Cree\’s Ramblings!

Cree\’s Ramblings!
It\’s Wednesday morning and Im sitting here at the computer thinking………..ok La crease what\’s next in your life? Anything that I put my mind too, God always, I mean always make sure it comes to past for me. I don\’t even deserve some of the things I get. Maybe God looks at my heart. I mean well in everything, I really do, even if I make a fool out of myself at first, but I always know when I\’m wrong, and that I need to work on the situation so that it never happens again.
I\’m so happy for myself, I have been so nice to my customers, not snapping, or talking sarcastic. First of all I realized that I am a person who has a lot going on, things to do, I can\’t get caught up with people and their bad days. Im not bragging or trying to look good, but heck I can\’t even remember even having a bad day recently. So that is all the more reason for me to always, I mean always be nice and courteous.
I don\’t know if its something about me, my smile, its something tho. When I walk into any place, people always look at me like Im different or something, they are always helping me, and going out of their way for me. I went to look for me a braclet on this past Friday, and the ladies that work there was so freaking nice to me, they both came from around the counter and help me put on the bracelet. I had just got my nails done, and they were helping me like I was their daughter or somebody. I just felt so good. I went to the movies this weekend, the young gurl was so helpful to me. Goodness Lord, I know I don\’t deserve this, but Thank you. I\’m telling you this has made me a better person for when customers come through my line. When this job is up for me, when God releases me ( I\’m ready for something new) I\’m going to know for real , for real, where my help cometh from. Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord!!
This weekend, Im going to a wedding with my mom. Her ex coworker is getting married. She use to be a big big woman, but she had the surgery ( not sure which one), and she looks GOOOOOOOD! She came through my line and ask for my moms address. She sent her a invitation and my mother haven\’t seen her in years. I\’m so excited for Ms. Dorothy.
Quick mental ramblings.
got my nails done and messed them up getting in the car. UGH
my hair right now looks like cats been licking in the middle of it.
last night I was so sleepy, I went to sleep at the computer for 2 hours I woke up went to bed, and then slept till 2pm.
I miss Gerald Levert.
I left one of my WOW Gospel CD\’s in the rental yesterday, God kept telling me to check it, he kept saying Lacrease, check it, check it. I said God, I think I got them all. So tonight I was looking for it and remembered that kiki was sitting in the front with me, and was the DJ……………….sorry Lord.
I went over to my sisters house tonight, and we walked around her BIG OLD HUGE, WEDDING/RECEPTION SYTLE BEAUTIFUL BASEMENT for 30 minutes straight. I felt good!!!
I wonder what kinda cologne Tyler Perry wears.
Why did I walk today and then came home and ate 1000 Ritz peanut butter and jam crackers???
I need to return some of my friends phone calls……………that is not right to go to bed without doing so.
I\’m sleepy……….Good night!


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