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Tuesday Morning June 23, 2015 I had a dream.

I had a dream that I was in this building with lots of rooms and people. In every room it had only a HUGE MIRROR.

I WAS IN CHARGE, like in my other SPIRITUAL dreams.

We were surrounded by MIRRORS. Instead of looking at the person, I looked in the mirror at the person I was telling ….. “wake up” as I pointed to the EXIT door. I knew the world was coming to an end, but for some reason they didn’t, and if they didn’t listen to me, their faces would BURST INTO A BIG BALL OF FIRE, which meant they DIED.

I wanted people to LIVE (( which meant)) getting out of the building. But they were in another ((mind set)) and felt why was it necessary to leave…. in the first place?  Instead of them focusing on leaving, they chose to put all their ENERGY in wondering…. why  I wanted them to exit so badly.

Some people were looking at me like I was crazy and didn’t listen. For some reason they wasn’t comprehending that Jesus was on his way, and it was their last chance to be saved.

As time went on, I was so deep into telling people where the EXIT signs were, that as this one person I was talking to FACE BURST INTO A BALL OF FLAMES… I was too close and mines caught on fire too. I was dying. In my DREAM… it was like I came to myself ((knew I was dreaming)) and told God that I wanted to LIVE. I told him that I wanted to ((wake up from my death)) and go back into the building to tell the other people where the EXIT signs were.

Well, God listened to me, and he permitted me to go back into this  BUILDING with lots of mirrors, rooms and people to tell them once again where the EXIT signs were.

When I looked into the mirror I saw that MY FACE was covered with a WHITE TOWEL. I could still hear my voice, it was my body, but my face was covered. My face was burned up so bad that God put a WHITE TOWEL over it. I remember not caring at all, because all I wanted to do was tell people about the EXITS so that they could be saved. After telling so many people and going room to room, I heard GOD SAY TO ME LOUD AND CLEAR……now its time FOR YOU….. TO HEAD FOR THE EXIT.  Soon as I exited the building, it CAUGHT ON FIRE.

All who didn’t listen to me…. perished.


I AM LaCrease (( I don’t have to do anything else))

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MY Dreams/BLOG

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Hey Family!!

Several times a week I like to sit and talk out loud to myself. Yes, I live alone so I talk out loud so that I can hear my own thoughts. Most times they’re about myself, or maybe something that happened and I want to go over it again. I do this to check myself. Sometimes, I can say something that someone heard differently than I meant, and I like to go over it a few days later, to see where I can better communicate. But mostly, I like to examine my heart.

I was talking to a male coworker of mines and I came to the conclusion that I need to study my bible more. I told someone today.. I’m half way through life… I’m 50, I’m almost to the “next level”. LOL I gotta laugh at my own thoughts. But it’s true.

I pray and talk to Jesus daily, but, I NEED TO STUDY MORE.  I love my closeness with God. I love how he speaks to me. I just feel that its always more to him. No matter how many times you read a Scripture it will always come back to you in a different light at another time. I hope you got that. But you have to put in the time. You have to make time (( I’m talking to myself as well)). You have to set aside time for God. Yes, yes, yes we get off track, not to say we don’t love and acknowledge him, but that study time, and time alone is EVERYTHING. Sometimes I get wrapped up in LIFE, and we lose sight of whats really important.

I remember Tyler Perry would write his fans these long uplifting, encouraging, and inspiring emails. He hasn’t written any in over a year!!! I would look forward to his messages. But again, we all get off track. Doesn’t mean we don’t love God, or have a relationship with him. Just means we have got to get back to what bought us here. For me….. more time with God and more studying!

I was thinking one day… Cree what is YOUR dream? I always felt that it had to be some huge thing that I bought or lived in. Whenever people asked, I never wanted to say, because I felt it may not live up to what others had dreams of. Maybe, to own a shop or something, but none of those things has been my dream. Mines is so simple (( don’t take the word simple lightly than how I’m using it)).

My dream is to sit at my own BOOK SIGNING, and see the lines out of the door. I want women and men to say how much I inspired them. I want them to say, that they thought they were the only ones to go through what I’ve written. I want them to say, how I helped them to express how they were feeling about a certain situation. I want to see their faces, talk to them, cry with them, connect with them. I want to look them in their eyes and feel everything that they carry.

My second dream is to marry someone I’m completely in LOVE with and he feels the very same way about me. I want to do MARRIAGE seminars. I want to help marriages stay alive. I first believe that husband and wife should have great chemistry and that’s what I LOVE. GREAT CHEMISTRY IS EVERYTHING. I want my husband to be full of GOD, and I want to be submissive to him.

I can go on and on about both of my DREAMS for myself in this LIFE…. but I’ll stop here.



