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I always admire people who could draw, paint, do hair,  lashes,  eye brows, sew, have a eye for fashion design,  remodeling homes, and things like that. 

But why when I see people using their gifts and talents, their family and close friends feel that they should get free services or discounts more than often? I think that is disrespectful to the gift. Let me explain why. Family are the #1 people who  burn out their family members when it comes to free services. These people are using their talents to build their business, its not fair to want them to “do you” for free or little to nothing. This is how they feed their families and pay bills. Its not fair to expect free services from them.

Someone told me before… that being cheap is the practice of being selfish.

I hate to hear people say, “my cousin did my hair for free, I don’t have to pay”. That’s terrible!!! How could anyone sit for free, not offer anything to show appreciation, convenience or anything. A tip or something. They brag and feel some kinda “good” way about it. . WHY SHOULD YOU KEEP GETTING DISCOUNTS? SO YOU CAN KEEP YOUR MONEY, AND USE UP MY TIME? People don’t think about that. That’s being cheap and selfish. People who always want discounts or pay little to nothing, will always want to keep THAT money in their pockets, while they get what they want. 

When I was working cashier…. man you wouldn’t believe the people who wanted things for little to nothing. Always looking for a little dirt or scratch on their items for a discount.. use to PISS ME OFF. And I would say to the customer in a nice voice: AS A PERSON….. WHY WOULD YOU EVEN WANT THIS? The answer to that was, because I can always go home and wash it. OKAY SO AND….. what feeling would you get if I gave you .50 off? I MEAN LIKE DAYUM? I just didn’t get it. There were times when I wanted to reach in my pocket and hand them a $1.00 bill. But to be honest, that wouldn’t be the same to those kinds of people. They want MONEY off that merchandise… not from your pockets. LOL  Anyway… I just wanted to know so that I can process it in my mind to understand. I love people and when I don’t understand something, I will ask questions. I try to ask it in a non confrontational way. 

Just something I wanted to share.

 Be Blessed!

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