“I’m Gods gurl tough ……BUILT TO LAST”. Crees Blog

Thank you Lord for loving me, and sharing with me
the things I ask you to allow me to understand at this time. My mind runs deep,
and there is not a pen fast enough to catch all of this stuff. But there is one
thing I do know….and that’s my purpose for being here.
After leaving funeral services for a man I have
been knowing 32 plus years, it was clear to me that no more time is to be
wasted, what seemed important seem so minor to me. After listening to testimony
after testimony of how he touched so many lives, just made me sit and cry. My
momma kept looking over me, handling me tissue. But I wasn’t crying about his
death, because he had gave his life to God 2 years ago. He was the one who did
all the maintenance in the building ( his baby brothers Church), helping people,
giving the shirt off his back, he loved to cook, and had nicknames for
everybody. I remember being about 12 years old, I was messing with him as usual
and I made a mistake and ran * really ran* into his cigarette as he sat in the
car, with his arm out of the window. He felt bad about it too. I was so mad at
him, but I knew it was my fault playing too much. LOL As bad as I hated that
burn on my light skin at the time…. I’m happy that its there, to remind me of
Sometimes, I complain about how overwhelmed I am
about my projects, Sistergurls, Raisingurls, my family, friends, work. I
realized at the funeral that “I’m Gods gurl tough ……BUILT TO LAST”.  God has
shown me the influence I have over people, and situations. And I was afraid of
the Power. As I understand my gift, I’m learning to be consistent, which is
really hard for me, but I’m working on it, and its working out pretty well. Time
after time he has shown me, without saying a word how I have the power to move
mountains……and I believe it. That amazes me, there is so much more to do,
and I’m not afraid anymore. I would cry ( happy) right about now, but I
can’t…. I won’t the assignment is already in the book. It’s okay…. I
see….. I know.
My calendar is filled to the brim up until Oct,
and for some reason I’m NOT feeling any pressure. Habakkuk 2 says:
2 Then the LORD replied:
“Write down the revelation
and make it plain on tablets
That’s exactly what I did. I am learning that I cant shut myself
out from the world because I want to be left “alone”. Sometimes I feel that I’m
being pulled in all directions, and most is probably all in my head. LOL I’m
just going to look ahead and do what I have to do. I may seem as if I’m talking
in circles, but I’m not.  We are having dinner at The Motor City Casino $25.00
a plate, but its worth it. We can sit talk, laugh until the next day. Its
important that I meet with my Sistergurls every so often, we have so many issues
that goes on within our families, and if I can touch on them…. I will. I post
on Face book and so many people come to me and tell me how they look forward to
my post, and how they encourage them. This lady who use to work with me, stopped
me in Walmart last week, and asked for a hug and told me how she wakes up
everyday to read one of my stats. That really blessed me because I really didn’t
know people paid attention. This is what I’ve been talking about. There is no
more time to “make friends”, its time to get people to turn to God. I try to
live a life pleasing to God so that people can see it. This is why I have to be
careful of my circle of friends, what I say, what I do, because people watch me.
God is very tough on me on what I say and think….yall just don’t know. Very
tough. He gets down on me TOUGH… READ IT AGAIN ….TOUGH! LOL
My Raisingurls called me and as bad as I want to squeeze them in
this weekend, I can’t. So, tomorrow I’m going to call them and tell them that
we’ll meet next week at my place. I went on line and pulled out an application
for Subway, just so that they can learn how to fill out an application PROPERLY,
and then in the weeks to come, how to do a resume for a career job. These are
important things they should know. I have 2 gurls who are 16 and one 12. We will
have Bible study and that will be on The Tower of Babel. For those who know me,
I  LOVE TO ASK QUESTIONS….so I made up a 20 questionnaire to go over as a
group. LOL And boy can I come up with some questions. LOL

Well, I’m off to bed, how bout its 6:50 am….but I’m off today
so it’s gonna feel good sleeping. Be Blessed!

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