I was watching Oprah’s Life Class tonight and I’ll tell you. Iyanla is the best thing since Gayle. I am so happy that things went the way they did back when Iyanla left. Because it makes their friendship that much stronger. I KNEW HER OWN SHOW WAS COMING….. I KNEW IT 🙂 I KNEW IT…. I KNEW IT… From the day that interview ended when she was on Oprah’s Show talking about what happened between them. Iyanla just wasn’t ready back then, and even through Oprah was grooming her, she still didn’t get it. Like Oprah said… I was giving you my podium, my stage…how could you not know I was setting you up for success? That was a Aha Moment for me. But the time is now…… Oprah has had her on Life Class last year, and this year as well….and I’m so happy that she will have her own show, and I will be FRONT AND CENTER. She’s going to do very well. See how things happen? And the chemistry of their friendship between them is wonderful. Oprah was talking so much about God when it first came on, she has really opened up, and I know who God sent to help on that. And I’m happy about it. I wonder if Gayle gets jealous? LOL She probably calls Oprah as soon as she get in the house after taping LIFE CLASS, and want to know everything her and Iyanla talked about. Hahaha. Let me stop I’m the only one whose jealous like that.

Today was a good day at work…. again so much Love from my co-workers, they really missed me those 11 days I was on vacation. Lately, I’ve been practicing going back to the way I use to be when it comes to my Communication. I’m not asking anyone any questions, I’m not answering any. There use to be a time when I was so secretive that if you wanted to know something about me, you would have to sneak in my room and get my journal/diary to find out anything. Now since I’ve gotten older , I like to ask so many questions. Remember I was a kid who get all low grades in school, because I was afraid to ask questions. I had to drop out of High School, and complete a GED. I’ve come a long way…and went to dang ole far. …. LOL

Yesterday me and some coworkers got together for our monthly outing, and somehow I always end up being the person who calls everybody and “REMIND” their grown a####, that we’re hooking up. I didn’t lift a finger yesterday. When I got to work at 9 am this morning….. 1000 people asking me * like its my function* why you didn’t call me? And I said……. yall grown butts knew. I’m not calling people NO MORE communicating anything, if you really wanted to go.. YOU’D BE THERE!!! Last year I was appointed to help get our family reunion together because I like to plan and I plan well. I did the family dinner at Apple bees, then at my sisters house, then a park. This year, they’re like……Zee, are you doing the family reunion for 2012? Nope….. not this year.. I’m getting ready to move and its all about me. They have watched and saw how I did it, its time for somebody else to step up.If I don’t do it…… it won’t get done….and that’s fine with me. Its a whole lot of us and everybody PULLED THEIR WEIGHT AND MORE….. but again its about Communication. Nobody wants to do it. I’m not doing that anymore. I’m doing my own thang staying in my own lane……just like I use to be. I’m not mad at anyone, I’m just really taking a look around my life and seeing that I HAVE MADE EVERYBODY COMFORTABLE…. My Sister came over yesterday and she said “I MISSED US * THE 3 OF US SISTERS* GOING OUT TO DINNER…. TALKING, LAUGHING… I said well … plan something! Lets go to dinner this weekend. She said okay….. but watch….. she expects me to call her and my other sister and remind them. They expect for me to COME UP WITH A RESTAURANT….. WHAT TIME…. WHO PICKING UP WHO…. WHO ALL ELSE WANT TO GO….#GURLBYE… LOL I’M NOT DOING THAT…. I’M NOT!!! LOL * I LOVE THEM* Yes, I want to go, and I plan to go. Its that I’m the oldest and everybody expect for me to be on top of everything….. maybe I do put myself out there that way. I love to plan, I love to gather, I love to travel… I am the oldest.. but I’m tired now…. I’m thinking about MYSELF.

When Tyler Perry tickets went on sale for “Madea Gets Job”… my Sister came over 3 years later * sarcastic* and said we got to get tickets to see Madea….. I didn’t open my mouth…… * blank stare*. Finally I said GUUUUURL… those tickets went on sale 2 weeks ago. I have my ticket for 2 NIGHTS. She said dang……… why you didn’t tell me? I said gurl   you know I don’t wait 10 weeks to buy his tickets and you know how fast seats sell. I said I’m tired of waiting for 50 people to get their money ready. She was mad….hehe but she’ll be alright. I have a Credit Card ON DECK… for my concerts, plays, my trips, my hotel and my rental cars…. I DON’T PLAY THAT!!! When I told her that I was sitting in the Orchestra Pit both days, she almost passed out. LOL LOL #Gurlbye… see people be playing and I feel I allowed the buffoonery to be apart of my life, when I do things off script of who I am.

I remember one time Tyler Perry came to town for Madea’s Family Reunion.. I collected the money as always….. after collecting money for 13-17 people and 2000 days later * not a really 2000*…. TICKETS WENT ON SALE…. WE sat in row RRR…. I SAID NEVA AGAIN!!!! If you have your money ready the day of, WE CAN ROLL….if you have your money any time after that….. its a WRAP …. I’m out with or without you!!! I’m not sitting in ROW ZZZZZZZ123456789 NEAR THE CEILING….#GURLYOUGOTMEMESSEDUP. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

When Mary J came to the Fox I sat 3rd row ORCHESTRA PIT.. when Gerald Levert came I sat ORCHESTRA PIT FIRST ROW…. When MAXWELL came TO DETROIT….I sat 4th row FROM THE STAGE… when Anita Baker came to Detroit 7 YEARS STRAIGHT….. I SAT 1ST ROW.. ORCHESTRA PIT …AND 3RD ROW from the stage. I got tired of missing out on what’s good for ME… waiting and phone calling everybody….trying to be nice and include others. Those days are over.

When we went to see Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds…. we went 22 deep. I told everybody get your ticket early… they LEARNED… LOL But when For Colored Girls Came out IN 2010, I gathered my gurls up and it was 32 of us all together. I told them get YOUR TICKETS EARLY… CAUSE TYLER PERRY SELLS OUT…. the people outside of the 32 were calling me from the movie before it started….. Cree, do you have any extra tickets…. they SOLD OUT? I said Nope.. the extra ones I bought, people bought from me. Waiting until the last minute when it comes to SOMETHING CREE put together…..will get you missed out. So about 6 of my people outside of the 32 had to go to another movie house, but most waited for the next showing.

Watching Oprah and Iyanla tonight…. triggered these thoughts. Hmmmm :0

I needed this 🙂

I’m staying in MY OWN LANE…


Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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