ATl. Tyler Perry. Tithes, True friends

Hello blog! haha I like that name….blog.
Well today was a goodday. My sister came home from her week cruise with her husband and our God sisters Vikki and Tammy and Vikki’s boyfriend Mark. They are going back next year and is taking the kids with them. I cant go this time of year because my job is so demanding at Christmas time. Its cool tho. But I am going to ATL July 17-24 2006. I hope to meet Tyler Perry while Im there. Gloria and her family is having a family reunion that month and I plan to go there if time permits. I need to start booking my flight when I get my income tax return in January. If I go head and get that over with, then the rest will be a peace of cake. I will only have to  worry about the hotel room we are staying in, car fare, and spending money. So this year I am going to really see how responsible I am with money. I can spend money just like that, it dont make no sense how careless I am with money.
Starting with my first check in Jan, I am going to start tithing. When I do a budget with my bills I am going to include my tithes in that too. For example if my check is $602.00 I am going to count in $60.00 tithes, $50.00 for my phone bill and $200.00 for rent. I am going to included my tithes as a number one bill. God wants to bless me so bad I can feel it, but he wont do nothing with me when I am not doing right and I know better. No way!
I think that I am going to join weight watchers the beginning of the year. I am not doing right. I think a supposrt system would help me out . I need friends who are trying to lose weight like me. I dont want talk to friends, or people who want to go and eat. I need to have people in my life who are mainly focused on losing weight. I am praying that I will do it, instead of just writing about it.
Summer of 2006, I dont plan on being this size. I just dont Im sorry. I am going ATL to meet the ladies of Pearls of Wisdom and I want to be looking good. Plus what if I get a chance to meet Tyler Perry. Even if I dont be the size I want to be, at least I will be feeling good at the accomplishments. You feel me?
I talked to my gurl Lori, and Gloria today for a long time. I have been neglecting my friends, people who really love me and should have been done with me because I dont call them at all, or the way that I should. I am going to the movies with Gloria on Sunday and I am going to meet Lori for dinner after Church on Sunday also. So lets see how things work out.
I am about to lay off those pops. Today was my last day drinking them babies. they blow me up so bad. I am soooooo through with them. I am going back to how it was before. I am going to pick the weekends only when I  can have a pop. Its going to be once a week. It is so not good for me. I feel terriable when I drink pops, my stomach feels so funny. So if you are reading. please pray for me.
Well, Im going to close for now, be good pray and know that God loves you.
Lacrease J. Walker

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