Sistergurls…..Colored Girls…..and Thanksgiving

Today was a good day!! Bible class was off the chain!!! My Bishop taught “How to handle stress in your life”. He said a few things that stuck out in me. He said know who you are trying to please, everybody wont like or appreciate you. Then he said who am I to please, who am I serving? He said procrastination produce pressure, and preparation reduces stress. Wow, is that the truth or what? What an eye opener!

I really needed to hear this because today I was on it. Went to work today and passed out “Reminders” for Cree’s feeding the Homeless for Thanksgiving. People are still coming up to me asking me can they help. My sheet is all filled. Im so grateful. Thank you Lord. This year we are feeding 75 people. I am already starting to get things in order for my Valentines Day Care Packages for the Homelessin Febuary.  My STORE MANAGER told my boss to tell me that he wanted to see me in his office. My heart was beating….didnt know what he wanted. lol When I got in there he said La’Crease, I am so proud of what you are doing with the homeless, and share with me how did you come about starting this? I told him, then he said to me…… I want to be apart of this, what can I donate? Wow, look at GOD! My STORE MANAGER!!! He is TOP MAN IN CHARGE OUT OF THE WHOLE BUILDING!! Usually, they don’t get involved in stuff like this at ALL.  They usually don’t even want you to do this. But when you know who is leading it, and you know the character of the person, you want to trust and believe its all its suppose to be. And on that I WILL DELIVER!!! Then, THE ASSISTANT MANAGER  * she is so sweet* called me into the office and she had me to explain everything to her as well, and she too put her name down on the sheet and agreed to help. What an awesome God we serve!!!

When I first started this 3 years ago, I always visioned the food to be cooked  out of my house and into the streets. I never wanted to work out of a shelter, or anyplace else. I wanted to take it to the streets. I love and enjoy that one on one contact with people. They are people who appreciate what we do and will tell you over and over again.

I have been busy getting my SISTERGURLS together for our first meet and greet!!!! We are 66 in number on line, but next week we’re going 20-25 strong to see Tyler Perry’s for Colored Girls  and then to dinner afterwards. I have a surprise for 3 of the ladies. I even have friends coming from other parts of MICHIGAN to be with us. My friends LOVE ME. I LOVE THEM TOO. I can’t wait for all of us to be together. We’re going to take LOTS OF PHOTOS AND VIDEO FOOTAGE. Before we all are seated in the movies, I’m going to ask them to tell me which “color” gurl are they and why? OOOOOOO yeah LaCrease always know how to get a party started!!! smile

Well, im off to bed, gotta work in the a.m.

Be Blessed!!!

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