Entry for March 11, 2007

Hey Everybody!!

Thanks for all the notes. I love you all! I have been around, havent been writing at all, just doing some other things. How is everyone? I havent even been reading my folks blogs like I normally do, I will get to them this week for sure.

Anyone reading any good books ? I need to read a love story, sometimes I get in those moods and I want to be in the mix of the story. So if you are let a sista know. I went out and bought a lot of movies. But the last play I bought was Friends and Lovers with Leon, Monica Calhoun, that fione Mel Jackson, and this new gurl, who can act her but off Stacy Francis. Yall please please please if you didnt see it when it toured your city, please go to Walmart and get this play, it is off the hook!!!!! I havent told Tyler yet, that I cheated on him with another Playwright (JE\’CARYOUS JOHNSON).LOL But this play is good!

Just dropping in to say heyyyyyyy. And I will be in touch this week.

Love ya



4 thoughts on “Entry for March 11, 2007

  1. Welcome back, I changed my pic and profile name…. Anywhooo, a good book that I just finished reading is Baby Brother’s Blues by Pearl Cleage… Excellent Book!!!


  2. Hey Cre miss ya love thanks for the post be good girl you know I found Tyler Perry Studios here in Atlanta! I ll show you some pics thru email I cant post them online.


  3. Hey sis, like you I have been away also and sometimes we need those breaks in order to deal with other pressing issues. I haven’t read in love books lately, the last book I read was black girl lost, which was somewhat okay. I do however have that play Friends and Lovers. It was a good play. Now plays are my thing.. When you get the chance check out these plays if you have not already. His woman his wife with Malik Yoba, Lecresia Campbell, Lashanda Reese. Then there is the one called Ain’t no sunshine when he is home. With Sean Levert, Cuba Gooding, and Todd Bridges.. I am in the process of moving, but I have a lot of plays, so keep me up on them and I will do the same with you.. Did you see Madea, goes to jail yet? That was good..

    Much Love sis.


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