Met a Woman today

Thank you Lord for another day.
Got up this morning took Neisha to school, came home watched a little of Superman, and dosed off. Woke up to some Tim Horton\’s glazed donuts, and hot chocolate. Dosed back off, phone kept ringing, bills collector\’s calling like they know me personally. Instead of them saying \’Hello my I speak to Lacreasea Walker,\” they say \”Hello Lacreasea\’!  With an exclamation mark, not with a question.
So me, being the sarcastic \”wanna be lawyer\” I am~ says there are 4 Lacreasea Walker\’s that live here, which one do you want to speak too? Them they laugh a little cause they know its funny. and reply well let me speak to the one born in 1967, and I say well………………..\”She aint here\”~~click! (rofl)
They work my nerves! I\’ll tell ya, they need to get somewhere and sat down!!
Well, after I picked my gurl Neis up, we went to get our brows done. We love to get them hot waxed. I hate the tweezers them baby\’s hurt. We got them done, I stopped at the store to get her a snack, went home got on the computer for a minute and then started thinking about how Hungary I was.
I decided that I wanted some Young\’s Bar-beque. Yeah the oldest barbecue house in Detroit. Known for the best sauce in the city. I pulled up and there was a black lady standing in the parking lot waiting for me to get out of the car. I got out and approached her before she could even get to asking me questions. \”Ma\’am do you have any money to spare so that I can get me something to eat\’? I said ma\’am do you believe in God? Yes, she said I believe that Jesus died on the Cross and  for my sins. She told me that she goes to the Church just acrossed the street, and that she was living in a hotel, her clothes were okay, her white coat was clean. She said she had been taking advantage of by men. I told her I said you belong to God he is rich, it is not his will for you to be living like this. I said you need to ask him for some riches to get yourself together. She told me that jealousy, envy is one of the causes of her being in the situation that she is in. She was a Supervisor before, and things started going downhill from there. She admitted to being on drugs before, and was wearing a \”hospital like\” band around her arm.
She said I got up this morning and did my hair. You can tell she was a nice looking lady that had somehow lost her way. She looked across the street at the Church and said I don\’t always agree with the Church says, cause they always got their hand out. And at that point it remind me of just that situation I was in when I made the decision to talk to her.
I don\’t know what she did with the money I gave her to eat with. I really dont know. I cant watch her every move to see where it went. Just as with the Church when I give my money. But like I told her you can\’t worry about that, you have to pray and leave that to God. All you do is your part. Although I didn\’t tell her this, but if I worried about what she did with that money I gave her, because I felt that she was going to do drugs with it, then I shouldn\’t be given her a dime. But that\’s not on me, or up to me. I did my part in giving her money to \”eat.\” What ever she do with it is solely up to her. The same as with the Church, You go and you get your spiritual food or blessing out of it, the rest you leave to God.
Pearls of Wisdom

One Reply to “Met a Woman today”

  1. hahahaha I argue with people all the time as well…lol….they constantly talk about what the preacher drives or the clothes he wears, im like don’t worry about that! ur doing ur tithes thats it…leave the rest to G0D…its not like He needs the money n e way He just wants to make sure we r doing our part! thats it! our part…lol….u said a mouthful gyrl!

    i have so many things im going to blog on and tithing being one of em. i give money to people bcuz if i have it, i give it…ok, im a sukker, i am…if i was beggin id want someone to help me out…do unto others as….u know know the rest…i live by it! so hey if i got the dollar or the 50 cents…lawd dont let em have a child! my heart goes out…but u know what i am trying to “help” if they do something else, thats on them…they will answer 4 that. People dont realize how deep judgements really go and how much it Hinders!

    Leave it TO HIM!!!!


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