Madea Goes to Jail/Family


As some of you know Madea Goes to Jail plays this weekend. So please go out and see this. I know its packed with laughs and also he has a serious message line. Its important that we see it this weekend so that he can win at the Box Office!!!

Today me and my 2 sisters, my mom and my brother went out to dinner. WE had so much fun. My dad didn\’t feel up to it, so we bought him a take out. WE ate at Famous Dave\’s. Tomorrow NIGHT @ 12:01 all of us are going to the Advance screening of Madea Goes to Jail.

I post this to say. Friends are fun, co workers are even better, but when you get together with FAMILY, its a Blessing. Tonight I sat at the table and watched everyone laugh and enjoy each other. Thanking God in my heart. These are the kinds of moments that if something was to happen to one of us on the way home from this very dinner, that we can take the blow a little softer * with God*. These are times you have to make time for, it\’s very important. I know we sometimes don\’t want to be around family for whatever reason………. but we are still family. God made friends for us and he made family. For him to say… ok this is your sister, and this is your brother, it must mean something to him to make friends different. I pay attention to that. So people take the time out to say……….. hey sis, dad, brother, mom lets go out to dinner. Lets spend time together, lets come into each others world for a few hours.

Aight I\’m going to watch a movie I bought called 30 years to life. Never seen it before, just picked it up off the Walmart shelf. LOL I love black movies. Well people talk to you tomorrow. Make sure you take your family to see Madea Goes to Jail!


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