Grown Folks Thursday

Hello 360!

A few weeks this guy was in line waiting to be rung up, so when his turn came, he hands me his money, and says…….. Lacrease, I want you! So I looked up at him, smiled, and was like O OK. He read my name tag, and said that he had been checking me out. He was nice looking , but his approached threw me off. He asked me for his number and I gave it to him. I wanted to talk to him, see what is going on in his head.

He calls me, we talk. When I asked him why he was so quiet and secretive when he was in my line. he said that he use to talk to someone who I work with.


So, I\’m like OK.

He told me that he was at work on his last break, and that he works from 5 in the morning until 1 in the afternoon. So I\’m like okayyyyyyy. So what do you do after that? He says well I go home and go to bed. I said, so do you have a gurlfriend? And he says yes. But let me run down my life to you Lacrease. So I\’m like OK ( oh boy here we go). He says. I have a gurlfriend, and we live together. I work from 5 am to 1 pm. My curfew is 11 o clock. Why I ask him. Because that\’s what we agreed too. So he says, I want you, and I\’m laying down everything for you in the beginning, so there wont be any misunderstandings. Now me, I holding the phone like…………he got me sooooooooooo messed up……………….and its okay, because he don\’t know me.


He goes into how he can come over and we could start seeing each other, and I\’m holding the phone like, keep on talking because this is your last conversation.

Today, I comes out of the lady\’s room, and there he was going into the men\’s room. He was looking nice and all. And it was my time to talk to him face to face. I cant stand talking on the phone all the time, because you cant really look at the person in the eye, and feel the body language like you can in person.

I said look, you have a gurlfriend. I\’m 39 years old and I want a man of my own. Then he says well, Lacrease I want you. I said what if I get into a friendship with you and you cant take it any further? He said well that\’s why I\’m telling you all about me ahead of time. So that told me that he has no plans on leaving his gurlfriend, and that he wanted me to be his \”friend\” on the side.

When I talking to someone. I have steps that I go into that takes no more than 5 minutes. Its not a long conversation, it don\’t take up too much time. and this is how I laid it down to him.

I said to him:

A. I\’m single, your not

B. you want to have sex with me,

C. You cant stay over late to play games, or go to my family events.

D. We can\’t go for a late movie, because you have a curfew that\’s at 11.

E. You feel that if I ever become to attached, that you would have to REMIND me that YOU laid down the truth about yourself in the beginning.

So after telling him this. all he said was Lacrease you have a choice. I SAID I KNOW I DO! I don\’t want to see you. Then he stares at me and say Lacrease I gotta have you. CREEPY! ( like I ain\’t said nothing)

Ladies don\’t you wonder what it is about you that makes men feel that they can say and do anything to you? Men feel that if they tell you the truth in the beginning they have the same chance a man with no woman has. And its not true. If the man told the truth in the beginning. GOOD That\’s what he\’s suppose to do. But I also have the choice to accept or deny his ONE SIDED relationship/friendship.

All I have to say to him is: Maybe when I as 19. even 24, maybe 29, probably 31, heck sorta 33, but 39 NAW!

In the meantime…….I\’m single and loving The Lord!


3 Replies to “Grown Folks Thursday”

  1. **POP**


  2. Wow so that’s what guys r doing now? I remember back in the day I use to have that theory too but heck I learned u can get ur feelings hurt that way too. Dang so these r new player rules now as long as u know where I stand u won’t go over board with ur feelings? Wow he must think ur dense as hell? There’s no telling how many women he’s done that with and there’s no telling if there is a disease behind his foolishness. I hope the day he succeeds to another woman on the side that his woman/wife finds out and beats him down with everything she can take from him. Lawd they r getting stupider day by day………lol


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