Whats going on family? I really miss you guys when I dont post. I know I need to work on this, and as soon as I do get out 2 or 3 entry’s. I disappear again. I have got to get back on track. And stay there! LOL

These last few weeks I have really learned a lot about people and the way that they think. Im learning everyday, you can’t make people be a certain way, and sho not act a certain way either. People doing and being who they are. And you know what? I aint even mad……….. no more. Yep, I use to get mad at people when they dont see things my way. I would diss dey a** in a heartbeat. But you know what? People are going to be themselves, its just about time, Lacrease realize that God didnt make 2 of her. lol

I’m a person who dont like gossip or drama. I cant stand it. I cant stand drama Kings nor Queens. I have no tollerance for them at ALL. I can see them coming a mile away, and I will zip my lips in a heart beat. Others dont see it. Sometimes I feel as if Im the only one who can see some bull jumping off. And here I have to wait on God to show them what he showed me 10 weeks ago, AND THE WAIT KILLS ME!!!!!!!!

Then when I dont have no comment or nothing to say, its like dang Lacrease why you aint saying nothing?

Its about to be a new year, and all VIRUSES will be removed! Today I purchased my anti-virus soft ware, and Im cleaning house on ALL  people who are invected! I have teens to minister too, and there is no way I can deal with others and their drama, when I have work to do from God. That mess intercepts my blessings.  AND YOU’S A LIE!

So with all of this said: Here is a video to prove the seriousness of this entry! Please watch it to the end!







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