Encouraging Notes/BLOG

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Here are some notes from a book that I’m reading. I found them interesting enough to share.

  • One should become impersonal and learn what each man has to teach him, and soon he would learn his lessons and be free.
  • No man can attract money if he despises it.
  • The attitude of mind, of course, separates man from his supply. He must be in harmony with a thing in order to attract it.
  • I know a woman who went about bragging of her own troubles, so of course, she always had something to brag about.
  • God is my supply for every demand.
  • Man, himself, limits his supply by his limited vision.
  • Vision and action must go hand and hand.
  • Many people have attracted disease and unhappiness though condemnation of others.
  • What man condemns in others, he attracts to himself.
  • Man pins his Faith to one channel only, and dictates just the way he desires the manifestation to come, which brings things to a standstill. My way not your way is the Command of God!

What Monique Didn’t Say/BLOG

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I NEVER ever curse in my blogs, but this one… THIS ONE RIGHT HERE…. I have to really express myself, to get MY POINT ACROSS.

I sat and watch the very fist clip of Monique going off on Oprah, Tyler Perry, and Lee Daniels on stage at least a good 15 times. Trying to figure out what I was missing about why she was feeling some kinda way. But let me go back a little. Back when the movie was playing or had been at the movies, I remember her telling a story about how all 3 of them pulled her to the side at different times to tell her the importance of promoting the movie. How she would be paid IN THE FUTURE for the fact that she was up for an Oscar. Not sure which one of these came first, the confrontation or the Oscar. At some point with the money she was being paid, and these power houses coming to her, she had to feel as if they didn’t know the full story, and if they did, she probably felt she didn’t want to hear any of it, being that she still didn’t get more money.

Now, I understand.

Monique said that she was paid $50,000 to do Precious. I don’t know how actresses are paid to do movies, I really don’t care because its not my field of interest, but Imma say this…. 50 thousand dollars aint it to me!!!!! I can leave my house RIGHT NOW come back in 2 hours and I’ll have a 10 dollar bill and 2 singles left, are  YOU kidding me? Let me just make that clear. Now, again I don’t know the going price for actresses, but if she signed on to do it, let it be done!

Now, lets get to BUSINESS!!!

I consider myself to be VERY popular at work. I’m a people person, full of laughs personality on 100, love to have fun, brutally HONEST…  I don’t put sugar on conversations, I’m a great LISTENER, I’m a sweet heart, and I love my work family. I KNOW… with everything in me, that If I said to all people on my shift, I’m throwing a 50th Birthday Party, we are all off on Sunday, I want you all to come out and celebrate with me. I KNOW 99 out of 100 people will be there. This is based off of integrity, honesty, realness, direct dealings, and my ability to PROMOTE MYSELF. So, I know, how business goes when it comes to putting your name on something. I say that to say.

So, Tyler and Oprah watched Precious before it was US released. And They LOVED IT!

They signed on to have THEIR NAMES as Producers, because we all know the other producers name doesn’t carry weight. When you’re dealing with BIG WIGS and they attach their names to ANYTHING, it will produce money. Oprah and Tyler are TWO of the biggest names in the game so you know how the outcome will be. By this time, Monique had already signed on the line for $50,00.  And she’s feeling some kinda way.

So, now its time to promote. Tyler and Oprah are producers, they made it very clear ITS NOT THEIR MOVIE,  that they won’t be receiving a dime, instead it goes to CHARITY!  But they wanted to promote it because they felt everyone should go out and support it. COOL!Nothing wrong with that!

At this time. Monique had to be feeling some kinda way, because SHE KNOWS and everyone sleeping in their graves know too, that with THEIR names attached this movie it’s going to do numbers. She knows that she got paid $50,000 FUNKY ASS DOLLARS, and now these folks  (( LIONSGATE ) want her to promote the movie with Oprah and Tyler WITH HER DAYUM MONEY.  So, Monique is saying to herself, yall want me to come off the couch with MY legs crossed, to fly here and there with the $50,000 yall gave me to do the MOVIE?  When this movie was going to DVD…YALL GOT ME MESSED UP!

