If I could do it all over again…

Day 2 of 4 days off started off just right. Got up this morning made some Collard greens, pork chops, and corn bread. My favorite dinner ever. I probably can down a whole pot of greens for real. lol  Sitting here in my night-gown looking so wild, but its all good because I am home and Im feeling good about that. 

When Im alone sometimes I like to think about what I would have done differently growing up. I remember always wanting to be a secretary because I love to write, and I had a connection with anything stationary. When Neisha was in preschool I would volunteer at her school for the half day she was in class. Then when she went to Kindergarten the school offered me a job as a noon hour aide. I stayed there until she was in 5th grade. There is where I connected with children. The kids who were *bad* really challenged me to see if I can make them good. lol  Daily it became a job that I loved to hug the children, and talk to them one on one. Some of them needed that attention. They craved it. Then there were some, who you could tell got plenty of love at home. I just loved and adored those children. When they would see me coming into their class to relieve their teacher so that she could go to lunch, they knew we would have fun. First off I learned , I had to be firm but nice. Kids detect a teacher who would let them get away with anything. One day recently while I was working, one of my OLD students ran up to me and started hugging me, CRYING, telling me how much I meant to her while she was growing up. She especially loved my hugs I would give them daily. She said that her and her best friend FELL OUT because they were arguing over who *play mother* I was. lol We both laughed at that. lol I was sooooooo amazed at how much effect I had on her. I never knew that. She has to be about 25 or 26 NOW. She kept telling me how much she loved me. It make me think when I had bad days at work, did she take notice. I wonder how that effected her? Many days the smile on their faces is what got me through. Children bring you joy.

Which brings me to this next topic. When I was pregnant with Neisha, I was so mean and so unhappy to her dad that I didnt get a chance to enjoy being pregnant. I just love when I see photos of couples pregnant and the dad is holding the woman by her stomach.  I believes it strengthens the relationship and it’s sexy!! I wish that I could have enjoyed this kinda bond. I think about it all the time. I can’t wait to see Tyler Perry take a pose like this with his wife. I have several photos in a frame expressing black love. My favorite is Diddy and Kim Porter photo shoot when she was pregnant with the twins. If I could do it all again, I would take photos of me and my husband all day. LOL

Be blessed!

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