Hey :)

Today was a good day. Still thinking about my Fuu Fuu. I miss her so much. But she’s not suffering any more. I keep (hoping) that my sister, niece will come over with Fuu Fuu and she runs in the house giving me kisses wanting me to rub her. She loves my masages. LOL I wanted to go over there and give her some while she was sick, but I just couldn’t do it. I’ll sit on the couch and rub that dog for 15-20 minutes, sometimes she would doze off ,and wake up looking at me like “gurl you aint finished”! LOL I’m going to miss her, but at the same time I am so grateful because God bought her into our lives for a season and we loved her every minute. Thank you Jesus and I will forever be grateful!!


Work was cool today. I’m so happy that I can talk to people. Thank you Lord, please don’t ever let me lose my voice or my ability to  use my mouth. Today I was talking to a lot of customers about the Lord. On Monday, this OLDER lady told me she has the bible in her house and she has not opened it not one day of her life. ( blank stare for 50 minutes). She said that she don’t understand it. I said maaam “Noooooooo”, go out and get you a NIV New International Version Bible. I said you’ve got to pick it up and start reading it. I feel so bad. People are  living life and  never read the bible. She said she prays a lot, but still that’s not enough. I use to have a hard time reading the bible myself, but I started reading the bible at a young age, so I understand a lot of what is written in The King James Version, but I use other bibles too.  I have several versions. I made her promise me that she would start reading her bible, so that means she may get home think about it and invest in a bible she can understand. I hope so cause time is running out.


My dad called me a few weeks ago and he says to me” I wanna get Baptisted”, so not this Sunday but next Sunday I’m going to take him to our Church and do it. He is holding me responsible. I’m going to stay on him because he likes to back out, but he means well.


One of my original Raisingurls came to see me  Monday with her 4 month old son. It was so good to see her, she is doing well, and has her own place. She finished school and hopefully she will be going to College soon. One of my other gurls was acting up, so what I did was send her 2 page letter in the mail with her name on it. I let her know that she betta straighten up and I’m not playing. So today, when I got to work, I asked her momma “did she get my message” she said yea, but she wouldn’t let her see what was in it. She must have been ashamed to show her mom, but she knows I mean business. So with her, I see already that Im going to have to send her letters every 2 weeks, and if her mom come to work and tell me that she is acting up, on my off day Tuesday, I’m going up to her school!!! She will NOT continue in her ways!!! I do wonder why she didn’t want her mom to know what was in the letter. Hmmmm. Well, at least she read it.


 I’m sleepy, on my way to bed. I had a lot to write about, but I forgot. LOL I’m learning so much about God and his love for us. On my Sistergurl site we are talking about forgiveness, but I think a lot of people aren’t getting it. I’m going to talk about it until I’m blue in the face. I have until the rest of my life. I’ve been Molested, Raped, Beating and Robbed with a double barrel shot-gun up to my head in a coney island drive thru all at different times in my life. If I can FORGIVE anybody can do it. I use to be so mean, and so hateful because I bottled a few of these things inside of me. God told me the other day, in order for me to use you Lacrease , you’ve got to be transparent. There is still stuff, I havent shared. That’s why I don’t get into it with folks anymore, gossip, argue all that mess is not for me. There is too much work to do and still I feel like I’m not doing all I’m suppose to be doing. So, I really don’t have time. I just keep it moving. I’m still learning to understand that my time is NOT my time, when people want to come over and talk, send me messages, calling my house and cell phone, coming to my job. I gotta stop ignoring calls. People really need to talk and there is nothing wrong with that. I gotta get myself together!!! I’m getting better I can say that. I have the issue not THEM.


I’m going on the Princess boat next weekend from 10PM-2AM for a birthday party. My friend Theresa and her family owns a soul food restaurant here in Michigan and its off the hook!!!! Baabbbbbbbby, her momma and aunts aint nothing to play with in the kitchen!!! So, we are going to have a good time, Neisha and Margie is going with me. Well, Margie told me about it. lol I know its going to be cold on the Detroit River, but they have heat so I’m looking forward to it. I’m going back to ATL in April 2011 with Neisha Charlene,  and her daughter Tyra. So, Im going to get busy planning for that. I like to plan too. I see that I do that a lot in my life and for others. I did my brothers wedding, and when my friend get married I’m going to do hers too. okay, that’s it for Cree.


Gotta go!

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