Now let me say this, I believe with all my heart, that if Oprah and Tyler wouldn’t have signed on to promote it, she wouldn’t have a problem doing the promo’s. If they had any promo to do. Let me tell you why? Lee Daniels THOUGHT IT WAS GOING STRAIGHT TO DVD. He didn’t participate for the movie to go to the movies, and it wasn’t either, until OPRAH AND TYLER watched it. I need to say that for others to UNDERSTAND the mentality of Lee Daniels concerning this movie. This movie was NOT planned to go to Cannes at all PERIOD. I guess Lee felt that if Oprah and Tyler signed on to make the movie known and to skip DVD, that Monique should have jumped on it.  That she should have been “Grateful” that the movie was going to the movies, and that her performance was OSCAR WORTHY. Not with $50,000 SHE WOULDN’T.. ! HELL  NAW!

Now keep in mind that’s not towards Oprah and Tyler at all. Its against Lee Daniels and the power he had to make sure MONIQUE gets the money she deserves, SINCE now Oprah and Tyler has signed on! Also that MENTALITY would work with a new comer, a person trying to get exposure,  a person doing their first movie, but NOT with a seasoned actress and stand up like MONIQUE…. Um cuse me!

When she received a called to promote, she told them she was with her family and wanted to spend time with them. Even if that was true, or NOT,…  I understand that the studio doesn’t give traveling money to promote. Okay fine. Now,  do I believe Monique to be feeling some kinda way….. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! She felt if they signed on, LET THEM PROMOTE IT.. SHE KNEWWWWWWWWWW, how much she got paid and how much the MOVIE WAS GOING TO MAKE.

Monique did make mention that when Tyler summoned her to his dressing room, and clapped to his people to leave the room (( Tyler I love you, but that was funny)) she did throw shade about how that happened, but she wasn’t mad about that, she was mad cause their name went on the bill and the value of the movie went UP and they didn’t pay her more MONEY, knowing the studio WOULD MAKE A KILLIN

Okay! So, when recently Monique and her husband  talked about why she was upset with the 3, she started talking about how Oprah bought her family on her show a while back, and how she didn’t approve of it. While that may be the first thing that made her feel some kinda way about Oprah that’s not enough to go off. Monique was angry because Lee didn’t or couldn’t go back and re-negotiate that funky ass $50,000 she signed to when Tyler and Oprah came on board. and I’ll be mad too dammit. I’m mad and its not my MONEY OR BUSINESS!!! Lee funky ass should have made that  right with Monique.  Just because he was her friend!!! So what, it wasn’t going to be easy, so what, the studio wouldn’t give her more money. BUT HE SHOULD HAVE SAID LOOK FRIEND….. this movie is going to do numbers now since we have the backing of Tyler Perry and Oprah, I’m going in my pocket to make this FAIR with you. Did he have too.. NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE!!! NOPE AGAIN.. But Lee KNEW, why Monique wasn’t promoting the movie. He knew WHY she felt some kinda way. He knew that shit. And I know he talked about it TO SOMEBODY!!!

This is what he said that MESSED UP everything! Lee gets his ASS, on the phone and tells her shes been blackballed. Okay that’s one thing to feel that way, and to say it over the phone or in person ! But its another thing to get ON TV and make it come to LIFE. He made his statement real with ANYONE wanting or waiting to work with her. He bought that MESS to life when he mentioned it on TV, just to take the FOCUS OFF HIS ASS, for not saying what HE KNEW she was feeling about the  $50,000. He knew why she was PISSED.  But you see, in those interviews he didn’t mention the money, he didn’t because SHE DIDN’T! He opens his mouth and says…. she didn’t play the game. What is that suppose to mean? But the biggest reason why he was PISSED.. is because she didn’t mention his name when she won the Oscar. Oh, he was LIVID! All while he was mad, he tried to bring the STUDIO LIONSGATE into it by saying, you’re suppose to mention them. SHUT YO ASS UP LEE, you were mad because by saying YOUR name, your name would be heard and known. BECAUSE LIONSGATE IS LIONSGATE ANYWAY… BUT YO ASS AINT LEE DANIELS, IF YOU’RE NOT MENTIONED! Lets be clear!!! Especially when NO ONE knew yo ass.

