Thank you Lord for this day!! I know Lord, I started my day at work, quiet and not able to Minister to anyone. I was down in my Spirit and kept quiet all day. But something did go on that was funny to me.


 This older lady came through my line, she sense that I was down too. She was my last customer.  I turned my light off at my register to go to the rest room, when people kept lining up. I must have said… I’m closed…. I’m closed Sir….. I’m closed Maam….. about 7 times. The lady looked at me with this smile on her face. I said to her, you know………. no matter how many teeth I show while I’m smiling to the customers as I’m telling them I’m closed its still not enough. They always get mad at me. She said, you know I’m an Usher at Church, and when we tell people that a certain section is blocked off, they get an attitude. I said ummmm, one day I did question why we couldn’t sit in a certain section at my Church, and I guess the Ushers went back and told our Bishop that we give them a hard time. And when Bishop bought it up at the end of service one time, I was instantly convicted, because I was one  of them. LOL She said, Oh yeah what Church do you belong too? I said Second Ebenezer~ Bishop Vann. She said that’s where I Usher at!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL We laughed sooooooooooooooooooooo loud. We were cracking up!!! Wow, see that? LOL I Thank God for my friendliness, because I meet ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE……. DAILY!!!! What a small Testimony. God will show you who you are!



The photo above is my CRAZY cousin MONICA. I love her to pieces! We went to our family reunion in Atlanta Georgia 17 or 18 years ago. We loved it so much, we came back to Detroit and planned a trip back just to get away.  She had twins a boy and gurl, she left her kids here, and packed her personal belongings and went there with nothing. She was determined to find a better life for her and her kids. She stayed in GA, and we came back home. I kept saying to myself I really want to see her pull this off. Within a week, she found a place and a job. She loves it there. She said she will never in her life come back here to live. I am soooooooo jealous. In a good way tho. I cant wait to see her when Im in Atlanta next week. This gurl is the funniest person you ever want to meet. OMG when we are together we argue, make up and laugh!!! She’s 43 and a VIRGO just like me. LOL The debates we use to have, baaaaaaaaaaby you would have your finger on 911,  wondering if you should call the people on us. LOL We would make up and laugh. She always remind me about the time we had it out in Atlanta. I’ll never forget that!!! My cousin is crazy!!! I crack up when she tell me the story of her seeing Tyler Perry outside of a restaurant talking on his cell phone. LOL Whew, funny story!!! Only MONICA! LOL SMH!


 A good friend of mines emailed me tonight and this was his question to me:


Now This Have Nothing To Do With Me I trying to school My Baby Sister and Male Cousin. If You Meet Somebody of the Opposite Sex and Y’all exchange Numbers via The Mall, Bar, Club, Or Church and when y’all talk on the phone and they tell you off rip that they not looking for a relationship. Doesn’t that mean they are looking for a Friend With Benefits AKA a Sex Partner? Correct Me If I’m Wrong.


 He asked the right person because this is what I have to say about it. If you meet someone and they tell you off rip that they are not looking for a relationship …… NO, that doesn’t mean that they want to have Sex. Everyone doesn’t have Sex on their minds just because they desire a friendship of the opposite sex. Friendships comes in many different seasons. Spiritual, dinner dates, good conversation, advice, lessons. It could mean that you want that person to talk with. Why do people always have to read more into something when it’s not there? That pisses me off to NO END!!! Just last week, I was walking to the time clock when my coworkers dad, hemed me up ( blocked me between a cart) in the toys department and touched me below. Now I know you’re saying, danggggg what did she do to deserve that? That comes from me being nice, and trying to say NO, in a nice way. So when I NUTTED up on him for doing that, he had this stupid look on his face. I ask myself all the time, what kinda vibes do I send people for them to do/ and treat me the way they do? Then when I cut them off ( don’t talk to them anymore), or blink out on them, they say I’m crazy!! I can touch on this subject all day. I live it! If somebody say they love you as a brother/sister/friend TAKE THAT FOR FACE VALUE!!!



I’m almost ready for my trip to Atlanta! I’m so slow in packing. When I get married my husband is really gonna be on me for that. LOL Im last minute sometimes, I think better for some reason. I’m good under pressure, so good!!! I have the weather programmed on my computer for Buckhead, and its going to be 95-98 degrees when we touch down. Oh Lawddddddd, that’s too much for me. There can’t be any issues with the air in our rental truck. Whew, we don’t have it that hot here in Detroit at all. I told Tameka Raymond, that I was going to visit her Boutique. I like her. She takes a lot from the media, but she’s doing her thang, and I’m proud of her for hanging in there for everything that she’s been through.


Well, Im closing for now. Oh, yeah. I have already started my Ministry!!! Yea. Wont say much for now, but its going to be FIYAH!!! PRAISE GOD!




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