Cree’s Ramblings…….Crees Blog Entry

DSCN1207Okay…. I guess I’ll do some ramblings today.

I’m not a person who wear wigs often, never had a weave, or a sew in( photo taken today). But today I tried the clip in extensions…. AND IM LOVING THEM. You can’t tell thatgurltheycallCree nothing today baaaby * in my Madea voice*!!!!! LOL I do think I have a phobia about weave, even eye lashes . I don’t like extra “stuff” going on. I like to remove EVERYTHANG AT BED TIME. Even nails get on my nerve after a certain time. I’ll wear tips starting off, then I’ll have them removed at the shop and I’ll wear my own nails with acrylic on top. I wonder why I’m like this? I don’t like hair in my eyes either. if I put on my lashes * I wear them everyday* and if feels as if they’re hanging over my eyes….. Oh they have to come off. I wonder if I have anxiety. Wow and something else is a trip. EVERY TIME I get ready to leave out of MY OWN HOUSE… I have to use the bathroom… and I’m not talking #1 either. I know this may be too much information… but I’m in the season of learning and paying attention to MYSELF. So hopefully you’re learning something about yourselves too. LOL

As I sit here and wait for the Real Housewives of Atlanta come on…. I must say after watching Nene Leakes in her spin off show…. I really like her. I got to see her with her REAL friends, people who are apart of her life, and she really is the peace keeper in her circle. She was a different person and I like that. And even now, she doesn’t like drama and that can only come when you’re at peace with yourself. I hope that she has another show, and I can say that seeing her in a different light has caused me to stop jumping to conclusions about folks. I realized that RHOA are people they she may have known in the beginning, but also people who are not necessary apart of her everyday life. She’s come a long way, and I’m proud of her.

I watched Bishop TD Jakes on line this morning…..”The Instinct to Increase”… it was so good. He asked “Are you a baby sitter or a Teacher”? Do you baby sit your gifts God gave you? OOOOOO yeah that’s what I was saying? He said “You’ll never have increase if you’re control by FEARS”. AWESOME WORD…. now its time to APPLY IT!!


Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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