What pissed me off about Lee was, after the OSCARS , he wanted to talk about her retaliation and her not cooperating. But that negro didn’t tell you NOT ONE TIME about that $50,000, and that he participated for the movie to go straight to DVD. And see people didn’t know the back story THEN, because Monique didn’t allow the dots to connect with us at that time. I saw all the interviews, but I still couldn’t understand for the life of me, why wasn’t she “Acting right” by promoting the movie.   I wondered why is she acting “childish” saying she’s busy and all this other subliminal stuff. And by NOT telling the WHOLE STORY,  she left the door open to work with Lee again, but this time she knew her worth!

So, EMPIRE came up.

Lee wanted to work with Monique again. He also wanted to make that PUNK ASS $50,000 RIGHT!!! I dont know if he wrote those emails or had them sent TO HER  for “show,” to say, I WANT TO WORK WITH YOU, knowing full well, by him mentioning those black balled statements  on TV that EMPIRE FOX didn’t want to have anything to do with her. And if Lee did go to FOX and say I want Monique for this role, did THEY SAY… NAW WE AINT MESSING WITH HER and went with Taraji?  Either way it WENT he has a way of clearing that flaming ass of his.

There is a LESSON to be learned in all of this. For one I know Tyler Perry and Oprah get it! KNOWING that your name carries WEIGHT. Make sure that before you put your name on ANYTHING,   that everyone is paid their due.!!!!!!! FLAT OUT!! Nothing wrong with supporting a movie, just know your name carries weight, because if an actor sign on to make $6.00 for a movie, and then here YALL  2 powerhouses COME that causes the value of the movie to go up, THEN make sure those people are getting paid well  before you attach your name. LETS ALL MAKE MONEY. If the studio cant agree to go back and renegotiate contracts.. OH WELL… then dont put your name to it. Because the actors will get cut out of the extra money.  So to avoid that, when the movie comes out, just say how much you loved it. Just make sure those people  are paid their worth. Oh they can’t because that’s NOT HOW IT GOES!!

I felt that Monique shouldn’t have said the d@@@ part in her stand up. I think that went too far, and I think she held her anger in too long about how she was feeling…. which of course would cause her to react that way.

I believe that she MAY have felt that Tyler and Oprah KNEW how much she got paid for her role, and because they loved the movie SO MUCH they decided to PROMOTE it ANYWAY.  Feeling that it may win an OSCAR. Even though they felt she was UNDERPAID. They went to her AT DIFFERENT TIMES and “TRIED TO MAKE IT RIGHT” by saying.. LOOK if you promote the movie, go to the premiere, and do the interviews, and EVERYTHING LIONSGATE ASK OF YOU ((( with that same ass  $50,000 you got paid, because they DON’T hand out allowances for that)))  IN THE END MONIQUE…. it will pay off. You will get calls and roles you’ve never dreamed of. They will pay you your worth and you’ll make more money than you ever had. But it didn’t work out that way… LEE DANIELS had already MESSED THAT UP, when he went on TV shows running his mouth! By putting the black balled story out there for not promoting the movie , and for being difficult to work with .. and Imma say this again… I CAN SPEND $50,000 IN 2 HOURS… THAT AINT NOTHING!

