Women in the Workplace *Cree’s Blog Entry*

1223957964-sc-1483Working with Women can be something different. Whew chile!! I really hope that sharing my story can help you to see one or two things. Either you’re part of the problem or you’re the solution. You already know which one you are.


There are 10 of us who work closely together. And if you know me, you will know that I’m very private. When I do open up and share things about me, YOU may think its a lot, but actually, what I DONT SHARE is the “main course” of who I am. This may be the case for many people. especially women.


Some women like to start a lot of mess. I can feel it, smell it, and taste it in the air. When that atmosphere arises, I leave. But I’m trying to understand why do a few of these women get offended when I/you don’t want to be apart of their table talk? I’m not connected to ANYONE. I do my own thang. I’m a LEADER OF WHATS RIGHT!!! I’m not the kind of woman that’s going to sit at your table because you’re singing…… are you serious? I’m going to sit there because I want too. People hate to see you doing your own thang, when they want you to be apart of their Shenanigans. I’m not her!!! Its always the OLDER WOMEN… the ones who’ve been at the job for 200 years.


This one lady of the 10 was talking about me to a student!!! He came back and told me. I was HOTT!!! They say she talk about everybody, and that I see. She talked about how big my behind was and my hips, with a small waist. Who does that? With a student? Then everyday she breaks her neck to speak to me, trying to be my friend and talk to me. And Lord knows, cause we already had a talk about her, he calmed me down, which she has no idea. I speak to her and keep it moving. EVERYTIME she talks to anyone, and I’m around, she cannot take her eyes off me. She makes noises, talk loud she does everything to get my attention. Wanting so bad to be in my circle. NOT GON HAPPEN!!!  See women like her has to be shut down in the workplace AND ON THE SPOT. She learned real fast, that I’m one person who will speak using direct eye contact when I see you for the first time that day, but will make you feel invisible standing right next to me in a conversation. I will NEVER, EVER, give you a stage to entertain on. She’ll never have a chance to put her clown suit on, and be in my face.


Sometimes If I bring dollars to school and the kids want cookies, juice, or chips and they ask me, I’ll give it to them. Of course I wont/cant do this everyday. One of the kids ask me for a dollar for some chips, and I didn’t have it on me. I asked one of the ladies I’m cool with to loan it to me until the next day. She went in her pocket and gave it to me, of course I told her that it was for a student. So, one of the kitchen ladies heard me and said “Sunshine, sunshine come here”! They call me sunshine, and not Ms. Walker because they say I bring the Sun and always smiling to work. *yeah right FAKE* Anyway, she’s an older lady too, and no matter what I will ALWAYS RESPECT HER/THEM. She says to me… why are you giving these kids money? She said these kids have money. I looked at her…. and God said to me… “say it nicely Lacrease”. I said… first of all… a $1.00 is NOTHING to me… NOTHING…I said the reason why I’m so BLESSED is because I love to give. *read this blog entry* http://creesfeedingthehomeless.wordpress.com/2011/12/04/the-plan-and-vision-behind-crees-feeding-the-homeless/   She cut her conversation real short, when she looked into my eyes and realize that I’m cut from another block. She knew then that, I was not a person to be moved by her questions or speech. Its real funny people feel like they can say anyyyyyyything to me, but as soon as I turn into the incredible hulk, or pull out my Jaws teeth, they want to stay away from me *snickling*


The point and the big picture here is…. Be your own Leader. Do what’s right, mind your own business at work. Do your own work, and keep peace. There is nothing wrong with listening to what’s going on at work, when it comes to your job, and things that’s going to effect you. But when it starts to get personal, be known for VACATING the PREMISES . So what people get mad when you’re doing something differently than them by doing your work and staying away from them. So what!!! Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Don’t be afraid to be different. Don’t be afraid to stand out. I love me…. and I’m going to do what makes me happy, and DRAMA FREE!!!

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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