I can do bad…..

TYLTICI can do bad all by myself has got to be my favorite movie of all. Maybe its tied with Why did I get married. My mouth is just wide open with the peformances. It was good seeing Pastor Winans, Im use to seeing him in person at my Church, that it seemed funny to see him on the screen. He and my Bishop Vann is good friends,  we fellowship with Perfecting Church here in Detroit. There is so much I have to say about this movie, but Im going to do that on Sunday night once me and my group of gurls * Raisingurls To Women*. Ahhh, I have so much to share. My mind was racing in the movies, so many thoughts, so many memeries. Wow is all I can say right now. Please check back with me on Sunday evening for my review of this movie. Be Blessed!

One Reply to “I can do bad…..”

  1. I really appreciated reading your commentary on the beautiful struggler blogspot in response to Tyler Perry. I just wish there were more people who felt the same way-stuff like that just gets on my nerves in a serious way and its nice to know there are like minded individuals who won’t spend all day dissecting pointlessness! LOL


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