Today was a very very very good day. Until………. this guy scammed me!!! We went to the Underground, that GHETTO, GHETTO, GHETTO PLACE. I will never in my life even drive by that GHETTO place again!!! Neisha and Brittney wanted to go to this store  there, they were there recently and wanted to go back. I
 hadn’t been there in 17 years, so I felt it was a treat for me. Back then it was very nice and the atmosphere was straight.

So, we pull up in the parking garage, I grabbed the ticket and went to park. I spotted this man walking inside the garage and asked him where was the elevator. He tells me, and then say its $5.00 for parking, so I’m like how you know I just got here ( duh)? I said well you wasnt in the ticket section, so he act like he tore off a piece of ticket and put it on my dash-board. I gave this FOOL $5.00 ( wasnt thinking) and then my NICE SELF gone say, do you accept tips? He hesitated….. and said yea? I gave this clown more money. Then he darts off. Just then it hit me, this FOOL don’t work here!!! Neisha and Brittney said……. did you just give him your money for parking? I said yeah, I wasnt even thinking that, you NEVER give your money to people unless youre at the booth to check out.  But the killing part is…… this DOE DOE BIRD could have left the ticket,  HE TOOK THAT TOO. I was HEATED!! ON FIRE!! I went looking for him, and heee better THANK GOD THAT ITS A GOD, CAUSE I COULD HAVE CHOKED HIM UP WITH MY BARE HANDS!!!!!!  LOL YEAH BARE HANDS. OOOOOO HE’S SO BLESSED TO NOT HAVE SEEN ME. SO BLESSED. I was ready to go, we stayed in the underground for 10 minutes. I felt bad for doing the gurls like that because of what happened. Then when it was time to pay, I told the attendant that I didnt have my ticket anymore because it was a guy in the garage going around taking tickets and collecting money. He gon say….. he’s in here again ? People been telling me that someone is doing that. I’m looking at him like BOY BYE, yall probaly spliting the money. Guess you know I had to pay $7.00  for 10 mintues of being there, lost ticket and I gave STUP-DOE $5.00 plus tips. I was on FIYAH MAD!!! It wasnt even about the $5.00, it was about the fact that he took my TICKET, and I tipped him!!!! See, Im too nice. Thats about to stop. People just see nice on my face and say/do what they want. Then when I nut up, they want to call the Police on me. I went into the mall and I gave EVERYBODY the mean mug. I showed did. I was WISHING somebody would SAY something to me. Everybody was a SUSPECT. LOL Maybe I can laugh now, but it wasnt funny at all earlier.


 I TOLD them to get in the truck. IM TAKING YALL TO A REAL MALL. We went to Phipps Mall.. Sigh.. what a Experience!


 Can’t wait till tomorrow!!! Hmmmm


Other than that……. IM LOVING THIS PLACE. LOVING.  These GEORGIA people are something different when it comes to driving GOODNESSSSSS ( MY OUTBURST) LOL




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