My Why did I get Married ……….REVIEW!

I\’m touched by WDIGM because I can really relate to the part played by Janet ( Patty). Thinking about it makes me cry a little because after watching her I feel like I act like a \”Perfect Patty\”. Tyler, it\’s not a day that goes by that a friend calls me and need some advice and uplifting .I sit for hours and hours on my off days talking and praying for my friends. I don\’t think that you could even begin to comprehend to the degree in which I\’m talking about. I still have my mothers deep secrets buried inside me. LOL.. Patricia\’s part had me thinking about a lot of things. I have friends, hand picked by God at that ( the best) and no matter what if I call them to see how they are doing and to talk, it always up end in what\’s going on with them. Do I mind? Naw, not anymore, guess its not about me. Just like Patty I don\’t talk about what\’s going on with me all the time, I just negotiate with myself or talk it out with God. But I realize that I do need to talk, its just that I do all the listening all the time, I neglect myself. That\’s why I write a lot, that\’s why I think a lot, that\’s why I make a lot of good decisions because I am a good listener, and I learn from others.
I really enjoyed the scene where Angela, and your wife Dianne went up to see her at her job and wanted to talk. LOL That was so funny to me because my friends do the same thing!!!!!!! Just last night OMG, this guy that I know, he likes me, but he has a gurlfriend. He came through my line and started talking about his gurlfriend, and he went on and on and on, but it was cool, because I know that he needed someone to talk with. And like you said, you even forget Patricia was even Janet. For some reason I saw Lacrease. So now I see how I look to my friends when they need me to listen. I love how she broke down, her husband cried with her, and HE UNDERSTOOD, all he needed was for her to admit she was hurting and for once let go of \”Perfect Patti\”. Oh I cried, Oh goodness I cried. To be honest, she was my favorite character in the whole movie. Maybe its because she broke down, something I need to do……….you know? I just wish I had a friend like her. ( just learned something new about myself)
Maybe that\’s why I ask a lot of questions, because I\’m so use to talking to people and helping them get to the root of their issues. Its a mold that\’s hard to break. Oh and the exercises she gave…………..THAT IS SO LACREASE!! LOL
I see Angela in me a WHOLE LOT!!!!. I Just like to tell the truth, I don\’t have time for guessing, playing, negotiating, back and forth, bickering, I\’m straight to the point, lets move on to another topic………………kinda person! That\’s why I LOVED her part. She told it like it was, she didn\’t hold nothing back. I didn\’t like the way she talked to her husband. BUT IM GLAD YOU WROTE THAT, CAUSE A LOT OF WOMEN NEEDED TO SEE THEMSELVES ON THE SCREEN. YOU DID A GREAT JOB ON WRITING ALL OF HER LINES. Angela was so funny, I loved her part .I don\’t think that I would bust out my best friend in front of everybody…………..but then again hey, you never know the situation. If I ever see my best friend\’s husband out creeping on her. I would go to him and say this: (name) me and you WE COOL, but what you doing to my gurl……………… foul. If you don\’t go to her and tell her that you are out with someone by the end of the week…………I\’ll call her and tell her myself. Here\’s the deal……………… Im not going to sit here and watch you laugh, ha ha and he he~ing , and being a grinning mc milling all up in her face, cause your being fake. My spirit won\’t rest, my conversations wont be authentic, my facial features wont be the same, when I know that you are messing around on my gurl. Whew, lol I hope that I wont never see anything like this in my life. That\’s scary!!!
I loved Sheila\’s part. The strength she gathered…………………….was amazing. I loved how she didn\’t tell her friends where she was, AND THEY RESPECTED THAT (something I would do) but she called to check up on her friends, they loved her, and appreciated her. And when she showed up at Patricia\’s ceremony, she had a lot to talk about with her gurls, ( LOVED THAT PART), she cried with them (LOVED THAT PART), she shared the details of her wedding with her gurls ( LOVED THAT PART), she even had a few words, carefully chosen, confident, self assured words for her EXBESTFRIEND ( LOVED AND ADORED THAT PART).
Your wife Dianne OOOOOOOOOOO TYLER, you gave her a test out of this world. I had a feeling that you were playing about the baby, then you said twins, I thought that I was going to pass out in the movie. LOL When she said yes, I watched her facial expression and she seemed sincere, so when you told her that you were playing about the babies, I know IF I WAS YOUR WIFE AND THIS WAS MY SITUATION, I WOULD HAVE BEEN SO HAPPY TO HEAR THAT YOU DIDNT MEAN THAT ABOUT THE TWINS, and from then on, I would be soooooooo good to you!! So good. You won\’t have to worry about me acting up again. Selfish is right on the money. She was being selfish, I think in a relationship you can get so caught up in your spouse life, till you neglect your own, but if you go out too far, you can lose the one you love. I\’m glad that YOU ( terry) made a decision to move out, so that she could face her issue soon, cause once a person is so gone with being selfish, they may not come back. Well written Tyler.
