Praise God for a brand new day, a day that no one has ever seen. A day to get it together within!!! When I opened my eyes this morning, the first thing I said to myself is….. Thank God my eyes, I can see.

 So much is going on with me, where do I start? All good.


Mar’Neisha went to Ohio with her dad, aunt, and Step Sister, yesterday evening to visit her family till Monday. She was very angry with him yesterday morning. Oh my goodness. I had never known her to get so angry…. ever. He told her that they were pulling out of Detroit around noon. I was at work, and while I was in the bathroom… “something” told me to text her and see have they left yet, cause I know her dad, he will tell you he’ll be at your house ( because he’s “down the street”) in one minute, and he’ll  get there in 30. Neisha is that Virgo that likes to be on time NO EXCEPTIONS!!! I’m that Virgo that will be saying, here I come, here I come,  give me one mo mintue…… about 20 times. LOL So, when she text me back, she was soooooo angry because she called him and said… look dad it’s after 12 what’s up? He said I’m doing this job, we’ll pull out around 4ish 5 ( they end up leaving around 7ish ). She asked him why didn’t he call everybody that’s riding with him and tell them? I dunno what he said, but she had to called her aunt, and Step Sister and tell them about the change. Then she texted and told me, that she didn’t want to have flash backs of her waiting for him to pick her up as a child. OMG… I never knew she felt that way….. at all. I  had to called my baby to put things in order. I told her to pray about it, and ask God to take away the bad thoughts she has having, she was crying. I felt so bad for her. He does this a lot to her/everybody!! All the time. He use to do me like that. I know him like a book. She just has to learn that if she is going to deal with him when it comes to family functions and traveling, she has to not let it get to her. She already knows how he is. I told her you need to make up in your mind, if you’re going to deal with him when it comes to trips? They travel to Ohio and Atlanta about 5 times a year. But still he is her dad, and as a mother, I’m not going to let her carry anger around with her. I asked her is it that you wanted to go to Ohio so badly, she said No ma, it’s the fact that I had to call HIM and ask him why isn’t he here yet.She says he does this all the time. She said we all got up at 7 ish in the morning and we were all at home waiting. I got that. After I calmed her down and talked with her, we hung up and I sat on my break in Subway thinking, should I text him and let him know that he needs to stop having ppl wait on him every trip they take? God was like NOPE, don’t do it. She is 23 and can talk to her dad in her own way. That is an issue that she needs to talk with him on if they are going to travel together. It was hard, but I put the phone down and let it go. When I got home, I told her I wanted to text him, she said NO MA you didn’t do you? I said no, and she was happy. LOL But when he finally finished and came to get her and her step sister from at my house, she was madddd at him!!! He said Lacrease, she’s mad at me aint she? LOL I said yep, you’re gonna have to fix this one yourself boo!!! LOL Its very seldom Neisha gets angry, but when she does its hard for her to forgive right away. I don’t like that about her. I can forgive instantly. She will ignore you, like you are not in the room. I can’t. She text me last night when she got there and I asked her did they talk on the way there, and she said a little. I told her to neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr allow herself to get on that level of anger again, forgive him, but learn your own lesson from it. Whatever that is!


Last night after I got off work, I came home and read the whole book of Job. Took me hours,  becuse of phone calls, emails, dinner, and quick naps. lol I read the bible daily on-line as well. I love that because it gives you a little at a time to read without feeling overwhelmed. Okay, I’m about to ramble because I need to be getting dressed to go to dinner with my momma @ 5… its 4:32. She woke me up this morning saying, Lets go out to dinner today, just me and you. I LOVE IT!!!! MY SISTERS ARE GOING TO BE JEALOUS. HAHAHA And my momma made me a banana pudding 3 days ago. They would burn my house down if they knew that. ROFLLL. I begged my momma not to tell them, cause if they knew they would come ova and “tear the club up”. Then my nieces and nephews love it, OH LAWD I WOULD HAVE A FIT, seeing all of them going in the cabinet grabbing bowls. LOL ME and my momma ripped that bowl of  HOMEMADE banana pudding apart!! Baaaaaaaaby when I say, we “tore the club up”…….. please believe it. HAHAHAHA (my spooky laugh).



My coworker ( white lady) lost her boyfriend a few days ago, tomorrow is the funeral. She is the one who keeps me uplifted at work, prays with me there, and for me. She gives me a word from God, and she always knows when something is on my mind. Ahhhh, she is soooo intuned with me. She’s around her early 50’s. I feel bad because I thought her close Walmart gurl Ms. Denise, would send a card around, and she probably did/would, but she wasnt at work yesterday. The bad part is, I hate that I didn’t do it. I waited for somebody else to do it, when I should have done it. She approached me yesterday as I was leaving for the day and said, Sat is the funeral, please keep me in your prayers. I looked into her eyes and wondered why wasnt I passing a card for her. SMH. Gotta boss up my Awareness. My other co-worker who I talk about God with, she came to me and ask for a few dollars, I gave them to her, and when I got home. I sat at my kitchen and began to pray for her, to pray for her finances.  She’s having a hard time right now, and I feel for her. AT first I was going to put it off till later, but I can hear God telling me to go ahead NOW. So, I did. Dont yall know the very next day I went to work, and when my co-worker saw me walk into the door she told me after I punch in to come here. I did. She told me that when I walked into the door JUST NOW, she got chills when she saw me. She said so deep that it bought tears to her eyes. She said last night she had this dream that God blessed us both financially, like bless us GOOD!!!! And instantly I thought about how I wasnt going to pray until God told me o do it! Now, had I not prayed, I would have been feeling pretty stupid as she was telling me what she dreamed about. LOL I said God you could have picked her and any of the 200 plus co workers to be in that dream with her, but you chose me. I said I’m so glad that I was Obedient!!! When I prayed for her…………. I prayed for myself as well !!! I told her about my prayer and she teared up while ringing up a customer. I see there is still  a lot for me to learn 🙂 



 I am so behind on my movies……… I wanna see my gurl Angelina Jolie in Salt this weekend.Been kinda broke lately. At least all my bills are paid. Thats all that matters. Been paying my Tithes for 12 weeks straight in a row, just as God told me. No cutting corners, paying him first off the top!!!  My August is jammed pack. August 14, I’m going to a wedding!! Been waiting for this one for a while. August 21, my good friend is having a Gurls Night at her house,  and on August 28, about 45 of my Anita Baker friends are coming into town. There are so many of us. WE have hotels booked, and we are having dinner Sat just before the concert. I’m excited. My money better be looking alright!! LOL My Sistergurls group is going strong. It’s just hard to get women to open up and chat. I made the group private. But when they chat…….. they chat, so that’s good. There are 41 of us, if I could only get half to open up. So, I started thinking, wait………… I don’t have to do this work all by myself. I sent out an email to the group asking for others to help post Scriptures, videos, testimonies and 4 ppl replied. I told them what I wanted/vision. And today is the 3rd day. So that’s a plus. People want to talk about baby daddy’s, and bad men all the time. I don’t. Thats not where I’m going. Anyway……….. I’m about to get dressed for dinner , and I’ll post this weekend!!



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