My dream


How is everyone? Lord Thank you for this day that you allowed me to see. Thank you for your many many blessings. Thank you for my friends and family whom I LOVE DEARLY. They are handpicked just FOR ME. Thank you for knowing me……..Lacrease.

This morning I had a dream that I was married. I think about being married so much that I FINALLY had a chance to live it out in my dream. Something I never get to do. I was married to this guy who was wonderful. He wasnt all that fione, but he was my husband. But he loved me and I loved him. I can still feel his Spirit while typing this. I had never seen this guy in real life, he was just someone in my dream. He had kinda like a Wyclif look about him, with lots of hair on his face, brown skin and he had a cast on his arm. He loved me so much. And I loved him something serious. In my dream he asked me for a piece of gum and I didn\’t have any more. So he looked over at me and said, we\’re married now, you can give me half from yours you\’re chewing. In my dream I was like yesssssssssssssss, that\’s right…….. here baby!!! We were so happy to do that, I can still see myself sharing a kiss with him and sharing my gum.

I remember looking at my finger and seeing this huge ring on it and feeling so good that this ring represented my marriage to this wonderful man. I remember playing a game with another couple, and having so much fun looking over at him. But coming to the end of the dream, his past was catching up with him, and he was going to be killed. That was so weird, because we knew it ahead of time, but in my dream he didn\’t die. Instead we enjoyed every minute of being married. Making love with him didn\’t seem like a sin, it was real. We were married. He loved me so much. Do yall know I can still feel that love we had for each other and it was JUST a dream.

Here is a photo of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and his BEAUTIFUL wife Mrs. Coretta Scott King. I just LOVE THIS MAN TO PIECES!! He is surely my hero on earth. I love this photo.

I adore this photo of Ed *Ex Atlanta Falcon Foorball player* and Lisa Hartwell * she\’s from Atlanta Housewives*. I feel like crying. This is beautiful. Look how his hands is wrapped around her stomach. So romantic and so beautiful.

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