My Teen Group!


Today is Sunday and its a good day. Thank you Jesus. Today I finally put into motion what God has called me to do. Can you imagine the feeling that I am feeling now? Let me explain.

I love kids. I especially have a connection with teens. I can relate to them, I can get on their level, I can talk to them like an adult and at the same time they will know that they are still teens. Its something that has been inside of me for a long time. My nieces love me, I adore them.

A few weeks ago I set a date to start this teens group at my home. I want to build a relationship with them and them for each other, so that they can learn many things. One being to build their self esteem, to help get to know themselves, and then to look after others.

We had 17 young ladies at my home this evening, and this is  a day that they will never forget.We talked about the gift of Sex ( for married folks ONLY), to having attitudes and how to defuse an argument.They loved it! I had them fill out a 3 page questionaire of themselves, and I found it surprising  what little they knew about themselves. Some took longer to fill it out and others breezed right threw it.

I told them they whenever they walk into my house that they have to greet me with a hug and a kiss. Thats how we were raised and thats how I want them to start their lives. When I told them that, they embraced it. After they all introduced themselves, I told them that they are no longer \”Friends\” and that they were Sisters. I had them all to get up hug each other. Wow ,boy did that break the ice in this place. Thank you Jesus!

We went outside and did some activities that required them to be able to look after each other. One was blind folded while the other team member guide them,  but they, themselves had to hold several jugs of water in their hands. I was pleased how they looked out for each other. A few felt it was \”too much\” to carry the 3 jugs of water, but I use their own words against them and told them to \”boss up\”!!!!!  After saying that they had no problem completing the mission. They did the doggone thang after that! lol

We came in after those exercises and ate! We talked some more, and then we departed around 9:45.

I have been \”pregnant\” with this for a long time. Finally I did something about it. This is truly my calling. We are planning fund raisers, and to do some very nice things next year. We give all the Praise to God. Thank you Jesus ( I\’m not playing no more Lord).

Here is a group photo we took this evening! Im so excited! Welp gotta get ready for our meeting in 2 weeks.



4 Replies to “My Teen Group!”

  1. Wow, I am so impressed! I know the feeling of wanting to do something for a long time and then getting the chance to do it. I commend you for pursuing your dreams and carrying them out. CONGRATS! Continued blessings on your efforts; I hope you get to deal with the REAL issues our teens face these days and guide them accordingly. I’ll keep you and your girls in prayer…


  2. PRAISE GOD! I am so happy for you LaCrease. There is nothing like doing what God has called you to do. I can see that you are going to really minister to these teens. They are so precious in the pic. When you said they are no longer friends, but sisters….make me wanna cry! We think we want all these friends and stuff but since God has actually made my closest girlfriends, my sisters….I am so blessed. I didn’t know what it felt like to actually have a sister until now…someone to actually have your back thru thick and thin. Keep doing God’s work, and your “BABIES” are beautiful and so are YOU! Love ya girl!


  3. Cre you are the bomb! All these teens, boys and girls, need is someone to take time to listen to them and guide them. I’m glad you listened to your Guide.


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