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My Dream * re-post* Crees Blog Entry

Let me share this dream I had . Me and my daughter was walking down this block and all of a sudden it started getting dark and spooky. My first reaction was to be scared. But then I remember in the bible about things to come and those who don’t know God wont be able to understand what’s happening. So I remembered the word. My daughter looked at me she knew what time it was too, so I grabbed her hand and said come on Neisha lets get across the street, that’s the only way we are going to be saved! It was like that side was safe, and the side we were on turned into Hell! It looked as if it was lighting, and storming, put it this way…………the end of the world had came.

We had to cross this big street that seem as if it was taking forever to get across. Once we got there, we saw lots of people, some were looking crazy some just was plain lost. So for some reason, I was in charge, I spoke up and said to the people. LOOK, LISTEN EVERYBODY, the world is coming to an end!! I said if you want to live you have to wake up!! In my own mind inside of the dream I knew that I wanted to live, so in order to live I had planned on waking up out of the dream, I just wanted to make sure that they knew what to do, since some of them didn’t know what was going on, I knew that I had a way out. So I said LOOK YALL, WAKE UP. I looked at Neisha and said boo, you wake up first, I couldn’t wake up without her going first. People were waking up because a bubble would burst in the spot that they were standing in. So I said Neisha go head and wake up. I looked at her and then saw a bubble. I told everybody wake up if you want to live, and THEN I BUBBLED OUT. (LOL)



I woke up out of my dream.


I looked around my house, I got up, walked around, and couldn’t stop thinking if those other people woke up. It was on my mind so tough. I couldn’t believe that I had a dream like this. So, I laid down and said I need to go back to this dream to see if those people left. I laid down went back to sleep, and guess what? God let me go BACK to see if those other people were there. I pop back in the dream like a bubble. It was only a few people left. I said WHY DIDNT YALL POP OUT?????????????


They looked at me and said: WE CANT WAKE UP.

I felt so bad for them, so bad. There was no way for me to help them, they had to pop out themselves. All I could say to them was well IM OUT!! Then I woke up out of the dream.


Deep? I’m always thinking about this dream, its one of the few I remember.


I love you all!


Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

A Frustrated Dreamer…..Crees Blog Entry


I was driving in to work this morning and I started thinking about all the days I dreaded going to work. I was so sick of it… the job, my boss, the people I worked with, the traffic… I would wake up angry every morning. I didn’t want to deal with the crap of the job, but I was forced to go. I had been homeless, I was broke, living paycheck to hopefully the next paycheck. I couldn’t take a day off for fear I would get fired. I was just frustrated. I thought I hated my life and the job.

It was so aggravating because God had placed all these dreams and hopes in my soul and mind and I had no idea how they were going to come to pass. To have a dream of being something better and living better than the way I was at that moment and to not see a way of getting there felt like death to me. I thought, “Dear God, why would you give me so much hope and not make a way?” But what I learned through prayer was, with no path in front of you and no road map… this is where true faith begins. With faith I realized that I wasn’t frustrated with my life or the job, I was frustrated because I was a person who had dreams for myself, a person who had visions for my life and I wasn’t living it. Have you ever been there, where you felt so strongly that there was more to this life than what you see in front of you?

One of the most difficult things about being a dreamer is the fear that the dream will never happen. I’m here as a living witness to tell you your dreams can come true. You can’t give up. And I am here to let you know that everything can work together for your good. The time that you are spending on that job that you think is a dead end is not. You’re being prepared just like I was. I was a shoeshine boy, I worked as a bill collector, a used car salesman, in housekeeping in a hotel, and they all were preparation for where I am now.

What do these things have to do with where I am now? I’m glad you asked. I am able to use skills that I learned. I shined shoes, so I know how to shine my shoes if I need them to look nice. Selling used cars was a great way to learn how to close a deal. Bill collecting taught me great negotiation skills. Working at that 5-star hotel taught me a lot about travel. Every experience in your life is here to teach you something.

Today, while you’re at work, don’t be frustrated. Look around you and ask God what are you there to learn and how will it be a part of your future dream. Honor that job, do the best you can at it, because God will bless you for honoring something that belongs to another.

I hope this inspires you today. If you need a little more inspiration then watch my first sit-down interview in years with Oprah on Oprah’s Next Chapter. It airs this Sunday on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network at 9/8c. I talk a little about not giving up. I know it will move you.

Here’s a prayer for today: “God help me hold on, help me to get to what I dream of, help me to honor where I am today so that I can appreciate where I will be tomorrow. In Jesus’ name.”

I guess it was apart of my dream…Tyler Perry


 I had to get on-line and post my dream before I forgot about it. God always tells me to keep a pen and paper near the bed so that I can write stuff down and I alwayssssssss forget. So, here I am later in the day posting this dream.