This was my favorite movie EVER of yours. I have seen it 3 times, and the next time I go it will be a SOLO! It was so fun listening in on the conversations that the men had. Things that we women don\’t think men care about, they talked about. I just hope women see that and \”GET IT\”. Sometimes we sabotage our relationship with our men, because we \”THINK\” that you all dont think or talk about it., We think that we are the only ones who care. I see that first hand its not true. Men think about us and our situations just like we do. And yall had me cracking up!!!!!!!!!!! Tyler you are sooo silly, every time you would laugh I would too, cause something you were sneaking in and saying, GEEKING UP STUFF AND INSTAGATING! LOL VIRGOS DO HOOK UP PEOPLE, START STUFF AND INSTAGATE ( ONLY IN FUN THO) CAUSE WE LOVE TO LAUGH.
All the men were FIONE! Especially you, Tyler you looked so good to me when you had on the brown and tan hat, as you leaned over to your wife, after all the mess had went down. You are so attentive. I love that about you. And please boo, don\’t be trying to lose weight, cant stand no skinny man!!! Especially being as tall as you are. I love the thinner mustache on you, keep that!!! Heck, you fine period!!! I watched you so closely in this movie, I probably can tell you how many lines are under your eyes. LOL ( just playing).
Tyler, in this one scene when Marcus and Angela had pulled up his his baby momma\’s house ( I use to be JUST L IKE THAT BABY MOMMA WHEWWWWWWWWWWW WE)
Marcus was telling them off , he started sounding like Spawn. It was so funny. I watched that movie so much that if they wanted to do a remake, I would know all the parts……no rehearsal.His voice made me think about Spawn. You chose the perfect person Richard ) to play the part he played, cause he pulled the dinner scene part off!!! Check mate! And he was looking good!!!! Malik~ GAVIN, I loved his part, but what I loved most is. The way he supported Janet in her role. He made her look so good. They looked so loving, all what was missing was the communication. I can see them as a real couple. They looked GOOD TOGETHER!! Great job Tyler!!
OK, I have one question for you about the movie. Baby, what is the name of that sexy, slow song that was playing after Angela jumped in the car from getting the kids, and it kept playing till your wife got in the house to ask you to come home? What is the name of that song, I gotta know. It is so pretty. It didn\’t have words, just music. Is there anyway I can find out? Email me? Please.
I saw the Tyler Perry and Janet Jackson AOL questionnaire. Why did you look at my name so funny when it came up n the screen. Was it the City THEY put on there? I forgot to leave my city so they said that I was from ATL. You had this look on your face, as if to say, dang now I know she\’s from my message board, but why does it say ATL. Well anyway that was me. Janet said my name with no problem!! Tyler IM GETTING YOU! LOL
One more thing, I saw the Tyler Perry Janet Jackson interview the same day it aired. I was sitting in my car listening to you on The Michael Basden Show, when you mentioned it. After you went off air I googled it and I was HORRIFED, ANGRY, AND GOT AN INSTANT HEADACHE watching how ignorant this men, and his \”Cromies\” were acting.The lady was even laughing and snickering in the back ground ( I wanted to shake her inside organs out of place), not hurt her not kill her, but shake her up lol. Anyway, I was out raged!! I was on this computer writing them the next day before you even mentioned it. I was HOTT! I wrote both him and his boss. I wasn\’t gonna let that ride………..UM UMMMMMM. But you know Tyler, they see now that we are a force NOT to be TOYED with. They know to the 1000th power that we are not playing. See when you went to support the Jena 6, never knew that one day you would need someone to stand up for you. Well, I\’m here to say, we are here to stay, we love you, and when you have God as your Leader, and PLANT MANAGER IN CHARGE…………BABY YOU GOT EVERYTHING!
I\’M OUTTA HERE TYLER! LOL I\’m going to run some errands cause I\’m going to a wedding and reception tomorrow!! Yep, a wedding!
Listen boo, I love you, May God keep you and bless you to go HIGHER, JUST KNOW that if you say the word……………. WE ARE THERE!!!
Your gurl
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