Hey 🙂

Sitting here listening to Anita Baker…My Everything. She’s my #1 gurl always, can’t wait for her new CD to drop in January. I havent seen her son around lately since she’s been on tour, but when I go near her home to get to my sisters ( Anita lives about 6 minutes from me….if that)I always think about her.

Music makes me feel so good. I was in deep thought again today ( still feeling the same way as yesterday) music really bridge the gap. I love music and I love to hear it while I’m writing. When I’m at work and I’m on my lunch hour, I would have my iPod on and 3 certain people, would sit down next to me and hold full fledge conversations , and they SEE me listening to music.  LOL People are a trip. You gotta love em though.

God told me 2 things would happen, and they both did today. LOL I couldn’t stop smiling, wow he is really amazing. Back in the day I wouldn’t be able to handle things coming to past, because I wasnt spiritually mature. Now, when he tells me things they are happening from one day to the next. And I just love it.

I feel so bad for a few of my co-workers. Meeting men on-line and they are turning out to be something different. One of my other coworkers is actually getting married this month ( Oct). She met him on-line too. You got to talk to these people face to face these days, Using direct eye contact. So many fake people out here, pretending its killing me! That way you can feel people, check out their body language, and the way they interact with others. Thats important to me. All that email, and instant message, phone calls, you can’t get the real feel of people that way. All they’re doing is writing!!! So, I hope that’s a lessoned learned for all of them.





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