Celebs, Tyler Perry, LOVE,SMH:(

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This is  my WOW  face. LOL  For the last few days  I ‘ve cut my computer time down just to think about things, to watch  a movie, and to sit and talk with family. By listening to people you can find out a lot of things. Ive always been the kinda person that likes to get others opinions, thoughts,  feelings, ideas and views on different subjects.

The first subject I want to talk about is LOVE. When I had my daughter, I was in *LOVE* with her dad. But I didnt know how to treat him, I had a bad attitude, foul mouth,low selfesteem, and thought I was a bag of chips. Little did I know I didnt know anything about Love. I didnt Love myself, and couldnt Love my daughters Father. Im glad 23 years has past and I now know what LOVE IS.

Today’s event at work told me the same story that I knew exist everyday from Celebs on Twitter to people I see everyday.

My coworker who happens to be a white lady that I met at the job 6 years ago, told me today that I hurt her feelings. Heres a history on our friendship. Lots of people don’t care for her too much because she’s noisy and she always add on extra stuff when she’s telling the same STORY you witnessed. For years people always ask me why do I like her so much, when she is clearly a liar, and always in others business. For one,. I dont like or dislike people because of their faults, there are positive things about her that I really like and so thats what draws me to being her *at work ONLY buddy*. For weeks I have noticed a pattern about her, she turns her light on at the register and leaves, so when she gets a customer, you have to call out to her to come back to her register. As a cashier you are suppose to stay at or near your register, so that YOU can see the customer, not the OTHER cashiers who are at their registers ringing up THEIR customers. Customers will ask in a minute, is someone open here? Well, Today I saw what everybody has been talking about. And this time she was near my register when it all went down. Customers were going to her register, and when they didnt see her they would line up at my register. This pissed me off because her light is on, and she’s walking around somewhere *window shopping*.  Today about 3 times I had to call her back to her register to ring up her customers. So by now she sense that Im upset with her for some reason, and has this stone face look. After she finish ringing up her customers she stands on what we call the *REDLINE* and thats where we stand on the edge so that we can flag down customers who are waiting on long lines on the other end. Instead of her calling the customers to HER register, she directs them to MY register. So, I say to her, since Im STILL ringing up customers and you are REDLINING, call the customers to YOUR register, you don’t have any right now. Oh, she was mad at me!!! As soon as she waiting on all her customers she went right over to her another cashier * older white lady* and told her what I said about it. So, you know my VIRGO self turned off my light and marched right behind her. I said to her……I know youre mad at me. And Isaid when you dont have customers, you will call customers to other registers and when its all done, you wont have noone to ring up. I said I dont know why youre mad at me. She said, cause you hurt my feelings * blank stare*. I said  HOW???? She says cause you told me not to call out your register number anymore, and Isaid  I MEANT THAT. I asked her what problem do you have in my truth? She said……. the way you said it. I said I said it in a normal voice, you are only mad at what I told you NOT to do, I said I know you will hold a grudge against me forever. She said well, Im not use to you talking to me that way. I said LISTEN…….. have you ever known me to go off on anyone? She said NO thats why Im shocked and my feelings are hurt. I said well, NOW YOU ARE HEARING THIS FROM MEEEEEEEE NOBODY ELSE. I MEANT WHAT I SAID ABOUT NOT CALLING OUT MY REGISTER NUMBER and Im sorry if I  said it in a mean way. That was the end of that.

Now that  said, I want you to forget what our argument was about, but notice the part where she was SHOCKED, that I hurt her feelings. She knows she’s my gurl and that I love her. In all her *off the hookness*, she’s still my gurl. But why do people feel that if you don’t agree with them, and if you confront them about a situation that you want to clear up, that you don’t LOVE them anymore? Love must mean different things to different people. If you tell certain people that you LOVE them they will look at you like youre crazy. Which tells me something about myself.

