* I loved him* (Day 4)

I met him…….UGh…. hated him. Years later we met again. There was something different about this time. I became his gurlfriend.  We fell in Love. When I say he loved me… I MEANT….. HE LOVED ME. 

He went to jail….. got out, went to jail ……got out, went to jail,…. got out. I…. couldn’t take it anymore. I broke  up with him. Years later………. he got married, he went to jail again. Came home. I was on his mind, couldn’t take myself through it again. He loved his wife…..but he still missed me. He came to my house and told me that I was the reason why he was depressed, told me had I stayed with him and stuck it out, he wouldn’t be “in this mess”. Told me all what he was feeling……….was MY FAULT.

 Shortly…..He shot himself in the head………. and died.


Thank God… I don’t look like what I’ve been through.

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