Tyler introduced it to HIS audience on Oct 5, 2009 to HIS fans, the movie premiered in US on November 6, 2009. 1.5 million DVDs sold in its first week of release. The movie was made for 10 million dollars, it made $63.6 MILLION DOLLARS…. and Monique received $50.000!!!








brittney brittney

Her parents met in High School got married and had my niece. They were both smart, she got her Masters in Accounting, and he went to school for Heating and Cooling! They built 2 business together and own a total of 13 homes. All while growing up he told my niece that he wanted to pass the business down to her. He taught her how to open a bank account and save money. He taught her about buying homes and selling them. He taught her about how people are, and to be careful of shady business deals. How to mingle and rub arms with people who could help her with her business.

My niece dad thought he was spending “quality” time with the family,  my niece grew up (( grown woman)), they all grew apart, and my sister divorced. He wanted to work all day and night, weekends too.. to “build” the family business, but my sister wanted time, love and trips together as a couple and a family while they grew old. My niece dad felt it was best to build up, then take trips later in life. All through the years of my niece’s dad wanting her to take over the family business, she didn’t want that for her life.  But she couldn’t tell him because this was HIS dream and it would break his heart. Stop putting pressure on your kids… STOP IT!!! Just because you found something that worked for you, don’t pressure your kids to follow your footsteps, when they want to do something DIFFERENT. It only makes sense to YOU that you built something that’s solid. And that’s OKAY..but your child doesn’t want that for their lives.. Deal with it. Yes, its a great idea, yess you struggled and sweated, but this is NOT your child’s dream.

 How does a child tell her parent/s  (( in this case the dad, because her mom saw it coming))… THANK YOU for grooming me for the family business since BIRTH… but UM NO THANK YOU… this is not MY career path or MY DREAM?

I have seen it first hand. I knew it all along. My niece wants a family with a husband, both have jobs, meet up at evening, have dinner , talk, family time, and then bed time. My niece dad spent all day and night even Sundays building the “business”… and no one wanted it but him. He became selfish, at first it was the money, then it was the POWER now its the INFLUENCE of the LOCAL AND WORLD WIDE LEADERS IN HIS FIELD AND OUT. He’s now engaged, and guess who will spend all the money… HIS NEW WIFE.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA. AND HER NEW MAN! HAHAHAHHAHHAHAH..  THE MOMENT HE DIES! ((( YALL GON LEARN))) A woman who hasn’t spent a DAY in the building of the process. My sister is happy, and  gladly to pass on the money without the MAN. HAHAHAHAHAHHA

The relationship of that dad -daughter is little to none. This is how men are disappointed, and in their feelings about their kids, because they spent their whole lives DREAMING , HOPING, WISHING AND GROOMING their kids would follow their footsteps.

Meet Jenae from Sweetie Pies and her new FIANCEE


I was just Congratulating Jenae Wallick on her engagement this weekend to her trainer Arthur Shivers III. I’m so happy for them and especially her. She’s the mother of Tim from Sweetie Pies on the OWN Network. Jenae was once engaged to Tim, but things didn’t work out between them. It was so hard to watch. She really loved him, but he wanted to move out of town to expand the family business. I believed he knew she didn’t want to leave St. Louis, because she wanted to be near her family, but he went anyway. They broke up, and shortly after he moved to California.

I really hope that Tim slows down enough to enjoy LIFE and HIS ONLY CHILD/SON. People like him who work, work, work, swears up and down they enjoy their lives. They’ll be the same ones when they’re in their 60’s saying how much they wish they had slowed down to enjoy family and friends more. I personally don’t want to hear that mess.  Because along the way, people have constantly beat it in their heads, but all they could see is the “business”. I see it ALL THE TIME ON UNDERCOVER BOSS. I have watched every episode, and that is one of the #1 thing these men say… yessss and even the women bosses. They always thought they were spending time with their kids, when really they weren’t doing anything but MISSING OUT… providing, giving kisses, hugs, a few down to earth conversations.. AND THE REST OF THEIR TIME.. BUYING THEM THINGS, AND TELLING THEM THEY WANT THEM TO TAKE OVER THE COMPANY WHEN THEY’RE OLDER… UM excuse meeeeeeee..  BUT your kids don’t want to do that SHIT! That’s YOUR dream! And don’t you DARE be DISAPPOINTED when they tell you this!

