My Don’t Care Button Is Broken/BLOG


I don’t remember if I asked God to give me a “DON’T CARE” button, but I sure have one now and I’M LOVING IT!

In my late 20’s and early 30’s I could tell you how I felt about something, be right about it, and then BEG YOU NOT TO BE MAD AT ME FOR SAYING IT. Even though I meant it, I HATED the fact that someone was mad at me. I hated going to bed mad at someone, or someone being mad at me. I QUICKLY LEARNED that not everyone grew up forgiving like I was. I believe with all my heart it stems from my childhood.

Growing up, my siblings and I would get into arguments and debates, we had to finish out the argument, hug, kiss and make up ON THE SPOT! We couldn’t let a moment pass without saying I’m sorry. We were never allowed to fist fight at all, and I believe that’s the reason why we’re so very close to this day. I realized at some point in my late 30’s early 40’s that was the reason why I had a hard time saying what I meant and felt to someone, without feeling guilty about it later. I found out that when you say what you mean to some people, they don’t want to hear your truth, so they get mad at you for saying it, but blame it on the way it was present. I thought, maybe I worded what I meant wrong. But I soon come to realize that people are going to get mad at you just because you told them the truth!

Another thing I realize about myself. If someone comes to me and tell me their story, or their truth about a situation I may NOT have anything to say. I learned that I don’t have to comment on everything. I can just be a listener. If someone have a problem with me, Ill listen to it, and if its IMPORTANT… I’ll address it. But if NOT … Ill keep it moving. I learned that!! Its so fun not to have a comment about EVERYTHING. Especially when people expect for you to react and have something to say. My boo works HOMICIDE..I had to learned how to keep it moving! People are so use to ME.. LACREASE having a word, but sometimes I don’t. They feel that since I’m quiet about something… I’M NOT ON THEIR SIDE. LOL LOL People are so funny. I’m so glad that I have learned this about myself, and its okay.

People will HATE the fact that you’re not the same person you USE to be when you knew them. This is why my connection to people is ABOUT  BUSINESS, TRUTH AND HONESTY. I know what I’m getting from you, and you know what you’re getting from me. I use to be so mentally tied into people that it was CRAZY! I love hard… I’m sorry. I do my own thing now, if we talk, we TALK.. if we don’t, we DON’T. If we’re  use to going to functions together all the time, and I tell you that I want to stay home and chill… THAT’S WHAT THE HELL THAT MEAN. I don’t care if you’re mad. I don’t give a dayum! I’m not calling or texting you asking if you’re mad at me like I use to do. I don’t care. If you cant face my truth oh well.. SEE YA ON JUDGEMENT DAY!

I’m a different LACREASE… I do my OWN thing. If I change my mind about something, dammit that’s what the hell it is. I’m not tied or contracted into any friendships. And who ever don’t like it.. PUSH CARTS AND WAIT FOR A CHECK!

When you can come to conclusions about YOUR  PEACE  and YOUR  TRUTH…   OH WELL TO THOSE WHO “FEEL SOME TYPE OF WAY about it!”

I AM La’Crease…and I don’t have to do anything else!


My Cousin killed in a Atlanta Car Crash/BLOG

My cousin Cordel was killed in a car accident in Atlanta this past weekend.He was one of the 3 people killed on I-75

Three men died early Saturday morning when the driver lost control of their car and flipped onto I-75 in Midtown Atlanta, closing the freeway for hours.

The Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office identified the men as Esu Manzano, 36; Adam Bailey, 33; and Cordel Fowler, 24, all of the metro Atlanta area.

As you know in my post I’m always talking about family. He’s the middle son of my FIRST AND OLDEST COUSIN (( and she always lets us know she’s the oldest too :))) Rene. 

He is the very first cousin ( 1st and 2nd) to pass away in our family on my dad’s side. We are very blessed to have a huge family and all still alive. I am so sad for my cousin ( Rene) her husband and Cordel’s siblings.

Here is the story

I AM La’Crease.. and I don’t have to do anything else.


Tyler Perry/BLOG

tp said

When Tyler Perry post this photo on his Face Book page… I was excited. Excited to see him living out his dreams… chilling….relaxing. I cannot explain what this photo does to me, not just because Tyler Perry (((my  brother))), is in it, someone I absolutely  Love and Adore. But because it says EVERYTHING…  even without speaking.

Tyler Perry keep on inspiring us with your stories of Love, Inspiration, and Hope. When I say that I love you… I love you 🙂   MY …*widdle baby*….


Happy New Years!!!

Happy New Years to Everyone. This year for me, has been a tough one. Whew, Lord Jesus, all I could do was wave my hands in the air and THANK HIM ANYHOW. No matter how I was feeling, he always let me know he was there with a personal sign. To my friend who I love dearly, *who knows how to push my buttons*…. Thank you for be obedient to God, when he told you to tell me the things that was happening in my life that I couldn’t see. I kept those to myself…. NEVER shared it with anyone…. NOW I SEE…. NOW I SEE… NOW I SEE. Um um um…… I love you dearly boy, but I can’t stand you at the same time. LOL But…. all in all I made it through. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Lord. I’m looking forward to 2014 with all of my windows OPENED. Blessings.
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Cree’s Ramblings…….Crees Blog Entry

DSCN1207Okay…. I guess I’ll do some ramblings today.

I’m not a person who wear wigs often, never had a weave, or a sew in( photo taken today). But today I tried the clip in extensions…. AND IM LOVING THEM. You can’t tell thatgurltheycallCree nothing today baaaby * in my Madea voice*!!!!! LOL I do think I have a phobia about weave, even eye lashes . I don’t like extra “stuff” going on. I like to remove EVERYTHANG AT BED TIME. Even nails get on my nerve after a certain time. I’ll wear tips starting off, then I’ll have them removed at the shop and I’ll wear my own nails with acrylic on top. I wonder why I’m like this? I don’t like hair in my eyes either. if I put on my lashes * I wear them everyday* and if feels as if they’re hanging over my eyes….. Oh they have to come off. I wonder if I have anxiety. Wow and something else is a trip. EVERY TIME I get ready to leave out of MY OWN HOUSE… I have to use the bathroom… and I’m not talking #1 either. I know this may be too much information… but I’m in the season of learning and paying attention to MYSELF. So hopefully you’re learning something about yourselves too. LOL

As I sit here and wait for the Real Housewives of Atlanta come on…. I must say after watching Nene Leakes in her spin off show…. I really like her. I got to see her with her REAL friends, people who are apart of her life, and she really is the peace keeper in her circle. She was a different person and I like that. And even now, she doesn’t like drama and that can only come when you’re at peace with yourself. I hope that she has another show, and I can say that seeing her in a different light has caused me to stop jumping to conclusions about folks. I realized that RHOA are people they she may have known in the beginning, but also people who are not necessary apart of her everyday life. She’s come a long way, and I’m proud of her.

I watched Bishop TD Jakes on line this morning…..”The Instinct to Increase”… it was so good. He asked “Are you a baby sitter or a Teacher”? Do you baby sit your gifts God gave you? OOOOOO yeah that’s what I was saying? He said “You’ll never have increase if you’re control by FEARS”. AWESOME WORD…. now its time to APPLY IT!!


Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy