It\’s not about you…….all the time!

Its  not about you!


      There was a time in my life, when I thought it was all about me……Lacrease. The bad and good things.  I felt that everything was personal. It took me a long time to see, and I slip sometimes and make it about me, but Im quickly reminded that is not. If we learn to take me out of the situation, we will begin to see things in a different light.


Im going to be honest about myself. Sometimes I feel good about it but most times I don\’t. Its how Im able to express myself. In those times I can hear God telling me to \”be quiet\”. In those quiet times I can see things so differently. I learn about myself. I learn about others. I can relate.



Its not about you if: You made dinner for family and friends and someone says \”I dont like this\”. Its ok. Its not about you ( your cooking) its that their taste buds don\’t agree with your selection. Its ok, dont make it a personal issue, ITS NOT ABOUT YOU BOO.


It\’s not about you if: You and your sister plan to go to dinner to be together and catch up. But before you leave out the door to pick her up, some one upsets you. its not about you to be so upset that you call your sister and cancel the date. Its so not about you because someone else is involved……..your sister. Have you thought, just by going, it will most likely cheer you up?


It\’s not about you……..ALL THE TIME


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