I AM La’Crease.. and I don’t have to do anything else.

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That’s terrible!!!/BLOG


I always admire people who could draw, paint, do hair,  lashes,  eye brows, sew, have a eye for fashion design,  remodeling homes, and things like that. 

But why when I see people using their gifts and talents, their family and close friends feel that they should get free services or discounts more than often? I think that is disrespectful to the gift. Let me explain why. Family are the #1 people who  burn out their family members when it comes to free services. These people are using their talents to build their business, its not fair to want them to “do you” for free or little to nothing. This is how they feed their families and pay bills. Its not fair to expect free services from them.

Someone told me before… that being cheap is the practice of being selfish.

I hate to hear people say, “my cousin did my hair for free, I don’t have to pay”. That’s terrible!!! How could anyone sit for free, not offer anything to show appreciation, convenience or anything. A tip or something. They brag and feel some kinda “good” way about it. . WHY SHOULD YOU KEEP GETTING DISCOUNTS? SO YOU CAN KEEP YOUR MONEY, AND USE UP MY TIME? People don’t think about that. That’s being cheap and selfish. People who always want discounts or pay little to nothing, will always want to keep THAT money in their pockets, while they get what they want. 

When I was working cashier…. man you wouldn’t believe the people who wanted things for little to nothing. Always looking for a little dirt or scratch on their items for a discount.. use to PISS ME OFF. And I would say to the customer in a nice voice: AS A PERSON….. WHY WOULD YOU EVEN WANT THIS? The answer to that was, because I can always go home and wash it. OKAY SO AND….. what feeling would you get if I gave you .50 off? I MEAN LIKE DAYUM? I just didn’t get it. There were times when I wanted to reach in my pocket and hand them a $1.00 bill. But to be honest, that wouldn’t be the same to those kinds of people. They want MONEY off that merchandise… not from your pockets. LOL  Anyway… I just wanted to know so that I can process it in my mind to understand. I love people and when I don’t understand something, I will ask questions. I try to ask it in a non confrontational way. 

Just something I wanted to share.

 Be Blessed!

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God said La’Crease………………………Crees Blog Entry

100_4941Wednesday…… Christmas Day, I went downstairs to the convenience store that’s located in my building to buy a few things. When I gave the owner of the store my $50.00 bill, he said “Oh LaCrease I don’t have any change, I just gave it out”. He said well, get your things, and you can just bring it back tomorrow.


I just LOVE the older husband and wife who owns the store. They give credit to anyone who lives in the building, and I have needed them more than a time or two. He wrote down my total and I went to my apartment.


Thursday, I went back to pay my bill and to buy a few other things. I gave his wife the same $50 bill. When she gave me the change back…. she gave me 4-$20 bills and said ” I owe you $16.00 just one second”. So I’m standing there saying to myself… “Okay I thought I gave her a $50 bill, she thinks I gave her a $100.00”. Then I started doubting myself.. because all I had was 1-$100.00 bill and a $50 bill, I thought maybe I grabbed the wrong bill. Then God said No… LaCrease you didn’t grab the wrong one. Then Satan comes in…. and said LISTEN…. this is your last money for a WHILE… you just lost your job, and that money is your BLESSING… KEEP IT. He said you need personal items, and this LAST $150.00 goes toward your rent. You NEED this money. Then God said…. LISTEN…. That is NOT a BLESSING from ME……these people have been good to you since DAY ONE LACREASE * I love how he says my name*. He said.. if you take this money and you know its not yours, guilt will eat you up. He said now do you want to go back to your apartment and have to think about that EVERYDAY? Then EVERYTIME you come down to this store, you’ll have to look these people in the eye knowing you took their money. He said, anything you need I WILL SUPPLY.. you do NOT need this extra $50.00. He said speak up and give this money back to her….. you do NOT want to have to deal with me. I said Lord.. say no more. I gave her the money back, and they both kept thanking me. I said … you and your husband has been good to me.


