“Send it”

Okay, so I’m standing at my register, ringing up people. This BEE comes outta no where and fly near me. I’m scared of bugs~ flies, worms, bees, ants, roaches, bed bugs, moving fish, fish flies ( who cares if they just stand there),mice, * not squarels, cats or dogs*, rats, YOU get the picture. So, I shoo the bee, keep in mind I’m scared and don’t have a problem letting the customer know that I am. Didnt this bee almost go up my shirt? (WTH) I guess you know, I blinked out, and before I knew it I was midway through pulling my shirt  ova my head!!! LOL!!! All my stomach was showing, all the way up to my bra!!! LOL Something was like La’Crease, you’re at work!! I didn’t care, I was about to walk around in bra and pants until somebody came and killed it!!! LOL I told this customer yesterday, if bugs knew how much power they have ova me, they would take ova my life.   LOL I’m so serious. Which just made me remember one day when we were kids, my sister jumped out of the car while  MY DADDY WAS DRIVING, LOL LOL LOL cause a BEE flew in the car. Whewwww we talk about that to this day, we be hollering!!! My friends know, don’t ask me to go to a picnic and sit outside with flies and bugs flying around. Plus we eating, can’t even hold a conversation cause I’m somewhere LOOKING and WISHING a bug would get on me. LOL




This morning I got up with Neisha to go and get her plates for her car and insurance. Now, yesterday we went “homeboy” told us that she had to pay $384.00 down and $237.00 a month. I’m like dangggggg that’s a lot. So, were like okay…….. we just wanna hurry up, take care of this and get to the Secretary of State. The computer goes out. I’m looking like…..HUH. But then what can you do? So, we goes home, end of that. This morning they call, are you all coming back down today? We say yes, we’re on our way, we get there and another guy….. the owner does it this time.(Good) He says okay pay $ 200.00 today and then on the 5th of Oct have $139.00 in the bank. Okay cool, no problem. Then he says, your monthly insurance is $84.00. ( Me: Looks directly at the guy who told me $237.00 a month). See that right there, bothers me. How the he@@ can this happen? Same office, same eveything, and but different prices? When I go out and take care of business my sisters mom, and neisha STANDS BACK and be quiet, LOL Cause I ask questions. You can’t just be like Okayyyyy  to La’Crease !!! Usually I would ask him a million question about how he came up with a higher price, but I let it go, because I got a deal and it was time to go. You can get me in email, and MAYBE on the phone, in person, eye to eye……. you don’t wanna go there with Cree. ( in a good way, don’t get me wrong) I use to stand back and let people take care of my business and talk to people on the phone for me, because I was afraid of the words NO. …or we CAN’T do it this time. I was deadly afraid of those words. But now……. bring it on! LOL  That’s why I like to help people who are shy and are afraid of asking questions, I can sorta figure out what it is they want and need. I love helping people, but don’t play me. I use to be shy and afraid and thats a hard place to be when you need things taken care of. When people come through my line and they are having a hard time, or bad day, God tells me. And I don’t care who gets mad. Yesterday these 2 chicks come through my line, moving all fast, like they’re in a hurry and call themselves looking at me hard. They don’t even know…… I told the lady who I was waiting on to “take your time maam”. Those gurls were maddddddddddddddddd at meeeeeeeeeeee. I didnt give them NO eye contact, they wanted me to look at them so bad. HAHA. They whispered something and got in another line. How you gone walk up and rush the person who is looking for their money in their purse, and the lady is OLDER? How are you gonna do that? And get pass meeeeeeeeeee. YEA WHATEVA*



Today, me my momma and Neisha went to Applebees, and the waitress was very nice ( I always get the best people), but baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaby Neisha and my momma was so hungary they could have made ketchup sandwiches at the table . LOL So, after she took our order and gave us something to drink. I was like wait, its been 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes. Oh wait…… I found the waitress and locked eyes with her, and waved her to our table. My momma and Neisha be like OHHHH LAWD. lol I looked her in the eyes, and said “Maam do we have to wait and eat our “h’orderves” with our dinner”? She laughed a little and said “Appetizers” I said yeahhhhhhhh. ( I knew what I was saying, I just wanted her to LAUGH and then GO GET EM)….. my buffalo hot boneless wings) It’s all in presentation, VOICE, AND EYE CONTACT. You gotta know how to talk to people, make it funny, AND MEAN BUSINESS at the same time. I guess you know, she came out in 3 minutes with them. LOL * side eye*


Today was a good day over all. My bills are paid. Been paying my Tithes FAITHFULLY since April….. no skipped months at all. That may seem like bragging to some, but I don’t care!!!! I have been slipping, and saying “I don’t have enough money”, “I can’t do it with this check”!!! God has told me through many people, start paying your tithes. Now, its nothing to me. It’s a way of life. Its automatic now. I never thought I would get to this place, especially when things get tight. And still no matter what God still looks out for me. So, to all reading, pray that God puts it in you to WANT to tithe. WE should all do it willingly, but we don’t. So pray, and let god touch your heart every check day, to set money aside and look at it as “do not touch money”. I’m telling you a habit will form and can’t no vacation, no event make you go into that money. Try God.


I’m about to wrap it up, take a shower and go to bed. But before I go, here is a SONG THAT IS ON MY mind DEEPLY! Be Blessed everyone. Tell someone you LOVE them, don’t say. Love You. Say, I Love you!!


Ps. My friend Gloria had that cupcake 9/3 made for my Birthday! Yummy!





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