Met Another Virgo……. From the Desk of Cree

hulk 2
If you’ve been following my blogs you’ll know my Town and Country was stolen the end of Feb from my apartment complex. I was very upset about this, but at the same time everything is in Gods control and there is nothing I can do about it. I’m okay.

A few weeks after that, I was looking into the parking lot from my window, when I noticed that the 24 hour security guy had the gate opened. Every time someone has to come through the gate, he has to push the button to let them in. Well, I was heated that it was open. I want that gate to be closed at all times. To go outside to your car and its not there is a terrible feeling, and I don’t wish that on anyone. So, I marched down stairs like I was the POLICE and asked him why did he have that gate open? He said “I have it open sometimes because its not a lot of traffic at night and I’m facing them anyway. I said … SO WHATS YOUR PUPOSE OF EVEN BEING HERE THEN? I said … my van was stolen on this shift and I feel that it should be closed and when someone pull up then you open it. I guess he saw that I was mad. LOL He was blunt and truthful too. He said.. if they wanted to steal a car in here, all they have to do is what they did to you. Come in through the gate, one on the passenger side and one driver. Pull up to the car and hop in it. He said all I can do is call the Police . I was so irritated when he said that… but he was telling the truth. I went up to my apartment and was on FIRE.

Through the night I had time to think about it , he was right. That’s what made me question myself and ask…. was I mad at what he said, or how to the point he said it? I guess my answer would be…. to the point. So, the next day as I was leaving the building, I wanted to make friends with him, because I was wrong, and he knew I was 15 seconds away from turning into the Incredible Hulk in that lobby. LOL This is how I approached him. I said… Wasn’t I mad at you last night and you still didn’t close the gate”? He laughed!!! HE said yes… all I was doing was telling you that if they wanted to steal a car they’ll get it anyway. He said I’m right here watching the gate and cameras, and still all I could physically do is call the Police. Once he started talking, and I listened…. I knew it was something about him that reminded me of MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.. I asked him…. when is your birthday? He said Sep 6. I knew it.. I knew it.. He’s a VIRGO just like me. He said yess, people get mad because I’ll tell the truth. I couldn’t do anything but laugh. Now he’s my boy. LOL

Yesterday I call my self chatting with him for a few minutes before I went to my apartment, even though I had groceries in my hands. Whew Chile…. he can GO!!! Baaaaaby I thought my ice cream was never going to make it to the freezer. LOL It never fails… whenever I meet a MALE VIRGO.. we always get into it. Never fails. Then once we start to talking and understanding each other …. we find out that were so much alike.

I still think the MEN are crazy… the women are SWEET LOL

Be Blessed

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Crossing the line in Marriage~ From the desk of Cree