As I look back on it. You never know what you would do in certain situations. I know for a fact that had I been in a good place AT THAT TIME financially I wouldn’t need for God to speak to me… because I would give it back without a thought. But God knew I was broke, he know I had just lost my job, he knew * in my mind* that money could have helped me with personal needs.


Its amazing how the few minutes she told me to wait for the rest of the money…….. God used that time to talk to me. I look at stuff like that. Those minutes were needed. This is for everyone… when you’re faced with your last money, and you have to make a decision to do right or wrong… do right. Let me share with happened to me THE VERY NEXT DAY.


My daughter called me and asked would I go with her and her dad to see this home she was interested in purchasing. I told her YES!!! After we saw the home, she said “momma lets go to the movies to see “The Wolf of Wall Street”, we checked out show times and realized that we had an extra hour to burn before the movie starts. As we are riding, she says… lets go to Walmart. We went in… and she said… do you need anything? I said naw… I’m good. But as we walked around… I started seeing stuff I did need. LOL At some point, she said momma.. I know you need stuff, she said get what you need. I got soap, pads, toothpaste, bath wash, and some lip gloss. Then she said… anything else? I asked her when we got in the van… why do you always want to help me ALL THE TIME… I said I’m good. She said momma you have always taken care of me. Anything I wanted or needed and you had the money you got it for me. She said I’m happy to be in a position to do it. I can’t even put into words to describe when your child tells you this. She took me to the movies, and bought me popcorn and pop. I love my baby.


Later on that night… as I sat and thought about my day. I remembered what God told me IN THE STORE….. He said “I will supply all your needs”. WOW WOW WOW. AND HE DID. Thank you Jesus.




Be Blessed


Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Money can’t buy you everythang… LADY….Crees Blog Entry

kid to saveHeeeeey,

Its been a minute but ………IM HERE!!!!

I didn’t know why then, but ever since I was a young gurl I’ve always studied the behavior of people. I believe I did it because people would make me SO UPSET by the way they treated others. Instead of getting upset, I decided to STUDY why people did the things they did. This has also helped me to understand the thought process of a child. It is GOD GIVEN trust me, no school could ever teach me what God gave to me naturally. In having this gift it has helped me to understand what people go through, and how they come to the conclusion they do in life. With that said…. read this story.

This lady I work with she’s about 57 and has everything you can think of. She and her husband owns a night club, MANY rental properties, car wash, hair salon* aint no telling what else* they both drive nice trucks and have one grown son with a wife and family. I love this lady, and I truly don’t believe that she knows half the stuff she says that MAKES THE OTHERS want to scratch the chalk board non stop. LOL I have to write about her, because there are many others out there just like her. Its sad… so sad.. but hopefully this will make you ask yourself….Am I this woman?

My coworker wants EVERYTHING MONEY CANT BUY. Instead of her saying to herself…. Okay… I can buy that on my own, so I won’t take it… she will anyway. She says she does it because.. SHE PAYS TAXES AND HAVE A RIGHT TO get things free. Every month there is this fruit truck and many other things on it, that if you pull up, sign your name while they load up your car… its yours free. The school we work at is in a poor neighborhood and many people drive up and get these things because they need them. She asked me why aren’t you going to get a food box? I told her let people who need it get it, we don’t need it. I said there may be times in life when we may need it, and then you wont feel bad about having to get it. If she has to ever be in this position to have to get these things… I BET SHE WONT EVEN GET THEM.. BECAUSE SHE’S TOO PROUD. When you brag about things you have, and then they’re taken away from you… you feel bad about having to have to get it. But to take from those people who can’t afford it IS A DAYUM SHAME. That bothers me so bad. Then I ask her… what do you do what that stuff, because you don’t need it…. she says… “I give it to my son for my grandsons” *smh*

