Kids dont come with instructions 2

My daughter is now 20 and she can tell me about a few times I had companylate night. Sometimes I look back at my life and ask myself…………how could you be so stupid????????

As I get older, I realize that it was for me to learn. I had to go through it. Maybe I can help other parents from making the same mistakes I made.

I use to think that when it was time for my daughter to go to bed, it was time for COMPANY! Not thinking or caring that she may be woke or even worry about me when she lays down. She tells me that she use to worry about me when I had company, and that she couldnt go to sleep unless my company was gone. Wow. I didnt even know she was woke half the time. If you were a mother , who didnt introduce your child to the man unless you really like then, then you were like me had company when your child went to bed. Im here to tell you mom and dad, your child is listening. But while they are too embarresed to mention to you NOW while they are young, OH they will one day, and one day soon. My daugher reminds me all the time.

Another thing kids watch us do. They watch how we treat others. When we would walk by homeless people asking for money. I would always give them something. I try not to worry about what they are going to do with it, but I try to use wisdom on who to give too. So as she became a teenager she started giving them money whenever she sees them. One day we were at Walgreens and she was walking with me, and all of a sudden she walks up to a man, and give him some money. And I was like WOW!!!!!! She did it on her own. That comes from years of watching me do it, without complaing, without dissing their situation, without calling them names, but having compassion for them. Yall can never imagine the feeling that I had when I see her do this.

Days before Christmas, an ex coworker had fell on hard times and needed some money. We had never spoken on the phone before, but she called me just before Chirstmas and told me that she needed $100.00. I told her that I had $50.00 to give her and that she didnt have to pay it back. When I got off the phone, my daughter say ma who is that? I said my co worker , she said whats wrong she need some money? So I said yes. She said lets go to the bank and I will withdraw $50.00 to put with $50.00 and lets take it to her. Out the mouths of babes. My BABY SAID THAT!!!!!!!!!!!

We took her the money, and of course she was thinking it was going to be
$50.00 and it was $100.00! See as your child grows up, they watch you, they see and hear everyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyything you do, and when they get old enough to make decisons, YOU WILL BEGIN TO SEE EVERYTHING YOU TRAIN THEM TO BE.

If you are reading this. Remember your child is watching everything you say and do. Be mindful of everything when you are around them.

Do good deeds, go the the homeless shelter and feed the homeless, bring home amd care for a stray dog. ( it just may bring joy into your home)

Take a certain day off for just you and your kids. None of your gurls/boys, no male/female friends, no family members, just you and your children!!!

Play some music and dance with them. They will remember that for ever! Kids love silly stuff like that.

Plan one day for MCDONALD\’S! KIDS LOVE McDonald\’s. Me and Neisha use to do this all the time……………and still go once a week!!! Yep still do!

And finally. Come up with a TV show that you like and they like. and make sure you watch it with them EVERYWEEK!!!!!!!!!! Dont break it. Promise to watch it every week with them.

Im out for now. But remember KIDS WATCH EVERYTHING YOU DO!



3 thoughts on “Kids dont come with instructions 2

  1. This was a good blog. I know how u felt about the company time I did that too. Unfortunately I got caught too and I regreted it ever since. My daughter remembers too and it hurts that she does but I promised never to do taht again and I never had. Since she’s 18 I don’t do the spend time together as much but we do watch tv together and share books and music together. Since she’s in college now and working too our time together has been few and far between but I think I’m going to work on that on weekends.
    Thanks for sharing.


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