Virgo Women/BLOG

  One of my popular post here in my blog is the one I posted on VIRGO MEN. But I wanted to do something on VIRGO WOMEN and just so happens… I’m one MYSELF. I’m going to give you a BALANCED post by sharing in each paragraph the beautiful and the ugly about us VIRGOS.Continue reading “Virgo Women/BLOG”

Women Let’s Come To A Place/BLOG

((( My friends TC, Kema & MG))) I’m always thinking about the relationships between women, and how we can communication without being offended all of the time. I use to be a person of constant confusion. Always the one arguing and debating with someone out of the group. When I debated I went hard, nonContinue reading “Women Let’s Come To A Place/BLOG”

My Virgo Sister @demimckinney RHOA/BLOG

First question? Why are we so nice? What is it about us that makes us care free, friendly and sweet? And I ask this question because people can see it on our faces. Most of us don’t have attitudes… we have to be pushed to that limit. Now, don’t get me wrong or mixed up.Continue reading “My Virgo Sister @demimckinney RHOA/BLOG”

21 Day- May Challenge ….. Oh Boy ( Blog )

Hey Yall!   On May 7, I started this  “May 21 day Challenge” with a group of women online. So far so good. I had to chose from a list of things what I can take away for 21 days. Mines is NO POP, NO COOKIES, NO CANDY, NO CHOCOLATE, NO ICE CREAM, NO FAST/FOODContinue reading “21 Day- May Challenge ….. Oh Boy ( Blog )”

Met Another Virgo……. From the Desk of Cree

If you’ve been following my blogs you’ll know my Town and Country was stolen the end of Feb from my apartment complex. I was very upset about this, but at the same time everything is in Gods control and there is nothing I can do about it. I’m okay. A few weeks after that, IContinue reading “Met Another Virgo……. From the Desk of Cree”

Crossing the line in Marriage~ From the desk of Cree

So, I’m sitting here watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Clearly reminding me of Why did I get married…… as Kenya is the one with NO HUSBAND, NO CHILDREN.. NO NOTHING… but trouble.     I’m having a hard time understanding why these other women can’t see the drama she’s bringing to the cast. MaybeContinue reading “Crossing the line in Marriage~ From the desk of Cree”

My Ramblings & 3 VIRGO You tube Sistas You must check out!!

Hey,     Today was a good day, got some writing done. There is so much I want to say. One thing I love about THIS VIRGO…. is the fact that I HAVE absolutely no one to IMPRESS in this world BUT GOD. I am so free to share my testimonies after they’re all saidContinue reading “My Ramblings & 3 VIRGO You tube Sistas You must check out!!”

Virgo Women Part 1…… Crees Blog Entry

Okay….so I’ve been watching my TOP POST… and it seems to be the Virgo Men topic. LOL There most be a lot of them out there, because when I tell you people have been reading them…. please BELIEVE! So…. I’m doing a VIRGO WOMAN. Yes, and since I’m a Virgo…. I have a lot toContinue reading “Virgo Women Part 1…… Crees Blog Entry”