Common Sense? or God\’s Voice?


Common Sense? or God\’s Voice?
When I was younger, my mother use to say common sense would tell you to zip up your coat when you leave out of the door into the cold.!She use to use that petty much when we werent thinking properly. But as I got older, and moved away, I wondered was that common sense or God\’s voice?
Today in my life , whenever I leave out of the house to go to work, or anywhere. I hear that voice in my head~ La\’Crease dont forget to take that picture to work that you promised your co-worker to see. Ok I say to the voice, I\’ll get it in a mintue. Do it now the voice says, so that you wont forget it. No, I wont forget it. I can clearly hear myself answering back. Then I hear it again, La\’Crease dont forget to put your money in your pants pocket, so that you will have money for work.  Okay, in a minute, Im just typing up this last sentence, the voice says~  do it right now while you are thinking about it, Naw, I wont forget, its just right there on the dresser,  Okay the voice says.
Oh La\’Crease dont forget to put your favorite CD\’s next to your car keys, so that when you see and pick up the keys, you wont forget them. Naw, I wont forget them, I\’ll just grab them on the way out of this room. But you might forget them the voice says~No I wont, they are my favorite, I cant forget them. La\’Crease, take your gum out of the bag, before you forget and throw it out. Naw, I won\’t forget I want it too bad.
You know? Its something about that voice.
Many times when I got to where I was going, I did forget, and the first that comes to my mind is that voice~ I told you to get them. How much longer will I ignor this voice, that seems to be trying to help me out.
Why does this voice show up when it seems like  I aint thinking straight? Doesnt it seems funny that this voice helps me when  I\’m not  thinking about those things I was forgetting to get? How does this \”voice\” know that I need to grab those things, when me in my normal mind would easily walk out of the house and forget? Does this voice have eyes, and see me? I mean who told this voice that I need to do these things any way, when I in my \”normal mind\” dont feel I need too. But I always  finds out that voice is helping me.
I dont know about anyone else, but
 I hear this voice everytime Im leaving out for work,  everytime Im trying to calm down in a disagreement,
 I hear it before I am making decisions,
I hear it when Im about to say or do something not right.
 I hear it when Im alone,
 I hear it when I feel something not right in my spirit.
I hear it telling me to make sure all the doors are locked at night, just before I go to bed.
 I hear it telling me to make sure the hot grease on the stove is turned off from just cooking,
I hear it when it tell me to double check and make sure, my appointment is at 3 instead of 2.
I hear it telling me to keep right when something else is telling me to go left.
I hear it when Im talking to much, and it says shut~up.
Im learning to \”Just do it\” its simple as that. It feels good to hear the voice, say okay to myself  Im going to do it right now, and  then do it. Its so much better than putting it off, and not doing it at all.
So my question to you is………………….
Have you heard this voice ?
If so, dont ever again say you dont know God\’s voice.
Is it common sense or God?
I say…………….its God!
Written by: La\’Crease J. Walker

3 Replies to “Common Sense? or God\’s Voice?”

  1. I like this
    I have that lil voice that tells me to calm down before finding out why my son wouldnt listen to his teacher, or when I trying to find something it steps in again and says retrace your step before yelling at your husband I bet you find it. I really hear it when I say ok Im goingto read my bible verse in the moring im to tired tonight it always gets a little louder and says tomorrow is never promised. or Just lastweek when I thought about going home to springfield IL for springbreak, it told me why dont you wait til summer break to go, They had a two tonados last monday and the place I would have been staying at was destroyed. so for me I agree with you, YES it is GOD talking to us we just sometimes dont listen. I send you blessings LadySingleton


  2. Heyyyyyy Lady singleton!
    God Bless you too gurl.
    I post that because I hear a lot of people saying that they don’t know when God is speaking, or they don’t know how to hear him. But its that little voice telling you this, go do that, thats God. Thats his voice. Its not mines, nor is it the next door neighbor you know?? lol

    So I tell people if you start listening to that voice and start obeying it you will be able to hear from him often and thats a great feeling!

    Thank you
    Your sis


    I luv this! lol I agree! someone told me that their mother-in-law told them once when ur mind tells u to do it, DO IT THEN, becuz u will surely 4Get! lol and I took that advice! And it has definitely STUKK with me! I agree however it is His voice….

    I don’t know about u, but He talks to me thru many different ways as well, thru songs, thru strangers….lol, it always makes me smile when I get that much needed confirmation from some clueless messenger of His…in His everpresent Wisdom! o He is Fantabulous!!!!! We are so blessed Sis!

    Always keep ur Ears OPEN 4 Him! He is making himself known ALL the TIME!

    Stay Blessed!


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