I grew up in a family where we always told each other we LOVED them. Not only did I learn how to love, but when my momma or dad whooped me, I thought they hated my guts. They always explained to us that anytime we got in trouble, doesnt mean we didnt love them any less. They are disappointed in us, but that doesnt mean they don’t LOVE us. I heard I LOVE YOU DAILY from my house. When we all see each other, we always greet with a hug and kiss, we always say * I love you* to each other.

The word LOVE is very powerful. Everyone cant handle that word and its contents. Im learning that with people in my adult life. For years it bothered me, cause people not only don’t know how to LOVE each other, but they don’t know how to show it.You can tell somebody you LOVE them and they will look at you like your crazy. LOVE is not a off and on switch. Just because someone doesnt agree with you doesnt mean they don’t love you.

Im not naming names but I went to a concert this year along with some other fans from out of town, and the Leader of group wanted to present this person with a glass award with this persons name on it and the group name. At the front door the flowers and vase was confiscated, along with the award. Security promised to give the items to the artist and when the show was over, it was told they this person received the items and will get a message * from the email address* that was left. I knew it wasnt going to happen, another friend knew it wasnt going to happen. We knew just by dealing with this person ourselves what type of person they are. Its all good to me, because I LOVE the music and the person, and there isnt anything different from my neighbor who I don’t know and this artist. I knew once she got home she would be waiting for this email that never came. I feel so bad for this person, but you have to learn to separate the work from the person. I already know!!!!

Last year in Atlanta with my friends POW, of course I love and admire Tyler Perry, but Im not about to do flips and jump off buildings for him. They felt that since I am the one who express my LOVE for him more than them, that I would be disappointed if I never got the chance to meet him. Thats when I cut them off, cause to say that, means you really dont know me. I love everybody in this world, but Im not a FOOL to anybody. Cause on Judgment Day Tyler Perry, and everybody else is going to be *standing in the same line* Im in…… to see Jesus. *blank stare*. Just because I like to discuss Tyler’s movies and plays, Anita Baker and Maxwell songs doesnt mean Ill do bungy junps for them.WHATEVA!  And people get that Twisted with me. They dont even know me like that.

When we were in ATL, we went to several famous celebs homes just to see them, oooooo and ahhhhhhh, stuff women do. I love looking at beautiful homes anyway. I watch House Hunters, Flip that house, my first house, so going to see celebs homes was a nice treat for me. Some celebs keep their homes private which I totally understand because people go to far. Im not HER. And Im not going to put myself in position to even look like Im her. Yes, I do want to see your home, but Im not going to get out the car, for one….. I dont want hop in and out of the car!!! For 2, Im not leaving a note in the mail box or any other place, cause Im NEVER FEELING ANYONE LIKE THAT, For 3 Im just passing thru in life, I dont live in Atlanta, and I want to look at pretty celeb houses because its a once in a life time RIDE BY I plan to do. Some of these celebs forget that all the people like MEEEEEEEEEE,  are the ones who made it possible to live in those homes. Take away all the people like me along with the gift that God gave, and you have nothing. How the hell you gon get mad cause somebody wanna see your BEAUTIFUL HOUSE??????

Last but no least…….Celebs on Twitter. SMH right now and so turned off. Im so thru. I will neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr talk about what I KNOW , that will stay in my head. But what Im seeing. I know God has got to be shaking his head. They brag, they have big egos, they only tweet when it benefits them. They all make it their business to tweet each other and comment. AND GOODNESS DONT LET A CELEB SAY SOMETHING TO ANOTHER CELEB AND THAT PERSON WASNT SIGNED ON YET, WHEN THEY GET ON AND SEE THAT ANOTHER CELEB LEFT THEM A MESSAGE, THEY  BREAK THEIR PHONES TRYNA LET THAT OTHER CELEB KNOW THAT THEY JUST GOT THE MESSAGE, AND THEN THEY RESPOND TO THEM. BUT LET A FAN ASK THAT SAME QUESTION TO THE CELEB!!

Im gone for tonight. AFter the MAXWELL concert this weekend. IM STRAIGHT!!! I CAN SHOW YOU BETTER THAN I CAN TELL YOU………..


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