There is this counselor who dress very nice and every time my coworker sees her, she has to ALWAYS look at what she has on. One day she had on a nice blouse… I told her how pretty it was, don’t you know my coworker ASKED HER where she got it from, and then went out that SAME DAY and bought it? She came to work and talked about it nonstop. and I’m looking at her like are you serious? Friday, our security team ordered some wings from Coney island. My coworker was eating something she had just bought in from a restaurant. When she found out they were ordering food she asked them why didn’t yall ask me to order, they said they didn’t think about it and it would have not been a problem… she turned to me and said…. I’m going up stairs and getting one of those wings as soon as its delivered. And so I said to her…. why would you want a wing ding… she said because they didn’t ask me. WOW WOW WOW. She wants everything HER money cant buy at the time. I never met anyone like this.

We have these carrying cases for your books. And when the kids play games and win, they get it free as a prize. Well she ask one of the teachers can she have one, so they gave it to her. THEN SHE WANTED ANOTHER ONE FOR HER GRANDSON. This is so unreal to me. She can’t sit anything out. She has to have everything that’s not for sale. She asked me for mines, I TOLD HER NO, and I don’t even want mines. We have many different things going on at school, and when someone pulled out the schools camera…. she kept talking about how hers is just like it. It was a long nose Nokia. Now she’s going to bring hers to school. I’m looking at her like gurllllllllllllllllll this is not that serious. The others are fed up with her…. but to me… she’s interesting.

But this is the biggest. The women and men who works in the kitchen often times take home food before it goes bad. And since it can’t be heated or re cooked, they’ll give it away, take it home, or throw it out. She feels that SINCE SHE AND HER HUSBAND PAY MORE TAXES THAN EVERYONE ELSE, THAT …. she’s entitled to have the privileges of taking home food like the kitchen workers. The nerve of her. What they do in the kitchen has nothing to do with her. And what burns her up so bad, is that they ALWAYS ask me what do I WANT? They tell me “Sunshine you don’t have to pay for anything, if you want something TELL ME”. She gets SO mad, and ask what about me? She don’t get that nobody likes when she sit up and brag, when she want some of everything everybody has because she cant buy it. When they call me PRIVATELY in the kitchen…. she watches me like a hawk. She wants to know what they said to me, what are they giving me… then when I come out with something she doesn’t EAT.. she’ll say… I DON’T EAT THAT MESS. But when I come out with something good and she wants it… she’ll say… I’m going back there to see if they have any thing left… I WANT SOME TOO. Her facial expression is ANGRY…. just because they didn’t ask her for anything. Then she’ll pout if she sees all of them eating together and they not offer her FREE LUNCH. One day I bought several kids some candy bars for helping me out….. when one of the students didn’t come to school, she asked me could she have the SNICKER. It killed her that I bought candy bars for the students and not have one for her. IT KILLED HER TO SEE ME PASSING THEM OUT. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!

I came to the conclusion just by listening to her and not dismissing her behavior. She loves her life, but she’s very ungrateful. She loves to brag, and if someone says that something is nice and pretty… she’ll make sure to run out and get it…..and tell you about it in the morning. She won’t admit how blessed she is until someone shows up and have something she can’t buy….. NO MATTER WHAT. She brags about what she has, and she TRIES HER BEST TO gets things that CANT BE BOUGHT OR SOLD.

Are you this person? Just because something is free doesn’t mean you have to be apart of it, especially if you don’t need it. Save it for those who do. Let people see what you have… DONT BRING IT UP… Keep some things to yourself…. everybody don’t have to know your business just because its true. New Living Translation
Get wisdom; develop good judgment. Don’t forget my words or turn away from them. Proverbs 4:5

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Women in the Workplace *Cree’s Blog Entry*

1223957964-sc-1483Working with Women can be something different. Whew chile!! I really hope that sharing my story can help you to see one or two things. Either you’re part of the problem or you’re the solution. You already know which one you are.