 I had this dream that I had bought the new Ebony with the gurl from Precious on cover. And as I was turning through the pages, I saw pages and pages of unseen interviews of Anita Baker and her ex husband Walter Bridgeforth. I was so excited because she’s my favorite female singer ever. Just as I was on my way to post on-line to our Anita Baker fan group, my mom walked into the room. I was looking a hot mess, just woke up, breathe was off the hook, hair everywhere, I was too through. She walked in and said…….. Z ( my nickname) Tyler Perry is here to see you. As soon as I looked up there he was walking through my bedroom door. I was so shocked and happy. But I was a hot ghetto morning mess. He gave me a big old hug, and sat on my bed. First thing he said was……….. LaCrease I couldn’t come to Detroit and not say anything to you. I told him that I thought he forgot about me. He said no way. I kept talking in the covers because I hadn’t even brushed my teeth, I had *UGH* in my eyes, my scarf had fallen off my head, I was a mess!!!  LOL Still he kept saying…… that’s aiight Lacrease you’re okay, you’re okay. He pounced on my bed like we had known each other for years. I began to tell him about what was going on with me, and soon as I was about to start my first sentence, he said I already know. I read your blogs. LOL I was so geeked!! He smiled that infectious smile, and I knew that he knew a lot about me because he didn’t act like a stranger at all. I noticed that he had 4 children with him. He said Lacrease I want you to meet some great kids. I was like okay. They all were hanging out with him for the day, and he also told me that they had disabilities. As I spoke to them and talked with them, it was clear they did. They had Tyler and I cracking up.Tyler know how I feel about kids, so he bought them over to see me. It was a joy to have him and the kids at my house for a while. That night he was going to do his first show here in Detroit ( May 7, 2010) and I had been Tweeting ( in real life) that I was mad because tickets went so fast for the first show that I wasnt sitting in the back this time, like I did at previous shows of his. I wanted to sit in the front. I guess it was apart of my dream. lol He clapped saying that he was happy tickets sold so fast in Detroit.  I told him that I wanted to go to his first show so bad that I didn’t know what to do. He went into his case and pulled out a ticket for me. It was black and orange ( don’t ask) I was so happy. I said dang…. Neishia is going to be mad, cause she wanted to go too.  Not even hinting for her to go, but I couldnt believe that I was going. He said here Lacrease, she can come with you. He gave me another ticket.  Then I thought…….. did I make it seem to him that I wasnt going to the play any of the days? So I said to him, wait……. thanks for the tickets, but I want you to know that I do have front row seats for Sunday( in real life too) ………… Mother’s Day. He was like……….. Oh… okay that’s cool, you can still have the tickets……I was happy. All of sudden as I was staring at my ticket, he went into the corner and started changing his clothes. I’m like WTH? You know how you get to the end of the dream and it starts getting STUPID? Well that was happening to me, cause Tyler Perry aint hardly gonna go in the corner and change clothes. LOL I knew then that I was dreaming, and said to myself I’m OUTTA HERE! I woke up!!!!!  My nose was dry, throat felt like desert, and I had a terrible headache. Havent had one of those in a while. It took 2 advils to get rid of. I was happy about my dream and those tickets……….. too bad it’s not true. LOL

Well Goodnight Im off to bed, gotta work in the morning 6-10 inches of snow. Im/We’re use to it tho. Night!

My other dream

giftsLately I have been having something on my mind and I just can’t shake it. I don’t know why God keeps laying this on my heart, but after a long nap, which will have me up all night, I feel that I have to share this with you all. For those who were on my yahoo 360 page, I posted this sometime ago, for some reason I can’t find it. So I decided to post it here for you all. I had this dream one night, that me and my daughter was about to cross this big big big big street. It looked like one of the streets here in Detroit, but it wasn’t. As we were walking down the block, to get to this big street. All of sudden it started getting dark, I mean real dark. The skies were turning black, and it started raining and storming. As I looked up at the sky, I knew something was happening that wasn’t normal. I thought about what God said would happen in the last days, and that the sky was going to crack. Me and Neisha knew right away what time it was. People were driving their cars in this big street wondering what was going on, asking each other questions. Some people knew what time it was, but a lot of them didn’t. I heard God say grab Neisha’s hand and run across the street, the world is at the end. I had taught her about God while she was growing up, and so she had already known about this time coming. I grabbed her hand and we ran across the street to this underground tent or something. When we got there, people were there asking each other “whats going on” what happened. So, for some reason God told me to be in charge. . He said tell them to “Wake up and they will be saved. So I told them what he said. At that point in the dream. I KNEW that I WAS DREAMING. He said to tell them to wake up, and he said those that would wake up, a bubble will pop over their heads, and that mean they were saved. I was telling them what God had said, and I was going to make sure that people were popping out Where ever they were standing around listening to me, that’s where the bubble burst over their heads. So after people were popping out, I told Neisha, I said pop out before me, so that I can know you are saved. So she popped out. After time was passing, I went on and popped out. Which woke me up out of my dream. So, I woke up in the middle of the night. EYES WAS THIS BIG QQ!!! I kid you not!!. I walked around my house, thinking what in the world just jump off in my dream Lord!!! It was so real, that I couldn’t stop pacing the floor. My living room was pitched dark, and here I am thinking about this dream. All of a sudden I said God, I got to go back in there and see what happened to those other people. I knew Neisha had popped out, but I needed to see what happened to those other people. So, I said God please, please let me go back into this dream to check on these other people. So I laid back down on the couch and guess what? God let me go back into the dream .

