Why did I get married? …………PT6

I\’ve always said that in a relationship I can do away with a lot of things, but cheating is not one of them.

When you\’re married and have a family at home. A woman or man should never go outside of that marriage. It creates chaos and tension in the home. Being a single woman, I have seen the many effects that cheating in a relationship does. It tears down communication and trust. If the persons involved would take just a few seconds to create a mental picture of what it would be like to lose their family to cheating maybe it would stop them. To lose the home you work so hard for, the family you have, the loving wife who use to adore you, the husband who took you in his arms and told you over, and over how much he loved you would be a shame.

A lot of times people don\’t think about the consequences, they just act out on feelings. Its all cool to see old people that you use to kick it with, or people you had feelings for, but that should always remain in the past. They should never become a part of your present. This is your life, this is what you\’ve work so hard to get, don\’t lose it all just because you decided to step out of the marriage. Think about what you do, before you do it.

Look and follow this video closely, it just may save your marriage.

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