Wed December 09, 2008

Hey Fam,

First I want to say Thank you Lord for blessing me with such a beautiful family. I love them so very much. Thank you for a peace of mind daily. I love living. Thank you Lord for creating me and for giving me a chance to be with you for ever.

Its Christmas time at Walmart and each day its getting busier and busier. This check coming up, we are getting our 4th bonus in a 3 month straight period. Yea, and if we do good this period Dec-Feb, we will get $1400.00 plus our regular pay check come March. Whew, and we have been humping too. Only thing *they* the customers say that our customer service is bad. I work close with the cashiers and I know some may not smile, but we are very friendly. It still puzzles me by what *they* mean by saying we need to improve on customer service. Maybe we need more sales associates on the floor to assist the customers. Maybe Walmart needs to review their return policy.They did hire a whole whole lot of sales floor associates this Christmas Season. Hopefully we will see $$$ soon.

I know I\’m no where near perfect, and I know that I have a lot to learn about people. some things I may never learn. But there is one thing I do know about myself. I just can\’t stand stupid stuff. I try to ignore it when it comes my way, but some stuff you just gotta laugh at. One day recently me and my sisters were sitting around talking, and my baby sisters said to me and my middle sister, * yall cant stand dumb stuff can yall? So we started laughing and thinking about how we grew up. Then we started remembering stories about our dad. He use to always lose his shoe * laughing* and we just couldn\’t understand how you can be a grown person, * we were kids* and lose your shoes. He would be about to go, and when he couldn\’t find his shoes he would call THE WHOLE HOUSE down to help him find it. It would irritate us so bad. My dad would make you feel like this………. Okay yall sitting down watching TV, and here I am looking for my shoe all by myself. So we would have to get up and look for his shoe, and when he find it, he would be like okay Thank you. This happened with his keys, his pick for his hair, his hat, his lighter. To us that was * dumb stuff*. Now had he said, yall please help me find my keys or shows in a way that we would be like okay, yall lets band together and do this for him. But he made it to be a *woe is me kinda thing*. Like yall betta help me find my stuff, yall can watch TV lata!!! I hated that. And to this day, I can\’t deal with Woe is me people. My daddy was/is that person to this day. LOL Ahhhhhh I love my daddy to death, but he can call you and say hey what yall doing? And we\’d be like on our way to Outback Steak house, and he would go into this really woe is me mood, and be like *I\’m sitting ova here eating spaghetti out the can and drinking black water * my daddy is funny like that*, He\’d be like…… I been eating spam for days and aint nobody offered me to eat Steaks. He would go on and on and on, For years we wouldn\’t tell him when we were going to eat, cause he would try to make us feel bad. And he would;nt even want to go. It\’s something about making us feel bad. I dunno. But when I talk to people and they go into this oooooo she didn\’t do this, and he didn\’t ask me. I tell them to BOSS UP!!! Quit trying to go into that victim, woe is me mode and get up and do whatever it is that *they* don\’t seem to be doing for you, or with you. And for years after I got grown, I would say to my daddy in a respectful way and tell him. Look dad, you don\’t want to go with us to eat, but Imma get off this phone and do what I planned. If you wanna go, cool I\’ll swoop you up, but if you don\’t, stop trying to make people feel guilty.

But here is the worst end of it. I can be in the store after work shopping with coat, boots, car keys in hand, gloves, hat, scarf, mask on * lol* and a customer would come up to me and say * excuse me can you tell me where the salt is*? In my mind, I\’m like dayum, is she/he for real. Don\’t they see all these winter gear on? So one day I ask the guy who asked me a question while I was shopping for myself. What is it about me Sir that made you feel as if you can ask me that question and I\’ll know? He said: Cause you have on khakis. . Ain\’t that deep? Which brings me to this thought. I was reading a blog yesterday * Sunday* and this person said that they seen Tyler Perry at Church and she said she wanted to go to him and tell him she\’d seen all his plays and movies, but she said that she couldn\’t do it because she was in Church and that it would be disrespectful. I loved that. Had it been me, I would have felt that same way. I probably would have stared at him the whole time * Lord forgive me* but I wouldn\’t opened my mouth. I guess my post is really say that some of the things my daddy do, I cant stand. So I wonder what is it about ME, that Neisha cant stand, and wont do when she has kids. We have to do better at respecting people.

