What would you do?

I have a question for you!

You are in the drive thru of a resturant. You are in the car behind the car that is already at the window waiting on their order.

There is a car behind you, a woman who is alone. But slightly around the bend of the drive thru you notice there are two men in that car.

 Next thing you know one of the men thats in the car with the other guy, gets out , comes up to YOUR  window which is the drivers side of the car, sticks a shotgun up to your head and say……..give me the money &#$@#*!!!!!!.

What would you do?

Stay tuned! This story aint hardly over



13 Replies to “What would you do?”

  1. Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do… My first mind is saying give him the whole purse w/o hesitation & Then I’m thinking, while he’s waiting on me to grab the purse I could just step on the gas & push the car in front of me with my car, But if it’s a main busy street— that would be horrible to have someone else hit or killed because, I was trying to escape being shot to death myself… Then I was thinking blow my horn to cause some commotion & try to press power to get the windows up while trying to drive around the car in front of me, which is taking the risk to get shot because if you step on the gas the gun could go off. (All of those are just thoughts that went through my mind reading this) It’s a scary thing to think about. I don’t know what the heck I’d do… Normally, I do not go to suicide drive-thrus (The ones w/o an extra lane beside it so you can get out of the line if you want to.) And— Normally, I would leave enough room between the car in front of me to go around it if I had to, I never put it in park so if in the event I need to dart out of line & bust up, I can. And I always have my money in hand so I don’t have to look down & get caught off guard… & Always being very observant when I’m in a drive-thru.

    I just don’t know what I’d do Cre…


  2. Start praying immediately and handing over the money. I think if I try to drive off, he might shoot and I don’t want to irritate him in any way. It’s more likely he’ll just take the money and jet anyway. But then, when he see all I got is probably $5, no telling what he might do. But I still believe I wouldn’t put up any fuss, I’d just had it over and pray all the while. Hmmm, can’t wait to hear what you say next.


  3. Hand over the money immediateley…money can and will be replaced…you only get one life….the younger generation especially don’t place value on life they will kill you in a minute….the phenomenon of home invasions is the same thing. Most of these type of crimes aren’t random as believed they’re done by word of mouth. In other words by people that know someone has large sums of money. Live to fight another day give up the money!


  4. I would immediately hand over the money. I have been robbed at gunpoint before and it was a very scary situation. The best thing to do is to give them the money because people these days will kill you for resisting and dying over some money is not worth it. I would rather say Thank God I am Alive then have it said that I died fighting with a robber over some money.



  5. AS A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER, UNDERSTAND THIS THE C.A.R., M.O.N.E.Y. AND BELONGINGS CAN ALLLLLLLL… BE REPLACED…. YOUR LIFE CAN NOT.. SO DO THE DAMN THING AND Live for a better day your family and friends will thankyou for it.. P.S. Police Officer ( Phat Daddy ) will thank you too… holla at ur Phat Daddy gurl…. 1


  6. Yall are soooooooo funny. Mannnn I love yall. Coco Lady J where yall at?

    Thanks for stopping by. Read the final story.



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