So, I’m sitting here watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Clearly reminding me of Why did I get married…… as Kenya is the one with NO HUSBAND, NO CHILDREN.. NO NOTHING… but trouble.
I’m having a hard time understanding why these other women can’t see the drama she’s bringing to the cast. Maybe its in their contract to have to sit there and be apart of something that only makes them look like weak women. Oh well… couldn’t be ME!
I’ve never been married. But I be darn, if I see my husband talking to someone who I clearly warned … that if you have any issues or conversations for ME or my HUSBAND… I need to always be present and apart of it. Now keep in mind this is not a random… this is because of an incident that happened in the past. My Question: Why is that so hard to understand? This is why when you’re speaking, you need to be CLEAR of what you’re saying ESPECIALLY when dealing with WOMEN…. it doesn’t need to be a 15 minute conversation…. only 3-5. To me either Apollo is either slow, or have a hard time understanding “lines you don’t cross” in a marriage.
After the relationship with my daughters father… I promised I would NEVER be insecure with my man.And I stayed true to my word. I realized I LOOK GOOD TOO. And, I sure don’t want a MAN who’s insecure either. If I ever had to be…. I would leave… one thing about LACREASE WALKER…. I have no problems leaving a friendship or relationship once I see its not working. NONE.. A BLESSING I TRULY HAVE. #GIFTOFGOODBYE. Let me say this…. I will work on my marriage, talk, cry, go to counseling, meet up with other married couples for advice…. but I refuse for my SELF ESTEEM to go down. Hell to the neva naw! 
Some women are so full of drama.. I wish a woman/man WOULD disrespect our relationship/marriage. The part that made me mad about is Pheadra, she’s so “sophisticated ” but maybe she didn’t want to really get down with him, because she was filming, but she should have made him come to the room with her to talk that out. I wouldn’t be able to sleep, or discuss anything else until we talked. I’m not going to beat around the bush, we’re not going to talk in front of company, we’re not going to use curse words to get our point across, we’re not going to raise our voices, and before we go to sleep…. we should have made up. All that next day, talking in codes, making him kiss her as*… I wouldn’t play all that. She’s keeping it build up inside and its causing resentment.. I can see it on her face. That will make a man step out too. Nope.. it aint right… but it happens.
Single women… like Kenya always have THE MOST TO SAY about people who are married. She doesn’t have a clue to mother hood or being a wife. Its so disrespectful to see her so deep into their business. I, do NOT play that at all. I wish a woman WOULD get in me and my husbands business.
First of all, the type of woman I am, I WILL NEVER make you feel as if you can comment on my relationship. And let me make this clear…. I say I don’t play that not because IM JUST SO GONE AND HEAD OVER HEELS OVER HIM… but its because that’s crossing the line. And when someone cross the line on MY BUSINESS with MY HUSBAND…. a beep goes off in my head.. meaning you’re IN MY LANE..I’ll give you that look, and you’ll have so many seconds to vacate the premises. From there… JUST HAVE GOD ON SPEED DIAL…. cause that’s what its going to take to get me to calm down.
Now let me say this….. both of my Sisters are married. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE , LOVE their husbands. They’re the best brother n laws any sister could have. The type of RELATIONSHIP me and my Sisters have…is this…… I don’t get in their business. My sisters don’t call me, text me, inbox me, or tell me the problems they’re having. FIRST OF ALL … I DON’T CARE… IT’S NOT MY BUSINESS. AND ITS NOT MY LANE. I love that, because when we’re all together, I feel good and comfortable around them. So, when they ask for my opinion about something in the relationship.. THEY ALWAYS VALUE IT. ALWAYS.. ALWAYS! They know I love them all, I don’t take sides JUST BECAUSE THEY’RE MY SISTERS. I tell them to truth, I use words to get to the point, and its not a 2 hour conversation. The truth is always to the point. This is why an authentic woman like me will always stand out.
So, I say all of that to say…..learn to stay in your lane when it comes to a Marriage. If God Blesses me with a Husband…..God, Communication, along with understanding, faithfulness, and keeping people out of our BUSINESS will be our guide….. THIS IS ONE AREA IN MY LIFE… I DO NOT PLAY!
Be Blessed!
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

My Ramblings & 3 VIRGO You tube Sistas You must check out!!

Today was a good day, got some writing done. There is so much I want to say. One thing I love about THIS VIRGO…. is the fact that I HAVE absolutely no one to IMPRESS in this world BUT GOD. I am so free to share my testimonies after they’re all said and done. There is not one person who I would keep from knowing my truth for the simple fact of “caring what they say”. I’m so done with that mentality. I know so many people who wouldn’t dare share their testimony for the sake of feeling they’ll be the person being JUDGED. Because they do a lot of JUDGING. There is no one on this earth who directs my path. Dang, that took me a long time to come to that conclusion. I feel so bad for people who are LOCKED into their own TRUTH.
I know people who will stick to the same story for dear life, but refuse to share a “current” situation to help someone else… knowingly and unknowingly. I know people who have testimonies so deep, these are women with SO MUCH WISDOM…. but they’re so afraid of what others will think of them. They want people to believe that the life they last knew them to live….. still exist. Its okay if it doesn’t. Things change, people change.
Don’t get me wrong… I’m NEVER the woman to sit up and empty my head out to ANYONE. I could be talking to you on the phone, and be packing clothes to fly to New York for a week, and I wouldn’t even share it. You’ll be saying ” I talked to you that night, why didn’t you tell me that”? I’m more of a person who will share a life lesson of mines, than something I consider….nothing.
Anyway… You all know I LOVE LOVE LOVE my you tube videos. Here are 3 women who I love watching . I don’t know them personally, but I did ask them in inbox…. WHAT IS YOUR SIGN, BECAUSE YOU REMIND ME OF MEEEEEEEEE? LOL Guess what all 3 of these ladies said? IM A VIRGO!!!! LOL LOL Just like me!!! I watch their channel faithfully. They have great topics, cooking, nails, trips, married tips, hair, lashes, home remodels, they have personal testimonies all the time. So, I’m going to share. Some of the language may be sensitive, but don’t get the MESSAGES TWISTED!!! Okkkkkkkkk



Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

My Sister Peedie Crees Blog Entry

I guess I’m in a writing mood tonight. Its cold outside… no school, no work. I’m about to bake me some Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookies after writing this and chill out!!! LOL I’m feeling REAL good right about now.
Even though my circle is small…. I know a lot of people. There was a time that if you didn’t agree with what I’m saying….then I figured why should WE be friends? I would speak to you when I saw you… but I had no intentions on dealing with you again. I’m so glad GOD got on me about that. That’s terrible to be that way just because somebody don’t agree with you. I want to share this story.
My family LOVES banana pudding. My momma makes it from scratch… She has her double boiler and she gets down. She uses Nabisco Wafers. and pretty yellow ripe bananas. My brother likes it, but not as much as me and my 2 sisters. So this is what she * my mom* does now. She’ll make a BIG GLASS BOWL for the grand kids, my daddy and who ever is over. Then she’ll make MY own bowl, MY SISTER YOLANDA own bowl, and MY SISTER PEEDIE own bowl of banana pudding. My sisters don’t too much care for the bananas, but I LOVE THEM. SO, mines would have them, and they would just have the cookies in theirs.
I noticed years ago, that when my baby sister Peedie come over to my house she would always want to leave with something of mines. I say to myself.. “why does she always ask me could she have something that she see on my dresser, in the refrigerator, or on my desk. I WOULD GET SO MAD AT HER… because I didn’t understand. This gurl has everything she ever needs. But it was just something about my stuff. So, one day I asked God why does she do that. At one point when I knew she was coming over, I would hide the stuff that I KNEW SHE WOULD ASK FOR. LOL
God said to me… remember when she was a little gurl she would beg your mother to get YOUR WHOPPINGS for you? I said yeaaa.. we always talk about that. He explained to me how much Peedie loves me. How much she admires me, and how much she listens to my advice. He said you have more of effect on her than you realize. He said don’t say nothing just pay attention to when she come over, and how she listens to you. Pay attention to how she always want your stuff…. just to be apart of it, and not to completely take it away from you. I said wow…. just thinking about certain situations made me think. I never thought about it like that.
A few weeks ago.. my mom told us that she was making dinner and for all of us to be there around 4 on this one Sunday. Like she always does…. she made US ALL OUR OWN separate banana pudding bowls to take home…. mines with bananas and wafers, my sisters with just wafers. And also one HUGE GLASS BOWL for the others. We all were sitting at the table talking and laughing. My Sister Peedie got up opened the refrigerator and got her bowl out, she took a spoon got a few taste and put it back. Then she got the glass bowl out and made her a tiny tester portion. I laughed in my mind. She sat down first thing she asked me was… did I want some of hers. LOL I ate a little bit. Still thinking about what God told me… I laughed in my mind.
Then after a hour or 2, she got back up and went to get HER personal bowl out, she got a few spoon fulls then closed it back up. I said to my momma… now watch she OPEN MY BOWL and dig her spoon in mines. We sat and watched her.. it was so funny. God was right. So, as she was putting it back…… I said “Peedie,.. now my momma made us all our separate bowls of pudding…. why you digging in mines”? She started cracking up. She said you know I gotta always taste and go in your stuff. I said but PLEASE HELP ME TO UNDERSTAND…. she said its something about YOUR STUFF. I LAUGHED WE all LAUGHED. She said… plus yours have bananas in it…. mine don’t. I said guuuuuuuuurl… the big bowl have bananas in it… you still want mines. We cracked up laughing.
The point in this is… UNDERSTANDING. Even if we don’t agree or understand why people do what they do, or act a certain way…. ITS OKAY.. Its not a bad thing, ask God for understanding of why they do the things they do. I promise, you will look at that person in a whole different light. I love my sister…. she loves me. I understand her now. Its NOT the STUFF that she wants… its the fact that it belongs to ME.
peedie my baby
Please watch this VIDEO…. to get a visual picture of UNDERSTANDING. #understanding

Be Blessed
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Virgo Women Part 1…… Crees Blog Entry

cresterOkay….so I’ve been watching my TOP POST… and it seems to be the Virgo Men topic. LOL There most be a lot of them out there, because when I tell you people have been reading them…. please BELIEVE!

So…. I’m doing a VIRGO WOMAN. Yes, and since I’m a Virgo…. I have a lot to say. *smiling*


I was born September 3, 1967. Not only am I a Virgo. But I RAISED a Virgo daughter… and her birthday is also Sept 3. Virgos are VERY SECRETIVE. We share a lot ….. but what we keep to ourselves OTHERS would consider a SECRET. I use to love reading as a child… and as a result before my daughter was even born… I went out and bought so many books it was crazy. When she was able to read…. she read them ALL. Other kids wanted toys at her young age…. she wanted books. She told me in her life.. she has read over 300 of them.
Virgos also love to write. We are very visual people. We see it in our minds.. and then its down on paper. When people are telling us a story about something that has happened…. we are visioning it as the story is being told….and in our minds if something is out of place *in our mental picture* we will stop you in the middle of the story, so that you can fill in the gap…. then you can continue. VIRGOS ask a lot of questions. Its because we want to know the truth. We are natural born listeners, and story tellers, and in order for something to make sense to us… we ask questions. Many people look at us as being “noisy” but that’s not true at all. We look at it like this… if we’re going to SPEND our time *minutes* on listening to YOUR story…. then we want to understand it. You cant just “breeze” through a story with us… while having our full attention. We don’t waste minutes on a conversation that we can’t ask questions too. Because in our minds….. we could be doing something else.

Virgo Women knows a lot of people. Our personality attracts many. A young virgo woman is always trying to find her way. As she gets older, wisdom sets in and she can spot a snake in the grass. She pays attention to everything. She may not say a word.. but in her mind she has arrived at her own conclusion. People always wants to know…”what does she think”? That’s the thing about us…… we wont share everything.. but we will give you enough.

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

“OWN IT”……… Crees Blog Entry

nell, neisha brittneyI’m always teaching my kids in school to just walk into a room and OWN it.

I wish that I could “crack” the code on why some kids and ADULTS feel as if they have to walk into a room and make grand entrances with their loud talking, music in their ears *students* loud Hellos, talking across the room, that type of attention has always got on my nerves. I just believe that a woman should walk into a room and all eyes on her without even having to say ONE word. I believe that when she walks in…. The Spirit of God will walk in first and present her. Her smile will light up a room, her fragrance of Peace will greet everyone. I love when I first enter the room at work, where we meet and talk, and at the same time ……they say ” HEY SUNSHINE”. NONE of them call me LaCrease. They gave me that name when I first started, they say I bring sunlight into the job. What an honor. Lord is my witness if they knew me back in the day… they would say…. “Here SHE come with her face all turned up”. Thank God for growth.

There’s this student name Daja… she happens to be a Virgo. Last year when she was in the 9th grade ….she HATED ME… she even told me. LOL IKR? LOL I didn’t care I wanted her to get what I was telling her about herself. Its funny because it seemed as if she wasn’t listening, but this year she’s a totally different person. She calls me Auntie now. The point I’m making is… first when she walked into a room, she use to walk in hollering, talking loud, cursing, letting everybody know she HAS ARRIVED. Now… she comes in and she laughs with her friends and its normal, she speaks to the adults, she smiles and its always beautiful and peaceful. Her face glows, and she goes to her table and sits down. She gets it that she doesn’t have to holler and scream across the room subliminally letting it be known that she has entered the room. I told her BOSSES walks into a room and don’t have to say a word. I gave her this example….. I said when Dr. King (Principal) walks in… does he have to say ” Quiet everybody, I’m standing here”! No he doesn’t. When he walks into ANY room, the room gets instantly quiet, and then he speaks. She got that and I’m so happy for her future.

I love getting them one on one…. that way I make our conversations PRIVATE and PERSONAL. When I try to tell them something when they’re with their friends, they know I’m talking, but they don’t seem to want to comprehend what I’m saying because its “embarrassing”…. I guess they feel that I’m singling them out. I get that….. I was a kid before. This is why one on one is good for them.

Yesterday I was sitting alone, and one of my students walked past and I had always wanted to talk to her one on one. I called her over and asked her to sit down. Its funny because you can always see the “anxiousness* in their eyes as far as what I could possibly want. LOL I said Tiffany… you know how some gurls are “cute” and “pretty”? I said well you fall in the “BEAUTIFUL” category. I said I see how all the boys like you, and talk dirty to you. I said but let me say this to you. I said you may not get it right now, you may not understand it…. I said but just keep it in your “MENTAL FILE” in your head. She said okay and she listened closely. I said boys and men are going to chase you for the rest of your life because you are beautiful… I said whatever you do…. don’t give in to them. Don’t be the talk of the town, don’t let them have their way with you. Don’t let them misuse your body. I said save yourself for marriage. I said anytime a boy/man want your body so badly that they chase you the way you do…… AT SOME POINT BOO… YOU HAVE TO ASK YOURSELF…. WHAT DO I HAVE SO GREAT? I said to her KNOW YOUR WORTH. Its your body and your LIFE.

Be Blessed

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Putting away childish things…DONE WITH YOU… Crees’ Blog Entry

CUT YOU OFFHeyyyy Everybody!!! I see the numbers on my blog entries are jumping off the hook! Well, I’m happy someone is reading, I just hope that you get something out of it. A lot of times when someone is having a moment or is going through something, once you read it, you can truly relate. I know I do. This is why I LOVE to read and LOVE to write.

I’ve been doing so, so, so good with my ANGER ISSUES… I guess its not as bad as I thought. When I feel myself getting upset, I’m make sure that I’m conscience of what I’m feeling, my thoughts, and what comes out of my mouth. I’m 46 years old, there comes a time when you put away childish things. I realize that I have the POWER to allow GOD to help me to control the atmosphere. When I open my heart to him, he helps me to come all the way down….. and I like that. I’m sorry I do NOT want to have ANGER stories for the rest of my life. Because if I’m having those issues often…. that’s WHO I AM. #idontthankso

So… my friend who had the fire in his apartment told me what happened. He was waiting on the time to pass so that he could go and visit his daughter for her first week back to school, he lit a cigarette and fell asleep with it in his hand. He woke up with his lap on fire. He suffered burns but was treated and released. He’s no longer living in the building. We had even began to be friends again. We talked on the phone for several nights straight… and if you know me.. I HATE talking on the phone ((( in person I can sit for hours)))… he knows this and expects for me to talk to him every night. I JUST CANT DO THAT…. I DON’T CARE WHO YOU ARE… and when I skipped a few nights and only text him…. *just as before* he stopped answering my calls. YESSSSSSSSSSSS SEE YA…. GOOD RIDDENS… I cant deal with a MAN who is so needy and has to talk everyday. I’M NOT A NEEDY WOMAN. So I deleted his number tonight.. AND IM DONE WITH HIM.. OUTTA HERE VIRGO SIR.

