Thank you!


     Thank you! Thank you for making me different from everyone in the world. Thank you for making us all different in all areas. Thank you for hand picking the best brother and 2 sisters any one could have. Thank you for the best parents in the world.

I want to say Than you for the skies in which I look at daily. How beautiful they are. For all the times when I just wanted to give up and leave this world. Then here you come (smile) and bring a reason for me to be here another day. Thank you Lord for being so unselfish with the child you gave me 19 years ago. I promised you Lord that I would take care of her to the best of my ability.

 I said to you that if you gave me a gurl she would grow up to know you. I didnt know then that I should\’nt have said what I\’d do if you gave me a gurl, but Im so thankful that you knew that I didnt know any better.  She is in college, she wants to be a Lawyer. She is so focused and loving her classes. I am so proud of her Lord. And just today I was telling you thanks, and that what ever you call her to be, Im glad its  your will. I have raised her to treat eveyone nice, even if they dont treat you the same. I even told her that if she finds her self not being treated well to forgive them and exit them out of your life. There\’s no need to stay in that realtionship especially when it could cause you to sin somewhere soon down the line.

Lord thank you for having a roof over my head, a car in the drive way, and a job to go to in the morning. I see all the things that you do for me, and I so appreciate it very much. Thank you Lord.

Lord, I know you are so dissatisfied for the lack of focus I have shown. I didnt  realize that you must have goals in order to move on to the next step. And you know I can believe that too, because when I set out to do something, I always end up doing it.

Foe example: Next year in July 06 I am planning to go to ATL for a whole week. I am so focus on going to meet the Ladies of Pearls-of-Wisdom that its funny. So with saying all of that. I have set a goal to be wearing a pair of black jeans that I havent been in for over 3 years. So Lord I now know.

Lord, I love you very much. I cant wait to see you and kiss you and hug you. I am just excited to know that I have a choice to do right. Even though I dont always choose the right path, you are always there for me, and you always send people in my path to show me that I was wrong. I love that about you, becuase it seems as through you are always paying me some attention.

People often ask: How do you know when God is speaking to you? You will know his voice if you spend time with him. Just like a kid who is calling their mother in the grocery store. She will anwer \”HUH\” in a instant  heartbneat because she knows her child\’s voice. There can be 25 women in the store, but that one woman knows the sound of her own child. Thats because she has spent time with him/her. Children also will know their mothers voice the same as if she was calling them in the store. So when a person spends time with God, when he speaks to them……………..they know his voice.

Lord, in closing. I want to say that I love you. I have so many subjects to write about, and your love never stops. I Thank you.


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