 When I got there, I saw people looking funny, standing in their same spots. So, I said what happened? I told yall to pop out, because that’s the only way yall are going to be saved. They looked at me with this look of horror and said……………….. WE CANT WAKE UP.

I felt bad, but I had to go. My baby and loved ones was waiting on me. I said to them. WELL I’M OUT! And that’s when I woke up. Ever since I was younger, I always had this thing of being left behind. I didn’t understand it then, but I do know as to how it defines who I am today. If my mom said: “I need for you to be dressed and at the door by 5pm”. All of a sudden this feeling of “Can’t get left” would come over me. I have had this feeling all my life. To get left and to even think about getting left behind, gives me the creeps. If I have to stay up all day and all night not to miss a deadline. I will. And to this day, when I think/want to do something not pleasing to God. I go back to that and ask myself is doing the wrong you want to do is worth “Getting left”. And the answer is NO!!! LOL In my mind cant nothing top “getting left”.

My dream…. it was something deep.

2009-09-01 00-13-44.900This morning I had a dream  that I just couldn’t shake at all. It wasnt scary or anything, I just wish that I knew someone who could explain it for me.

  Here it is: It was this  black lady who wore all black, something like a Levi pant and jacket outfit. She was always smiling, but EVIL as HELL. She had built this very large, what looked to be  an old school film projector that my teacher used at school back in the day.  This thing had wheels on it and did everything she told it to do. Everybody  was scared of the Power this woman had. She had terrorized the whole neighborhood, and was going block to block at any given time and was commanding this thing to shoot fire balls out on people. I was sooo scared in my dream I didnt know what to do. I remember peeping out my door and window just to see if her and this machine was going to come our way.

I was in the house with all my family members, we were together just in case we got killed. Somehow she got into my house and she kept looking at me. She said * Im about to do the paper work on you cause youre about to DIE*. She was staring at me, doing this dance and saying over and over again, that she was going to get her machine to set me on fire. She made me go outside but my family had to stay behind and watch me die looking out of the window. She was standing at a desk outside, still doing *paperwork* on me when I bust out and said. *Thats okay, you can kill me, but when God comes Im going to watch you burn in HELL!!! I said Im going to wake up again, but you are going to burn forever!! She was sooooo mad at me, but I kept talking and thinking that she was going to kill me anyway, so I should tell her how I felt. I looked down the street and here was her machine coming up the block. OMG I was so scared. I just kept on saying my peace to her, still she was doing her dances and telling me that I was about to die!!! I started praying and asking God to forgive me for all my sins, I told him that I loved him and my family and that I wanted to be with him forever.

 I felt peace.

 Then….. I looked up to the machine and she told it to KILL ME!!!! I fell to the ground,  I felt heat but only a little bit…………. then I died.

 As I was laying there in front of my house on the  side walk, all of a sudden this tall, HANDSOME, thick thigh , big stomach * like I like em man* PICKED ME UP off the ground and KISSED ME! When he did that I woke up. I was ALIVE!!! He had me hanging over his shoulders and he took me into the house with my family. He sat me on the couch and the lady that wanted me dead walked in. She couldnt see me at all but I could see her. Somehow she knew that once he kissed me and I was ALIVE, that she couldnt do anything with me  OR MY FAMILY EVER AGAIN. She was MAD too, because she wanted me dead. I was sitting on the couch watching it all go down.  He said a few words to her and she left. He told me that he was an Angel, and the way he looked at me, our vibe, and connection was strong. I knew right then and there that I was going to be his wife. Then I woke up…… I couldnt go back to sleep because that dream was so powerful. It felt so real. I was alive and she didnt have power over me anymore. My family was there they were so happy. I don’t know what this dream mean, but  I DO know its Spiritual. If someone who knows about dreams could comment or post, PLEASE DO SO!! PLEASE PLEASE! 

 Thanks for reading