There are 10 of us who work closely together. And if you know me, you will know that I’m very private. When I do open up and share things about me, YOU may think its a lot, but actually, what I DONT SHARE is the “main course” of who I am. This may be the case for many people. especially women.


Some women like to start a lot of mess. I can feel it, smell it, and taste it in the air. When that atmosphere arises, I leave. But I’m trying to understand why do a few of these women get offended when I/you don’t want to be apart of their table talk? I’m not connected to ANYONE. I do my own thang. I’m a LEADER OF WHATS RIGHT!!! I’m not the kind of woman that’s going to sit at your table because you’re singing…… are you serious? I’m going to sit there because I want too. People hate to see you doing your own thang, when they want you to be apart of their Shenanigans. I’m not her!!! Its always the OLDER WOMEN… the ones who’ve been at the job for 200 years.


This one lady of the 10 was talking about me to a student!!! He came back and told me. I was HOTT!!! They say she talk about everybody, and that I see. She talked about how big my behind was and my hips, with a small waist. Who does that? With a student? Then everyday she breaks her neck to speak to me, trying to be my friend and talk to me. And Lord knows, cause we already had a talk about her, he calmed me down, which she has no idea. I speak to her and keep it moving. EVERYTIME she talks to anyone, and I’m around, she cannot take her eyes off me. She makes noises, talk loud she does everything to get my attention. Wanting so bad to be in my circle. NOT GON HAPPEN!!!  See women like her has to be shut down in the workplace AND ON THE SPOT. She learned real fast, that I’m one person who will speak using direct eye contact when I see you for the first time that day, but will make you feel invisible standing right next to me in a conversation. I will NEVER, EVER, give you a stage to entertain on. She’ll never have a chance to put her clown suit on, and be in my face.


Sometimes If I bring dollars to school and the kids want cookies, juice, or chips and they ask me, I’ll give it to them. Of course I wont/cant do this everyday. One of the kids ask me for a dollar for some chips, and I didn’t have it on me. I asked one of the ladies I’m cool with to loan it to me until the next day. She went in her pocket and gave it to me, of course I told her that it was for a student. So, one of the kitchen ladies heard me and said “Sunshine, sunshine come here”! They call me sunshine, and not Ms. Walker because they say I bring the Sun and always smiling to work. *yeah right FAKE* Anyway, she’s an older lady too, and no matter what I will ALWAYS RESPECT HER/THEM. She says to me… why are you giving these kids money? She said these kids have money. I looked at her…. and God said to me… “say it nicely Lacrease”. I said… first of all… a $1.00 is NOTHING to me… NOTHING…I said the reason why I’m so BLESSED is because I love to give. *read this blog entry* http://creesfeedingthehomeless.wordpress.com/2011/12/04/the-plan-and-vision-behind-crees-feeding-the-homeless/   She cut her conversation real short, when she looked into my eyes and realize that I’m cut from another block. She knew then that, I was not a person to be moved by her questions or speech. Its real funny people feel like they can say anyyyyyyything to me, but as soon as I turn into the incredible hulk, or pull out my Jaws teeth, they want to stay away from me *snickling*


The point and the big picture here is…. Be your own Leader. Do what’s right, mind your own business at work. Do your own work, and keep peace. There is nothing wrong with listening to what’s going on at work, when it comes to your job, and things that’s going to effect you. But when it starts to get personal, be known for VACATING the PREMISES . So what people get mad when you’re doing something differently than them by doing your work and staying away from them. So what!!! Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Don’t be afraid to be different. Don’t be afraid to stand out. I love me…. and I’m going to do what makes me happy, and DRAMA FREE!!!

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy