Neck, 2012

Lord, Thank you for a wonderful day!!! 

LOVELYMEHey People! I was working out at the gym and my neck and shoulders have been off the hook for about  3 weeks. What happened was, I woke up with a sore neck that was really bad that I couldnt hardly move it. So, Im like dang whats up with this? I went back after it was feeling much better, not gone, but better. I wanted to get on this abdominal machine, even tho the trainer told us clearly to stay away from this machine. First of all we are just starting out, and that machine wasnt the right one for us yet. So me…… being me………. wanted to get on it any way. I did. The next morning was neck was off the chain hurting!!! I stayed away from the gym again. Then I felt better went back and got on the same machine doing 50 lbs, 50 times!!! Omgggggggg. I was getting my nails done, and I remember the pain came to me. Before I knew it  I said dang….. what am I doing to make my neck sore. I heard God loud and clear……….. he said that machine the trainer told you to stay away from. I just couldnt believe it was that loud and clear. I love God.  When I got home my neck, shoulders, and back was hurting so bad. Its been almost 2 weeks and my neck is just now feeling better. I really really really put a hurting on it, lifting all those weights while sitting down really messed me up. Not listening and doing what I want to do. UGHHHHHHHH.

Yesterday, I bought tickets to see Shaq play the Pistons before he retire. Yeaaaaaaaa, I been wanting to buy them for the longest. Plus I bought tickets to see Dwight Howard and the Orlando Majic!! I paid some $$$$$$$$$$$$ for these babies Whoooooooooo whoooooooooooooooo!! 2nd row from the FLOOR!!!

Tonight we went to see 2010 at the movies. And also I bought my  ADVANCED ticket to see prePRECIOUS NOV 22, 2009!

Im off to bed, talk to you all tomorrow. Have something to share.


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