city! LOL

Alright here is a special treat. I taped the casting call at the end. THIS IS FROM MY SHOW FRIDAY APRIL 3, 2015.Um excuse me…. Did Tyler Perry wave at me @40 (((…. SURE DID… :))))!

P.S. Tyler Perry thick as HELL!!! OOO Weeee yesss.. now this is how a 40ish man should be looking. Look at those thighs.. and how he ran down those stairs! yessssGB YOU BETTA HANDLE THAT GURL! 🙂

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Cree’s Ramblings…….Crees Blog Entry

DSCN1207Okay…. I guess I’ll do some ramblings today.

I’m not a person who wear wigs often, never had a weave, or a sew in( photo taken today). But today I tried the clip in extensions…. AND IM LOVING THEM. You can’t tell thatgurltheycallCree nothing today baaaby * in my Madea voice*!!!!! LOL I do think I have a phobia about weave, even eye lashes . I don’t like extra “stuff” going on. I like to remove EVERYTHANG AT BED TIME. Even nails get on my nerve after a certain time. I’ll wear tips starting off, then I’ll have them removed at the shop and I’ll wear my own nails with acrylic on top. I wonder why I’m like this? I don’t like hair in my eyes either. if I put on my lashes * I wear them everyday* and if feels as if they’re hanging over my eyes….. Oh they have to come off. I wonder if I have anxiety. Wow and something else is a trip. EVERY TIME I get ready to leave out of MY OWN HOUSE… I have to use the bathroom… and I’m not talking #1 either. I know this may be too much information… but I’m in the season of learning and paying attention to MYSELF. So hopefully you’re learning something about yourselves too. LOL

As I sit here and wait for the Real Housewives of Atlanta come on…. I must say after watching Nene Leakes in her spin off show…. I really like her. I got to see her with her REAL friends, people who are apart of her life, and she really is the peace keeper in her circle. She was a different person and I like that. And even now, she doesn’t like drama and that can only come when you’re at peace with yourself. I hope that she has another show, and I can say that seeing her in a different light has caused me to stop jumping to conclusions about folks. I realized that RHOA are people they she may have known in the beginning, but also people who are not necessary apart of her everyday life. She’s come a long way, and I’m proud of her.

I watched Bishop TD Jakes on line this morning…..”The Instinct to Increase”… it was so good. He asked “Are you a baby sitter or a Teacher”? Do you baby sit your gifts God gave you? OOOOOO yeah that’s what I was saying? He said “You’ll never have increase if you’re control by FEARS”. AWESOME WORD…. now its time to APPLY IT!!


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Madea Goes to Jail/Family


As some of you know Madea Goes to Jail plays this weekend. So please go out and see this. I know its packed with laughs and also he has a serious message line. Its important that we see it this weekend so that he can win at the Box Office!!!

Today me and my 2 sisters, my mom and my brother went out to dinner. WE had so much fun. My dad didn\’t feel up to it, so we bought him a take out. WE ate at Famous Dave\’s. Tomorrow NIGHT @ 12:01 all of us are going to the Advance screening of Madea Goes to Jail.

I post this to say. Friends are fun, co workers are even better, but when you get together with FAMILY, its a Blessing. Tonight I sat at the table and watched everyone laugh and enjoy each other. Thanking God in my heart. These are the kinds of moments that if something was to happen to one of us on the way home from this very dinner, that we can take the blow a little softer * with God*. These are times you have to make time for, it\’s very important. I know we sometimes don\’t want to be around family for whatever reason………. but we are still family. God made friends for us and he made family. For him to say… ok this is your sister, and this is your brother, it must mean something to him to make friends different. I pay attention to that. So people take the time out to say……….. hey sis, dad, brother, mom lets go out to dinner. Lets spend time together, lets come into each others world for a few hours.

Aight I\’m going to watch a movie I bought called 30 years to life. Never seen it before, just picked it up off the Walmart shelf. LOL I love black movies. Well people talk to you tomorrow. Make sure you take your family to see Madea Goes to Jail!