Tests, Tests, Tests

  I just wanted to stop in tonight to share this with you all.  Its really deep and serious, it has me sitting up here really really thinking.
Today on my way to work while I was at the light about to enter the freeway, I heard God say Lacrease I need you to pray right now as if this is your last day. So by me being shocked at what I heard, I said God you for real?( we talk like that) So I started thinking danggggggggg am I about to die? So I hear him again, say Lacrease pray right now as if it was your last day. I knew it was for real. I said Lord, forgive me for all my sins, every last one,. I want to see you and live forever, thanks for me having the best family in the world. I started praying like crazy saying everything I could think of before this light changed.
The light changed and I got on the freeway.
Im riding and riding, when all of a sudden I see  red brake lights,  before I could even break down , the truck in front of me make a quick dash to the right lane leaving me to see just how close I was to death. I too had to swerve over to keep from hitting the car, that was in front of the truck, from the back. I hit the breaks soooooo hard, that I got an instant headache that lasted for over 5 hours. My head was hurting so bad at work, that I was going to go home. And I neverrrrrrrrrrrr get sick, have headache’s or anything. I Thank God that there wasn’t a car to the right of me, because I HAD to get over, there was nooooo way I could have hit that car from the back and lived. I got to work in a daze, my day was good though.
Then………. I get to work today and see Melissa, a lady who is about to get married. Before I left for my leave she told me that she was pregnant. Even though I got back last week,  I didn’t see her until today. I wanted to ask her how was she doing with the pregnancy and all. But I heard God say Lacrease don’t ask her, wait until you see Rose and then ask her. Rose is her fiance’s mother, she is my coworker. So IM like okay. Then I see Melissa again. but she dont see me. So I start looking for Rose and realized that she didn’t work today. Guess you know later on………Melissa walks pass my register, and I say hey Melissa how are you doing. She smiles and say Im doing fine. Then I say how’s the baby. She said you didn’t know? Im like what? Then I knew before she opened her mouth. She says I lost the baby, didn’t you hear? Then she says oh no that’s right you were on leave. I wanted to disappear. God told me not to say anything to her. He told me ASK ROSE. Just because I didn’t see Rose today. does not mean dont wait until tomorrow. I was being disobedient, and I feel so bad. Melissa is okay, its just the fact that I should have listened to God.
Tests tests tests. Will I ever get a passing grade?

Stock Photo of a College Examination Blue Book
Good night
God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say “thank you”?~~William A. Ward

6 Replies to “Tests, Tests, Tests”

  1. Thank God you listened at the light Crease! I will admit I dont listen all the time I am so hard head sometime! GOD please change me! Keep the lesson about the baby in mind because when we fail a test we get tested again because I know you know this already but we cant move to the next level until we pass the one we are on. It’s ok Cre we learn and thats whats so good about GOD cause he dont hold it against us.


  2. Thank you for telling me this again. I need to hear it over and over and over again. Cause I really beat myself up last night. His voice was so loud and clear its like somebody was in the car with me. You are so right about the next level, and as bad as I want to see the next level, its hard getting off this one. You are so right, so right, God does not hold it against us. You know what it told me too Lady J? That sometimes we have so much “junk” and “mess” on our minds that we cant even hear him half the time. and Im the ring leader. But thats okay Lady J, gurl all of us are going to get this thing right, cause we got to meet each other one day. I want God to say Lacrease, Lady J, Coco Blkmirror, Godz child,. THERES MORE I CANT THINK NOW, Yonnie, alllllllll my yahoo sisters, I want yall to meet each other. lolll We are going to get there, believe it. WE JUST HAVE TO KEEP LIFTING EACH OTHER UP. THANKS FOR BEING HERE FOR ME. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH .



  3. Yeah, I told you girl… the other day I felt like I was being told to say “I love You” to you… We’ve been friends for almost 3yrs now… met online, been out of town together, talked on the phone for hours, chat whewwwwwwww will chat til’ 6 in da’ mornin’ 6 in da’ mornin’ (Smile)

    Like I told you via email/chat… the Lord loves the work you’re doing and all you need to do is keep doing it. Don’t get discouraged. No, you’re not perfect but you’re perfect in certain areas… If you don’t smoke… you’re perfect in that… If you don’t do drugs you’re perfect in that & et cetera ~ et cetera ~ et cetera!

    Keep doing what the Lord asks you to do… You’re pleasing him so he’s lookin’ out 4 U. (Smile)

    He knows I’m working on my selfishness & I want you here on earth with me.


    ~ T

    *I wub U, widdle baby…*


  4. my sweet God lacrease….. i got chillssssssss
    listen sweety always listen to him and never be disobediant never ever why?
    2 nights before i got admittied to the hospital this april 11th i was in pain i mean my leg was killing me i was in bed already crying and i heard him say to me get on your knees and pray and im saying uhmmm i cant im in pain he said again get on your knees and pray even in your pain!!!!
    i was okayyyyyyyy you dont have to tell me 3 times ill do it even with that swollen leg of mines then april 11 came i was diagnosed with dvt deep vein thrombosis in the right leg and pe wich is pulmonary embolism a blood clot to the leg and lung. i think about if i was disobediant and not praying would i have been here? the power of prayer is deep so what ever he ask i will do. lacrease i love you sweety you just keep shining as you do you have some seriouse blessings on the way!!
    love wind


  5. Being obedient is very vital!!! I get put to the test all the time when I tell myself that I am not gonna do a certain thing or act a certain way. The Lord always has a way to test me and I fail everytime…I guess temptation really does suck when you gotta know something or when you gotta have something…Listen next time my dear.


  6. My co-worker always prays for patience and she get’s test everytime and she can’t seem to keep her smart ass mouth closed….I always tell her don’t pray for it just do because when you pray for it God will put you too the test.


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