Oh speaking of respect. OMGoodness! I hope my pressure don\’t go up on this one. I have 2 cars. Sometimes I drive my Lumina, and sometimes I drive the Malibu. I don\’t have a 2 car garage so I have to pull one out and then put the other on the street, or sometimes I\’ll put the one I\’m not driving back in the drive way. But all in all I want my space in front of my house free. When the dumpster is picked up on Wednesday mornings, if my car or any car is packed in front of the house with the dumpster there, they wont take it because they are afraid it will hit the car. Well this summer, this guy who lives across the street with his dad, parked his * SHOT UP 1000 TIMES BRAND NEW CAR* in front of my house. So, I\’m like okay, why he didn\’t park in front of his own house? The next day same thing, the day after that, and the next, the next and then it was happening daily. He would leave all day and then when it was time to come home, he would park in front of my house and then walk across the street 3 doors down. I guess you know I marched my big hipped self across the street like Oprah did in the color purple and knocked on the *DOE*. I know him, because he also worked with me. I said booooooooooooooooooy, why are you parking in front of my house, and you live ova here? I explained to him that if I need to exchange cars and park in front of my own house I need to do that. I said and plus my garbage won\’t get taken out if there\’s are car parked there. He said okay and moved it. He never did it again. As the summer went on he moved out of his dad\’s house and I see him whenever. Sooooooo, on Saturday me. my momma and Neisha had came back from shopping. WE see this raggedy car with the passenger windows missing and a big box sitting in the passenger side seat. So I pulled into the driveway and as soon as we went into the house and closed the door, we heard a knock on the side door. I went to the door and said who is it? Its snowing and cold outside, but I couldn\’t hear him, so when he said he\’s the dad of the guy who kept parking in front of my house. I opened it. This man is about 60sh, keep himself up, jazzy, nice car and home. He said *MY SON* car stopped in front of your house I just wanted you to know that its his car, and in a *COUPLA* days he would be to get it. I said ut unnnnnnn, he got to move THAT car. I said my garbage wont get dumped if its there, he must have saw my facial expression cause he know I was mad. My thang is this, how you live across the street and your sons car stopped in front of mines? That man does not want that car in front of his house!!!! Ju
st like the other one. I don\’t blame him. BUT HE AINT GONNA PARK IT IN FRONT OF MINES. My house is nice too, its brick, with a big picture window, tree and nice grass. Every time his son car * stops* he make him park it some where else but in front of his house. Made me mad!! That is so disrespectful and selfish. So yesterday me and Neisha went to go get something to eat, and as we were leaving someone was in the car of the old man\’s drive way. When we got back from McDonald\’s that car that was parked in front of my house was gone. Guess were it was? Next door to me in front of that gurls house. That is so bold. Now she wont get her trash dumped. Yea you see the dad don\’t want that piece of mess in from of his big nice home. So he tells them *go park it across the street…………they don\’t have men living with them to say anything. Cause yall know homes with husbands and boyfriends, other men just don\’t disrespect another man\’s house like that. Now I\’m going to see how long he leaves this piece of junk in front of her house. The killing part is the boy don\’t even live ova here. Huhhhhhh let me get off this subject. LOL

I\’m seriously thinking about moving to Georgia. Its in my heart so deep. For 17 years I have wanted to move there, and it keeps coming back to me. Neisha is going to law school and she is going to apply at a college there. Then she got on line and started looking for some house to rent. She been to GA so many times, she didn\’t want to live there, but after seeing one of out favorite shows * House Hunters* she has a change of heart. I\’m going back for a week in 2010 to see whats really up.

Well, Imma get up off this computer. got lots to blog about tomorrow. My Tyler Perry is in court and after the verdict I will write more.

Love ya


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