Running the race

Lord, Thank you for living to see another day. Today was a quiet day, I wasnt feeling well at all this morning, I laid in bed till 1:55pm. Whew, to all the men, Thank God yall don’t go through what we go through its nothing nice. I’m looking rough today. Just didn’t feel like anything. Gotta work in the a.m thats cool.


 I’m going back on a 30 day fast tomorrow. I have too. I’ll be in and out. I’m rambling right now, feel like some kids are scribbling in my head cause my mind is all over the place. LOL I started writing out my testimony from April till now this week, I will be able to get back on it, right now I’m all over the place physically. I have some things coming up. We are getting ready to kick off donations for Cree’s Feeding the Homeless for Thanksgiving in Oct.  My best friend Charlene is helping me, and with her we are gonna do the thing. Praise God. My group Sistergurls are having a Meet and Greet  Nov 6, 2010. Thats going to be NICE!!! I’m getting things together for that. I even have a Sistergurl who is coming from out-of-town to be with us….. and she’s staying with me. Yeaaaa


Wow so much has happened, and its all good. Still tripping on how God ties things together. God really loves me. I know he loves us all, but this is MY STORY. One thing about me, I may kick and fight, but when I get by myself, and get to talking to God he always reveals things to me. I may not be able to chew on everything at once, but he knows when to give me more. It’s really funny, looking back on it. He told me so many things in advance, and I still don’t know how I got to this place. You know God loves you when he tells you things in advance and it comes to pass. It was already told to people, written down and I had proof. I’m happy about that. Real happy. Lord, give me the patience to write it all down for myself. 


Last night I wrote a very personal story that happened to me years ago, and I shared it on my Sistergurls site. I still can’t believe that I did that. See my coworkers and lot of my friends don’t even know about this page. I shared it here before. I know when I go to work tomorrow people are going to ask me questions, then maybe they will wonder why they never knew that. While, I was writing it, I was going back and forth with God about it. Whew, I didn’t want to do it. He said LaCrease you have to be transparent. Too many people need to hear this story. How, oh that did something to me. I feel like I had to share something so personal to my IMMEDIATE family and friends. Wow, still can’t believe I post it. There is a counter on Sistergurls page, and its going up and up and up. My heart beats. I feel like they can see everything going on inside of me now. But you know what? I did it. And that’s all that matter. Here is that blog post.


I can feel God moving in me.  He is at work . I have all winter to prepare for my race. LOL Whew that went over some people’s head but its alllllllright baby. It’s alright!! This is going to be so hard, but it has to be done. I have to do it. I have too. I want too. 

To my brother… I LOVE YOU!! I LOVE YOU!! I LOVE YOU!!!! Thank you f or saving my LIFE… through CHRIST JESUS.


Good Night and Be Blessed.


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