My last goodbyes to my friend ……..Gerald Levert!




 Gerald said that I was his #1 Gurl!


Hello Family!


Thanks to everyone who sent me love and hugs through email……..Lacrease sure did need them. Thanks sooooooo much!


This morning in Church I was thinking back on how good God is, how he will make a way out of no way. How he does things in his time…..not ours. As I was thinking back on his goodness. I thought about how he answered a prayer for me, and how when things turned out the way they did, I couldnt understand it for the life of me…….why. Now I understand so clearly.


I was working when this lady came through my line buying a Gerald Levert CD. And the first thing out of my mouth was \”youre buying my husbands CD\”? We both laughed,  she told me how much she loved her some Gerald Levert. We stood there talking for a long long long time. We started talking about the concert that was coming up. I told her that I couldnt find anyone to go with me, so I went out and bought me a ticket to go solo, AND GOD BLESSED ME  TO SIT IN THE FRONT ROW. She said omg I bought tickets too, my sisters are going with me. We exchanged phone numbers and decided to all go together.


I met her at the concert, met her sisters and everything. We started getting cool, talking about Gerald all the time on the phone, then she would come shopping at Walmart and come through my line. We would talk about his  play Casino that was coming up. Then one day I was sitting in my car getting ready to go in to work, when a commerical came on to win tickets to a private party dinner party for him. He was giving out autographs, photos everything with him in a SECRET LOCATION. The only way to go to this private party was to win tickets!!!! I sat in my car thinking that I had to be at this party, but it was THE VERY NEXT DAY, and I was headed in to work.


Later that evening, Pat came in and she said gurlllllllllllllllllll did you hear the private party that Gerald is having? I was like yessssssssss, she said Crease Im going home and Im calling the radio station and we are going to see Gerald. I told her to go head and get started and when I get home we can do it together. That night I got home, it was late, we hooked up, we both called the radio station trying to be the 8th caller. Can you imagine a 38 year old and a 40 something women calling the radio station trying to win tickets? We couldnt get through, it was in the last hour. I was ready to give up! Pat called me about later 12 ish screaming in the phone, hollerring LACREASE WERE GOING TO SEE GERALD LEVERT, WERE GOING TO SEE GERALD LEVERT! Im like Pat quit lying, are you serious? She was like yesssssssssssssss Lacrease we are going, she said gurl I cant breathe, gurl hold on a min, it was sooooooooooooo funny. So once I finally believe her, it came on the radio and I knew she was telling the truth. She  kept screaming LACREASE WE ARE GOING TO SEE GERALD LEVERTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!


Then I started thinking. I said Pat what are your sisters going to say about me going with you and you only have 2 tickets? She said Lacrease they love Gerald but not like we do. I started getting worried that when she call them and tell them, they would want to go. She said Lacrease, dont worry you are going, they only go to concerts with me so that I wont be alone. I kept saying Pat you sure, cause gurl Im geeked. She called her sisters on the 3way and they were like Lacrease yall go and have a good time, we dont want to go, we are just glad that she found someone who love Gerald that way she does. I was happy. I COULDNT STOP THANKING HER!


We made plans for the next day, and we were on our way! The location was the most elegant hotel in our city. It was very private about 75-100 guest. Your name had to be on the list, and we were in the HOUSE!


That night was truly one of the best nights of my life. After the private party, me Gerald, Pat and his SO COOL ONE AND ONLY…………….. bodyguard BIG Joe( in the white shirt) went into the bar in the lobby and had a drink. I dont drink but woooooooooooo they ordered me some 1800 and I was not good! OKKKKKKKK lollll Gerald was like you okay???? lol I said boo I dont drink. We took more photos, talked, and they went to their rooms, and we left. I had a great time.


So I say all of that to say. It was meant me for to meet and hang out with him last year. I still thank God because it was for me to meet Pat and be her guest to the private party. That has helped me a lot, knowing I will never see him again. And see I always loved Gerald since I was 19, but I never seen us together like that. You know how fans want to be the wife? I looked at him as a person who was cool, and good to hang out with, and we did just that. Pat could have chosen one of her sisters, but she chose me and I thankful.


Ok enough about my boo. So this lady that you see in this photo is my gurl Pat!


God Bless




Check out the way he is looking at me! Ahhhhhhh, that smile!
 His dad and best friend Eddie Levert is sitting beside him!
This was taken last year, at a record shop.
Pat and Gerald Levert at his private party 2005!

Gerald and two of his fans!

Lacrease and Gerald ( not my favorite photo of us) We look like a old couple that\’s been married for umteen years!

Big Joe and Lacrease. Gerald\’s one and only bodyguard! He does not PLAY!


7 Replies to “My last goodbyes to my friend ……..Gerald Levert!”

  1. (((Crease))) I know it’s hard for you because it’s been hard for me to read these blogs of yours the past couple of days. I’m glad you got to meet him and I’m glad I’m “meeting” him through you!

    Now…since he was your husband, that leaves Tyler for me, right? *ducking*


  2. I am a Gerald Levert Fan. I’ve always loved his music and have been listen to the O’Jays as well as Levert and LSG for many years. To have the opportunity you had last year was ment to be. I do believe that things happen for a reason. You met him for a purpose. I know your meeting him impacted your life in a profound way. You impacted his life in a profound way also. It must have been a pleasure to meet him and I am very glad you had the opportunity. His passing is a big loss for the music industry as well as the african-american community. He will be missed tremendiously. Take care and God bless.


  3. Very nice blog. I love the photos. I love me some Gerald Levert too and I couldn’t believe that he died when I read it on one of my friend’s blast. I had the pleasure of seeing him, the O’Jays and his group Levert in concert a few years back in Tennessee. I would have loved to meet him up close in person. That was a wonderful blessing for you and your friend to be able to attend his private party. I hope you are doing better. Have a blessed day.


  4. (**BIGHUG**)
    How are you doing cre.I do know this is hard for you, you really loved you some Gerald (ur hubby) and you to do look so good together.
    My prayers are with you love such a sad lost..
    I have always loved his music and the OJays. He will be dearly missed..You know I’m Here for you if you need me…anytime


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