I had so much to say earlier, but its gotten late, and when I start itching and moving too much….. its BEDTIME LOL Good Night!

Be Blessed

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

My Virgo Friend…Anger Issues…Keeping it moving….. Cree’s Blog Entry

IMG_1328I’m feeling so much better after we had that 94 degree weather, then the next day in the 60’s. I knew it would catch me. I was sweating leaving work * no air in the schools here* and when I got outside the breeze was feeling good. The next day I was sick. I’ve been coughing so much my RIB CAGE IS SORE!!!! OOO chile. LOL Anyway… I’m fine.

I finally got a chance to talk to my VIRGO friend who caught our apartment building on fire Friday. He came to gather up some things from his apartment. Yesterday was his birthday. He had just got out of the hospital. He had burns on his neck that was visible, his hands were burnt and not sure where else. We plan to talk tonight. He was moving his things out, not sure if he’s coming back. Sometimes I feel that I should have helped him out. OOO Lawd, we use to debate about any and every ole thang. I think he liked to make up with me… I dunno. But any way, he was soooooooooooooo happy to see me when the elevator opened and it was my face he saw. He had a flat bed full of his things that were falling all over the place. People were waiting to get on the elevator, saw him struggling and wouldn’t lift a finger, until he said.. yall wanna get on, and I wanna get out, HELP ME SOMEBODY. LOL LOL LOL That’s a true Virgo…. we’re something else. They all started grabbing things to help him out. I was laughing … (((in my mind))) He said it in a nice way, it was kinda funny. He’s an only child and you can tell that he’s had assistance all of his life….his mom. Mommas Boy ((((( in my Lynn Whitfield voice from A Thin Line Between Love and Hate)))) LOL I’ll get the full story when I talk to him.

As you all know I’m working on my ANGER ISSUES… As I was watching Basketball Wives Tami called over a Life Coach to help her identify with her issues of why she doesn’t like when people put their fingers in her face. When she say.. she will pop you… please believe it. But when she learned that it comes from childhood issues….. it really amazed her. She said that her mother use to do it to her… which told me “she felt some kinda way” about it. I wonder in which way did her mom use it. It had to be in a way that made her not able to defend herself… and now that she’s grown.. she’s not dealing with the hand thing. Which takes me back to my issues of people who manipulate, bullying, talking any kind of way to others. Whewww just makes my FOREHEAD HOT. Takes me back to my dad on that. Speaking of my dad, he hasn’t talked to me in over a month. How you not talk to your daughter/child in over a month? Im so use to it… doesn’t even move me any more. Everyone in the family get along, we never ever fall out or get into it. NEVER EVER… But my dad has done so much manipulating to my mom and us when we were growing up, his guilt has caught up with him in his own mind. We are so over it… we love him, and has moved on from the past. He loves POWER… so to make himself feel as if he “still has it”…. and he knows how we all feel about being a family, having disagreements and KEEPING IT MOVING…. this is how he tends to hold on to it. My daughter told him TONIGHT… if he doesn’t call me before 9pm she is not talking to him for a month((( she was just playing.. but he doesn’t know it)))… Oh he wont be able to take that. Its funny how he LOVES the grand kids * the baby being 17* but he doesn’t get along with his kids. Now if we were low down kids, we would tell our kids NOT TO TALK TO HIM… but were not like that. Who wants their kids not to talk to their granddad? What grand kid enjoys their granddad not talking to their mom? Anyway….. to be honest I have enjoyed this month away from him… because after a week or 2, he’ll find something else to nick pick sabotaging that. SMH

Since living alone….. I see so much I have dealt with concerning people, even friends, that I’m not dealing with the mess anymore. Stuff that I ignored or didn’t care about….. has really caught up with me to see. People I shouldn’t have NEVER met. People I wish I didn’t have any memory of… yeah that bad. But my brother wired me up real good, and it won’t happen again.. TRUST THAT!!!

