Im going to miss my Fuu fuu * tears*

Hey Everybody!!!

I Thank God for allowing me to see another day. I talked with someone yesterday at work who just buried her sister who died in her sleep at 42, younger than myself. So, today I Thank him dearly. Im waking up for a reason, so again I Thank him. My sisters dog * my niece Fuu Fuu* had to be put down today. Oh, we are so sad, so sad. She was my baby. I loved that little gurl. She was a miniture dobberman. We have lots of photos and footage of her.


Let me tell you about God. Last weekend my Sister went to Chicago with her fiance to his grandmothers funeral. My sister asked me could my niece Nell come and spend the weekend with us until they get home. I told her of course, just make sure to bring my gurl Fuu Fuu. We never knew that was our last time seeing her. God made it so that she could spend the weekend with us. She slept with me on that first night, and the second night with her sister * my niece nell* She was fatt! But a small dog and sooo, love able. I enjoyed her being with us because she is so much like a person. She sleeps in the bed, she will scoot her dog bowl all around the kitchen making these noises when she is hungary. We would crack up. When she wanted water, she would  sit in front of you with this intense stare, and make these noises with her mouth and walk towards the kitchen. LOL She wouldn’t go into the kitchen unless she knew you were following her. I’m going to miss her.


They took her to the vet a few days ago because she wasnt eating, and looking weak. They said that she would have to come back, so today she went and they said that she was a diabetic, and that her body had shut down. I cried a little today. I’m going to miss her, but at the same time I can’t stop thinking about how God knew how I felt about her, and he made it possible that my sister go with her fiance. My sister wasnt going at all, she hadn’t plan on taking off work. But she did and had it not been for that, I probably wouldn’t have seen Fuu fy. I am very grateful for that. Thank you Jesus. I gave her soooooooooo many kisses when she was over here, probably at least 100 . I kept kissing her and rubbing her. She loves to sit under my desk when I’m in my office. I kinda think those were the first days of her being sick, because her nose was kinda dry,a nd she stayed under my chair. I am really really really grateful to God. Thank you Jesus. Thank you.


Good Night




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