My Cousin killed in a Atlanta Car Crash/BLOG

My cousin Cordel was killed in a car accident in Atlanta this past weekend.He was one of the 3 people killed on I-75

Three men died early Saturday morning when the driver lost control of their car and flipped onto I-75 in Midtown Atlanta, closing the freeway for hours.

The Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office identified the men as Esu Manzano, 36; Adam Bailey, 33; and Cordel Fowler, 24, all of the metro Atlanta area.

As you know in my post I’m always talking about family. He’s the middle son of my FIRST AND OLDEST COUSIN (( and she always lets us know she’s the oldest too :))) Rene. 

He is the very first cousin ( 1st and 2nd) to pass away in our family on my dad’s side. We are very blessed to have a huge family and all still alive. I am so sad for my cousin ( Rene) her husband and Cordel’s siblings.

Here is the story

I AM La’Crease.. and I don’t have to do anything else.


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