Be Blessed

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Virgo Men

msvirgocreefameHmmm just something I found interesting. I met a Virgo in my parking lot last week. I dated a Virgo man in the past, and he was weird. We always argued, and he always showered me with gifts.. .THEN WANTED THEM BACK. I’ve met several Virgo men lately, and I need to understand why they all seem to be alike. This is the best piece yet I found on line by someone name Lisa… on a VIRGO MAN.

Virgo Men

I have to say, out of all the signs in the zodiac this one is the most perplexing in a relationship. Virgo men are incredibly critical when it comes to themselves and that will spill over to their ,relationships. I have never met, nor read for a Virgo male that was happy in their current state. Living for the moment is NOT their strong suit and their minds are so hyper analytical they create more problems for themselves and their lovers than solutions.

A Virgo male is what I like to call “fire and ice”. When they have an interest in a woman they believe in courting her. They may not have even spoken to her yet, but through his observations he has “summed up” just whom he thinks she is. He has created little scenario’s in his mind, and he’s begun to write a script of the relationship that hasn’t even started yet. He will woo her, be attentive, listen intently to all she says, taking notes and remembering fine details of all she says. He is a gentleman in every sense of the word. This man will make you feel as though you are not only the only woman in the room but the only woman on the planet as well. He’s known for luxury, comfort and fine things. He will open car doors, pull out your chair, order for you, and even gingerly feed her ice cream. He will call the next day, send texts wishing you a “good morning”, and he will be highly romantic. He sounds like dream come true. But remember, everyone has a shadow side and this man’s shadow side is the complete opposite. Remember, I stated he has an analytical mind and he will over analyze and blow up even the tiniest of things.

Once the courtship is solidified and the relationship cemented and this man feels secure that you belong to him he begins to unravel it. He will dissect every aspect of the relationship, not so much to pick YOU apart, but because of his own critical nature of the self he tends to find fault with a great deal. He idealizes so many things, and you are NOT sticking to the script he wrote of your love affair that he tends to manipulate it so it follows said script. He will stop with compliments and now he will give “helpful suggestions” which sound a lot like demands and dissection of your entire character. He can be brutal with this and it can and will be wounding. Mostly it’s wounding because before you could do no wrong, you were perfect, and now he’s finding fault with everything.

The more you try to please this man, the more you will fail. He likes independent, yet domestic women. He loves sensuality, but not overtly sexual women. He loves a great sense of humor, but never at his expense. You must be intelligent, self sufficient and someone who is strong, yet he wants to be needed. He’s a walking, talking contradicition. This is a man who wants it all, and he will refuse to settle for less. This is why most Virgo men tend to marry very late in life, or not at all.

Once you begin the tragic circle of jumping through hoops to mold, shift and change for him, he will lose a great deal of respect for you. He may become enraged when you stand ground, but I will tell you he will respect you for it. You never want to lose the respect of Virgo, for once you do, you lose their attention.

CONTROL should be a the middle name of a Virgo male. And many times in an effort to control aspects of their own lives they, in turn, attempt to control aspects of yours, though they don’t see it this way. It’s their life, you happen to be part of it, therefore you are subjected to their insatiable need for such control. That is how they view it. When you express your desires, needs, and wants, they will fulfill them only if it fits into what they want for their own lives. They appear to be very black and white thinkers, but I will tell you that under the surface you will never find another sun sign that worries, stresses or fears the worst than a Virgo male. Their minds are constantly working on a problem, but their actions in fixing said problem in a relationship are limited, and if they can get YOU TO CHANGE instead of changing themselves they will always choose that option. They don’t see what they are doing most of the time and how they have the ability to truly damage their lovers self esteem.

Virgo men are loyal, despite the bad reputation they may have earned. These men crave attention but the attention they crave is one that they are successful, helpful, respected, etc. It’s not really of a shallow nature, though their vanity does tend to get in their way, and Virgo men embrace aging much like a fading movie star sitting in a botox chair…the fight it every step of the way. But in relationships, they may give you the illusion he has other options, and he may, but he is highly selective and may be venturing into more of an emotional or mental affair more so than a physical one. They don’t bed a bevvy of women for instant gratification, there has to be more to it than sex for a virgo male.

