An interesting week



Thank you Lord for an interesting week. My grandmother passed away a few days ago, she was 86. She lived  a long time, and loved to Travel. I thought I was funny and silly……. my grandma took the cake!!! LOL Even though I didnt get a chance to see her often, she will surely be missed.  Rest in Peace Grandma!!


Starting tomorrow, I have to get myself refocused!!! Been drinking too much Pepsi, not working out, and not having my head in the right place. Thats no problem for me. When I first reconize that I need to regroup, I usually can do it without a problem. Sometimes days and weeks would pass before I realize that I need to do it. Its only a month before we leave for ATL, and I want to be ready. I want business all taken care of before I go. So, I must focus now!!!


I went to the Maxwell/Jill SCott concert last night and it was off the henges!!!! Jill is badd!! That was my first time seeing her perform LIVE, yeah I know…….. and it won’t be my last. She lost so much weight, looking good too. Go Sistah gurl!!! I love JILL! My baby MAXWELL tore it up!!!! That man, that man!!! I wish Tyler Perry would have him to do a song for one of his movies. Thats whats up!!!


WEll, here are some photos!!


BE Blessed



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