My Ramblings & 3 VIRGO You tube Sistas You must check out!!

Today was a good day, got some writing done. There is so much I want to say. One thing I love about THIS VIRGO…. is the fact that I HAVE absolutely no one to IMPRESS in this world BUT GOD. I am so free to share my testimonies after they’re all said and done. There is not one person who I would keep from knowing my truth for the simple fact of “caring what they say”. I’m so done with that mentality. I know so many people who wouldn’t dare share their testimony for the sake of feeling they’ll be the person being JUDGED. Because they do a lot of JUDGING. There is no one on this earth who directs my path. Dang, that took me a long time to come to that conclusion. I feel so bad for people who are LOCKED into their own TRUTH.
I know people who will stick to the same story for dear life, but refuse to share a “current” situation to help someone else… knowingly and unknowingly. I know people who have testimonies so deep, these are women with SO MUCH WISDOM…. but they’re so afraid of what others will think of them. They want people to believe that the life they last knew them to live….. still exist. Its okay if it doesn’t. Things change, people change.
Don’t get me wrong… I’m NEVER the woman to sit up and empty my head out to ANYONE. I could be talking to you on the phone, and be packing clothes to fly to New York for a week, and I wouldn’t even share it. You’ll be saying ” I talked to you that night, why didn’t you tell me that”? I’m more of a person who will share a life lesson of mines, than something I consider….nothing.
Anyway… You all know I LOVE LOVE LOVE my you tube videos. Here are 3 women who I love watching . I don’t know them personally, but I did ask them in inbox…. WHAT IS YOUR SIGN, BECAUSE YOU REMIND ME OF MEEEEEEEEE? LOL Guess what all 3 of these ladies said? IM A VIRGO!!!! LOL LOL Just like me!!! I watch their channel faithfully. They have great topics, cooking, nails, trips, married tips, hair, lashes, home remodels, they have personal testimonies all the time. So, I’m going to share. Some of the language may be sensitive, but don’t get the MESSAGES TWISTED!!! Okkkkkkkkk



Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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