They are also creatures of habit. I find them to be very predictable and ending relationships is not their strong suit. They tend to do so in a cut and dry manner, they shut down, withdraw and silence. They won’t return your calls, nor your texts, but they won’t tell you to “get lost” either. They tend to hold onto the past as they may regret their decision and want to revisit it. They are notorious for having explosive break ups, turning a tiny disagreement into a full blown brawl. They walk out, fall silent but make no mistake they are so sure of your love for them they will wait by that phone for the apology they feel they so richly deserve (even if they started the battle). As time goes by and you are not calling they become even more angry, bitter and resentful. But, and this is a big but, they are also known to reappear without warning, and attempting to discuss the issue long after you’ve moved on and forgotten about it. This causes many women bewilderment and they cannot figure out what the game plan is here. Is he trying to reconcile? Did he miss me? What’s he doing? What he’s doing is seeking validation that you are still waiting for him, and if you give him that, you will be placed back up on that shelf to collect dust only to be taken down and played with whenever he needs to feel secure again. It’s a horrible catch 22.

What keeps a woman going back to a virgo man is when he’s good he’s amazing. But when he’s bad he’s the most heartbreaking of men. He can make you feel alive, desired and wanted beyond measure, then with icy silence cut you off and make you feel utterly disposable. I wish I could tell you he wasn’t aware he’s doing this, but he’s well aware of it, and he’s so caught up in his own emotions, wants, needs and desires that yours aren’t even on his mind.

The best way to deal with a Virgo male in a love relationship is to be honest, up front and stand for your beliefs. If he insults or wounds you try to remove emotion from it and speak matter of factly. Emotions don’t hold a lot of weight and he’ll see you as out of control. Be very direct and state your case. If he tries to engage in battle walk away! Don’t engage. It won’t be pretty because this man will pull out all the ammo in an effort to win this battle. He’ll bring up your drunken mother, you’re cheating ex, and how you need dental work. There is nothing off limits when this man wants to attack. Fight the urge to retort. If he starts to get nasty, walk away and tell him you’ll discuss it when he’s not being so immature. A Virgo male hates to feel in inferior and when YOU are the more rational one he will stop his antics. If you insult him back not only will it get worse, but you will pay for it for weeks, perhaps months. They are like elephants, they never forget.

Secondly, don’t give this man ultimatums. He doesn’t respond to them, and if forced to move faster than he’s comfortable with he will retreat and leave you behind wondering WTF?

Remember, he is an earth sign. He does not move fast with anything. This man is cautious, meticulous, a perfectionist, a bit OCD, high worrier, and critical. He takes great time and care doing every task from buying a home, marriage proposal to making a sandwich. It can be maddening especially if you’re a fire sign and move quickly and follow your intuition. This man questions himself constantly so he won’t move in haste. He is always looking for a better option, and he’s frugal. He loves fine things, and may blow 10K on a gadget that is of quality rather than settle for something cheaper to do the trick. He’s a hard worker, but he has spouts of it. He’ll work non stop for 3 months without a break, then crash from exhaustion and hibernate cutting off everything and everyone to recharge. He doesn’t give a warning, he just retreats, again leaving you wondering if you did something wrong. Only to reappear without excuse, apology or explanation.

The best way to get along well with a Virgo male is to allow him the space he needs to do what he needs to do. Only lend advice when it’s asked for (he doesn’t take advice well). Stay true to your desires, for if you work your life around this man you will forever be doing so. Set boundaries with him. If he crosses a line with you, tell him blankly, and stick to it. He will challenge your boundaries. Be authentic. He won’t appreciate a dishonest, phoney person. The best advice I can give is know who you are, know what you want, what you stand for and what you will NOT tolerate, because if you go into a relationship with a Virgo male and you are seeking validation and/or expecting him to make you a secure person you will end up worse off than you were before.

Blessings, Lisa