Home Dreaming 2…BATHROOMS/BLOG

I’ve always enjoyed looking at beautiful homes. I feel that…..when a woman has a beautiful home, she must have a beautiful Spirit to compliment it. When a man comes home to his wife.. he should always walk into TOTAL PEACE. 

Large bathroom in beige and browns with corner tub and adjacent glass shower

Luxury bathroom with mood lighting and enclosed soaker tub room with window and massage table

Large luxury bathroom with glass tile shower, marble-enclosed tub and access to walk-in closet

Contemporary bathroom with sky mural ceiling, earth tone color scheme and separate shower room

Large bright custom bathroom design with tub in the center of the space and built-in vanities and cabinets on each side of the tub

Small, but well laid out modern bathroom with single basin, tub and shower. One end of tub includes built-in shelving with back-lighting providing tub area ambient lighting

Tub tucked in with bay windows opposite glass shower with dark wood vanity and counter in between

Bathroom in luxury home with bathtub nook and extensive custom dark wood cabinetry

Luxury bathroom with large tub in center in between two built-in dark wood vanities

Triangle shaped bathroom with extensive marble, glass-shower and separate tub


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