Imagine Me 3 ( My Story)


“I’m in a mess…I need a way out
can you help me find the peace of mind I used to have? I’m just a wreck…wreck like a plane crash, it seems to be a piece of my mind everywhere…” Marvin Winans~ My Story


Today was a better day.  After working a full day, couldn’t go home and stay there. I changed clothes, grab my Marvin Winans,  and Kirk Franklin CD, and went back down to the River with my pen and paper . God bought many things to my Remembrance.  SMH@ myself……. again.

         The atmosphere……..breath taking.


Still in the Wilderness. With every thought, I’m more embarrassed. Just SMH @myself. Ashamed.


Everytime God is about to speak to me, he always does something AMAZING! Everytime!!! I guess it’s his way of  letting me know he’s listening and he’s about to speak as well. Everytime!

Wednesday of this week, when I punched in for work, my boss told me that our Assistant Manager wanted to see me in his office. I already knew that it was for my attendance. When I got home from Atlanta, I got so sick. I slept day in and day out from the change of weather. When we boarded the plane in Atlanta we were wearing shorts. But when we got to Detroit, people were wearing coats. I knew I was going to be sick. Anyway……. (how did I end up explaining that story) when we both went into the office , he said La’Crease do you know why you’re here? I said yes, my attendance. He said smart gurl, we laughed. Then he punched up my name, and all through my absences it said EXPIRED, EXPIRED, EXPIRED. EXPIRED, EXPIRED, EXPIRED, EXPIRED, EXPIRED all the way down. Don’t ask me? He was out done, just as we were. I knew it was God. LOL He said LaCrease, you can go back to your register!!! Thats how I always know when he is about to reveal something to me. That has never happened to anyone. If your manager calls you to the office to show you something he saw in the system, and you get there and its gone. How do you explain that?

When God sends all these people in your life with messages at some point….. you have got to bow down. You have too. Today, I zoned out while waiting on a few customers. My mind left the building…

Job 34:16 (New International Version)

 16 “If you have understanding, hear this;
       listen to what I say.

Good Night

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