A letter to a friend.

Today is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

This message is for my friend someone who is very special to me. You know who you are, so when you read this, please take it to heart.

I appreciate you coming into my life, I love the conversations we had, I love the fact that I am special to you, and I love the time you spent with me that crazy Sunday evening on line. But I\’m missing you now. Its been almost 2 months and I haven\’t heard anything from you. I know that you are very busy……….. Lord I know. But still drop me a e-mail to let me know that you are okay. Let me know that I am special to you.

You told me the day you left my life that you are going to be busy and to not think that it was anything I said. I understand that, I do, but dang, I didn\’t know that it was going to be this hard!!! Sometimes I wish that I wasn\’t so \”noisy\” as you say, but I don\’t like to be in the dark about anything. Ain\’t gon lie, sometimes I think its easier to believe that we should have never \”connected\”.( Spiritually Speaking.)

Do you ever wonder whats going on with me? What do you really think of me, only answer that in person, when I see your eyes for myself. (*wink*)

I\’m closing for now, but I hope that you\’re reading and that I will see/talk to you soon. And you know how soon I\’m talking……so get busy with my ticket! ROFL

I know you love this song, so here it is.



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